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Misterstarker's "First Day at North Bay High"

Continued from "A New Family Comes To Capitol Hill"

Diego Ramirez stirred in his sleep, and then woke as the music of the clock-radio began to penetrate into his awareness. He felt that something wasn't quite right. What is it....what...? Then, as he became more fully alert, he realized that it was his nudity beneath the sheet...he wasn't used to it at all.
A sharp knock at the door. "Get up, Diego! First day of school!"

Oh, crap! He had almost forgotten...and wished he could forget. Not that he hated school, but he really wasn't looking forward to THIS! He had only been in this strange new country, with it's peculiar rules for three days, and most of that spent embarassingly naked. Luckily, after that initial public walk in the nude, thanks to dear cousin Evita, he had been able to spend much of the time "lying low" in his room, setting up his furniture and sorting out his personal belongings. That would have actually taken more time, if he still owned any clothes to sort out. But now, that moment had finally come, when he would have to walk those few blocks to school, a new and unfamiliar school, and do it completely NAKED!! How could he face it? How could this really be happening to him? He was Diego Ramirez, popular and respected in his former school, good looking macho Latin soccer jock, and a good student at the books.
Now he was about to walk into a school full of strangers, without a stitch to wear!
Diego dragged out of bed, and into the shower. As he soaped himself, he noticed a different sensation, and remembered that most of his groin area was now shaved, to make the cock leash he had to wear ride a little more comfortably. Evita really enjoyed doing that, he thought. She's an amazing girl, that cousin of his. Full of surprises, but a great girl...a great cousin, and probably his BEST friend, in spite of how many he had back home. If he had to go through this, at least it was her, in spite of her teasing.
He toweled off, and cast the damp towel in a basket, wishing he could at least wear that wrapped around himself. He paused with his hand on the doorknob, thenopened it and walked to the kitchen, soccer shoes in hand.
Luisa smiled at her handsome son. "Good morning, son. I see you are planning to join the soccer tryouts at school. You shouldn't have any trouble making the team. You were one of the best players last year, back home."

"Si, mi madre, I think the futbol games will help me cope with all this a little better." At least he hoped so. He ate his breakfast quietly, waiting for Evita to get ready. It would take her longer, because SHE was putting on clothes. She'll make the most of this, he knew. At least Mom is cool about it, acting no different than if he had been fully clothed in his school uniform, as he was used to.
Evita bounced happily into the room. "Are you ready?" she asked. NO..NO..he thought.. not ready to walk to school bare assed, with his naked cock flapping about for everyone to look at, with a chain around it, led by a girl...No, he wasn't ready. But he didn't say so. He knew it was inevitable, so he stood up and turned to face her. She gently lifted his hairless ballsack and dick, and slipped the gold chain around them, liking the way it looked against his brown skin and the black curls she had left him, just above his penis. She held it for a moment, enjoying the fact that she could touch him there. Then she took the leash and led him out the door.

Approaching the school, Diego could see that all the boys were really naked, and many of them, like himself, were being led on leashes. A few of them even had BONERS! Right out in public! Oh, crap! I hope that doesn't happen to me...not HERE! He really began to get butterflies, now, as he began to reach the crowd of teens entering the school. >>

Evita was introducing herself to someone. "Nice to meet you, Evita! I'm Julie. Is this hunk your boyfriend?" the girl was saying.
"No, this is my cousin, Diego. And yes, he is a hunk!" Diego's eyes got big; he didn't know Evita thought that of him. It made him feel a little better to see that she appreciated him. "Is your boyfriend here, Julie?" she asked.

"No, my boyfriend, Bart is a student at the University, but you'll get to meet him. Are you new in town, I haven't seen you before?"

"Yes. We just moved here from Spain. Diego is having trouble adjusting to this nudity thing you do here, but, frankly, I love it!"

"Actually, a lot of guys are still adjusting to it. Some are having a harder time than others. Wait till you meet's like he was born for this... he doesn't have any problem at all. Maybe he could help you, Diego!"

Diego hoped someone, or something would help soften the shock, but he was doubtful.

Diego and Evita would share some of the same classes at North Bay High, since they were the same age, and as international transfer students, needed the same courses to catch up and transition into the curriculum at NBH.
The first event was meeting his home room class and teacher. This was another nervous incident for Diego, even though all the other guys in the room were just as nude as he. Diego was the new kid, and he was standing in front of the room, facing the whole class. At least the leash was off during class periods, but he was still buck naked in front of forty-three teens and one adult female teacher. He could feel the skin of his scrotum crawling and shrinking as his testicles drew up close to his groin, a reaction to his uncomfortable exposure.
The teacher asked him to tell the class a little about himself.

"Well, my name is Diego Ramirez, and I am sixteen. I come from Espana...oh, sorry, Spain! My family moved here just a few days ago. My father's company sent him here to represent them. We will be living here for the next few years. This is my cousin, Evita, who will be living with us. I...well, I am having a hard time adjusting to some of your customs here, so please bear with me for a while."

One of the girls called out, "All of the other GUYS will BARE with you, Diego, and we girls are glad to see you BARE it all so nicely!"

"All right, Amy, that will do! You should make Diego feel welcome here," said Ms Coffey, suppressing a smile. She didn't mind the girls having their fun with the boys, but she needed to maintain order in the classroom.

After morning classes were completed, Diego met Evita by her locker. It was in a section of the main hallway, just opposite the boys' washroom and showers. He noted that from this angle, anyone could look through the wide doorway, which had no doors, and see the gang showers plainly. He realized, if someone was showering there, they'd be plainly visible. He mentioned it to Evita.

"So what? You are naked out here, and everywhere else, so why would that matter? Besides, I was told that the boys' washroom is actually co-ed. Girls can go right in there anytime. In fact, they do!" She was putting his cock-leash on as she talked. "The only reason the toilets have doors is because the girls use them if the girls' washroom is too crowded. It isn't for YOUR privacy."
"By the way, Evita, I need to take a pee," Diego said, feeling like a child asking permission. She walked him into the washroom, and selected a vacant urinal. "Do you have to stand here and watch?" he asked her.

"NO, I don't have to, but I'm going to anyway. The other girls are watching their boyfriends, and I want to watch too!" She was admiring the buns on the guy to the right of Diego -- very fine, she thought! She leaned around the boy to get a look at his tools. He smiled at her as he finished, and introduced himself as James. "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm afraid my cousin Diego has a case of 'stage fright' about peeing with girls in here," she told him.

"Gotta get used to it, dude! Girls are in here all the time. If she's got the leash on ya, she's gonna be right there at your elbow. Just loosen up, man, it isn't really so bad. Some of the dudes here are startin' to like the way things are, and we were just as nervous as you, not that long ago," James assured him.

Evita went into a nearby stall, hanging Diego's leash on the outer handle of the door. When she finished, and they washed up, she strolled him past the showers to check out the set-up. A large, open, tiled area. Four square poles, tiled in blue and white (the school colors of the North Bay Herons), with four shower heads per pole. "This accommodates 16 boys, showering at once. What fun that must be to watch!" Evita said, playfully.
"I think it's crap that we don't even get to shower in private," he grumbled.
And off they went to get lunch in the cafeteria.

Evita led Diego as they took a place in line. They made their lunch selections and looked for someone they knew, to sit with for lunch. Julie waved across the room, and they headed that direction.
As they passed the third table, a hand reached out. Diego felt a cold, gooey substance against his bare buttocks, and stopped suddenly in his tracks. Evita didn't notice at first and was still moving forward. "OUCH!" Diego cried out as the tightening chain dug into his groin. Evita looked back to see what the trouble was. Amy was laughing hard! "I didn't mean to get your nuts cracked! I just wanted to see how good those brown buns looked all buttered up!" He reached back and tried to wipe off the butter she had smeared across his ass. A boy who introduced himself as Jack came over with napkins and helped Diego clean up.
"That's Jack-off, the sophmore class fag. Eager to wipe your butt," said Amy.

"That's not true at all, Amy!" James spoke up in Jack's defense. "Jack's a nice guy who's comfortable with himself, his body, and his friends. He has never done anything to bother any of us. All the guys in our gym class have gotten closer and have a great cameraderie as a result of this nudity requirement, and the teasing of bitchy girls like you! Sort of a 'we are in the same boat, so let's pull together' buddy mentality. Quit picking on everyone!"

Diego understood. He felt sympathy for Jack, and noticed he wasn't fazed too badly by Amy's smart mouth. He figured he could get used to this situation better if he made some good friends among the guys who were the most comfortable with the naked status-quo. Maybe he needed to meet this Bart that Julie was talking about.

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Like the reverse of the Blanke Shande College idea, there it is CMNF.

I like this story and it has potential for a whole searies.

Keep up the good work, oops.

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