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"I love To Watch Them Spurt" Chap. 4 by Doug N.

Chapter Four

Permanent CFNM

Sally has now achieved what she set out to do with Roger, get complete control over him. It is better than she had dreamed. Not only will he do her bidding no matter what outrageous things she asks but he loves it. The trip to the woman's strip club was so sensuous for Roger that it becomes a regular act. Sally never gets tired of seeing Roger stripped and abused. When she gets Roger alone he is putty in her hand.

Sally and Roger graduate from high school and go on to state college away from home. Arriving in her new town Sally needs a place to live. When she looks in the paper, she sees an ad.

Two female roommates in house with 2 spare bedrooms. Retired male owner. $200.00 per month. Full house privileges. Swimming pool. 555-1212

Sally calls the number and Donald Nelson, the owner, answers. Sally agrees to drive to the residence. When she sees it, she is delighted. It is a 4 bedroom home with one bedroom converted into an office. Mr. Nelson is recently widowed so he only uses the master bedroom. The house also has a pool. Also present is Jennifer McIntyre, also a freshman at state. They both agree to take the rooms.

Mr. Nelson: You have free reign of the house so you can use the bathroom that is part of the master suite. If I am taking a shower I am going to consider you part of the woodwork. I also refuse to wear a suit when I am in the pool. If those terms are acceptable, you have the rooms.

Sally and Jennifer: Those terms are acceptable.

The girls begin moving in the next day

The following day when Sally arises Jennifer is using the hall bathroom so she decided to use the bathroom in the master suite. When she enters, she finds Mr. Nelson taking a shower. Remembering that he said it was OK Sally proceeds in anyway. When she sees Mr. Nelson naked in the shower she smiles and waves at him. He waves back.

Sally: Would you like your back scrubbed?

Mr. Nelson: Yes, that would be nice.

Mr. Nelson hands her the soap. Sally sudses her hands and proceeds to thoroughly wash his back.

Sally: You are in good shape for a man of your age.

Mr. Nelson: I will take that as a compliment Sally.

Sally then proceeds to wash his genetalia. She stops short of ejaculating him, sudsing him only until he has an erection.

In the weeks that follow, Sally puts her stuff in Mr. Nelson's bathroom and leaves the other bathroom to Jennifer. Washing Mr. Nelson's back and stimulating to erection every morning becomes a ritual. Sally notices that he seems to like her looking at him in the nude. Sally does not reciprocate by letting him see her in the shower. Sally notices that she gains a perverse pleasure in seeing him erect but not letting him cum.

A few weeks into the semester, Sally says to Mr. Nelson.

Sally: Mr. Nelson, my mother wants to come and visit me. I see that you have a spare bed in the garage. Could we set it up in the office so that my mother could stay with me?

Mr. Nelson: Sure Sally, it'll be up when you return from school today. When will your mother be here?

Sally: Friday night. She will stay for the weekend.

Mr. Nelson: I'll look forward to meeting her. Make sure she understands the rules here.

Sally: I will.

Friday Mrs. Sutton arrives and is introduced to Mr. Nelson. They both cordially say hello.

The next morning Mrs. Sutton asks Sally which bathroom to use.

Sally: I use the one in the master bedroom. If he is in there he won't mind.

Mrs. Sutton goes into the bedroom that is part of the master bathroom. Mr. Nelson is taking a shower.

Mrs. Sutton: Oh excuse me, Sally said you won't mind if I use this bathroom.

Mr. Nelson turns to face her so that she gets chance to see his full frontal nudity.

Mr. Nelson: No, I don't mind. Please go right ahead.

Mrs. Sutton: Would you like me to wash your back for you?

Mr. Nelson: I'd like that very much.

Mrs. Sutton takes the soap and proceeds to wash Mr. Nelson's back. After she washes his back, she without asking proceeds to his buttocks.

Mrs. Sutton: You are quite fit aren't you.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you for saying so.

Mrs. Sutton reaches her hand into the crack between his buttocks and washes his anus. Next, she reaches between his legs and starts washing his upper thighs her hands brushing against his testicles as she does so. She proceeds lower washing the rest of his legs. Mr. Nelson notes that she takes great care thoroughly washing his feet.

Mrs. Sutton: Turn around please!

Mr. Nelson does as he is told. He notes that his cock is level with her face. She now proceeds up his body. When she reaches his crotch she matter of factly washes the inside of his thighs like it was something she does every day brushing against his testicles as she does so.

Without hesitating she cups his balls with her hands and carefully yet very thoroughly washes his penis and balls.

Mrs. Sutton: You are a nicely built man.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you.

Mrs. Sutton: Oh, you darling man you! How sweet you are!

Mr. Nelson: What?

Mrs. Sutton: You are responding to me. Look at that beautiful erection you are growing! How you flatter me!

It is true, his penis is now half erect and growing larger every second.

She watches his penis grow until it is hard as a rock.

Mrs. Sutton: Well, you certainly have given away your feelings for me, haven't you?

Mr. Nelson: I guess a penis doesn't lie.

Mrs. Sutton now proceeds up his body until she finishes washing. When she has finished his upper body she returns to his genetalia and gazes at it intently.

Mrs. Sutton: Yes, you are a nicely built man. A girl could get to like a man like you.

She then proceeds to run her fingertips over Mr. Nelson's cock and balls.

Mrs. Sutton: Well, lets rinse you off.

Mrs. Nelson step into the shower and quickly rinses of the suds. Mrs. Sutton waits for him and watches him rinse off, never taking her eyes off him.

As he steps out of the shower, she takes a towel and towels him dry. Mr. Nelson stands quietly and lets her ministrate to him. When she reaches his genitalia he is still erect.

Mrs. Sutton: Look at you, you stud, such virility, you sure don't need viagra.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you for the compliment.

Mrs. Sutton takes great care patting Mr. Nelson cock and balls dry. She then proceeds to dry off his legs. When she finishes, she says.

Mrs. Sutton: Thank you Mr. Nelson, that was a great pleasure for me. I have been divorced for some years, it has been a long time since I have been able to give a man a bath like that.

Mr. Nelson: I am delighted that you enjoyed it. As you can see, my friend John enjoyed it as much as I did. (He is pointing to his erect penis.)

Mrs. Sutton: Well John, why don't you let me give you a massage.

Mr. Nelson says nothing but lies on his bed.

Mrs. Sutton with her hand proceeds directly to Mr. Nelson's balls which she cups in her hand.

Mrs. Sutton: You have nice balls.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you.

Mrs. Sutton lets go of his balls and begins to trace over them lightly with her fingernails. Mr. Nelson cock quivers with delight. She cups his balls again this time massaging them in her fingers, he gaze affixed to his cock. She is smiling and humming to herself, enjoying herself enormously.

Only when his scrotum pulls tightly to his body does she take his cock in her hand. She strokes lightly from the base to the tip massaging his balls continuing her contented humming as she does.

Suddenly Mrs. Sutton feels Mr. Nelson's cock harden even more, his cock jerks and ejaculates all over his abdomen. Mrs. Sutton does not stock her gently rhythmic stroking or her contented humming. Only when she has extracted the last drop of semen from his body does she stop. Excusing herself she goes to the bathroom for some toilet tissue which she uses to wipe the cum off Mr. Nelson's abdomen.

Mrs. Sutton: Thank you John and you too Mr. Nelson, I know you enjoyed that as much as I did. Do you know what I would like to do?

Mr. Nelson: What?

Mrs. Sutton: I would like to use your hot tub.

Mr. Nelson: Yes, lets.

He gets up to go to the hot tub and is surprised to see that she has disappeared. He goes to the hot tub anyway. In a few minutes, she joins him. He is surprised to see that she is wearing a one-piece swimming suit. He thought she would go in naked. He decides not to mention it. When the two girls see them in the hot tub they decide to join. Both girls put on suits, only Mr. Nelson is naked. When they all get out of the hot tub the girls refuse him a towel, they want to towel him off himself.

Mr. Nelson: I'd better go get dressed.

Mrs. Sutton: Please don't, we like you better like this.

Several times during the weekend, Mr. Nelson tries to get dressed. Each time he is stopped by Mrs. Sutton, pleading with him to stay naked for her sake. The girls grow amused that she is successful in keeping him out of his clothes.

When he excuses himself to go to the bathroom he is surprised that she goes with him.

Mr. Nelson: Why are you following me?

Mrs. Sutton: You are going to the bathroom aren't you?

Mr. Nelson: Yes.

Mrs. Sutton: Well, I don't want you touching yourself.

Mr. Nelson: I am just going to the bathroom!

Mrs. Sutton: I won't have you touching yourself!

Mr. Nelson looks at her perplexed; he has never known a woman so openly sensual, so strong and willful.

Mr. Nelson: OK.

Mrs. Sutton takes his penis and holds it for him while he urinates.

Mrs. Sutton: That wasn't so bad was it.

Mr. Nelson: No, I guess not.

The next morning is Sunday and Mr. Nelson hasn't worn a stitch of clothing all day Saturday. Mrs. Sutton gives him another bath and another sensual handjob. Before she leaves, she lets him get dressed.

Mrs. Sutton: Is it alright if I come back next week.

Mr. Nelson: Of course.

The next Friday she returns. As soon as she arrives, she orders him to strip.

Instantly he complies. When he is naked, she has him twirl for her so she can admire his body.

When it is time to go to bed she does not go to her own bed but goes without asking to the queen sized bed in the master bedroom. He moves close to her trying to let him make love to her.

She reaches for his cock and proceeds to give him another handjob for which she is practiced and perfect.

The next morning she bathes him again, humming contentedly all the time including when she is jacking him off. Again, she tells him she does not want him to touch himself and assists him to pee.

In late Sunday when she leaves again she doesn't allow him to dress. She insists that he stay naked and tells him not to put any clothes on unless she allows him to.

This amuses the girls who tell their friends that Sally's mother has stripped their landlord and won't let him wear any clothes.

Melissa: You mean he doesn't wear any clothes ever.

Sally: Yes,

Melissa: So right now he is naked at home.

Sally: Yes.

Melissa: So if I went home with you right now Mr. Nelson would be naked.

Sally: Yes.

Melissa: And I could see him naked.

Sally: Yes.

Melissa: This I have to see.

Sally: Request granted.

They proceed home which is only a short walk from the university. As they enter, Mr. Nelson is sitting watching television, naked as a jaybird.

Sally: Mr. Nelson, this is my friend Melissa, she wanted to meet you.

Melissa: Hello, Mr. Nelson.

Mr. Nelson: Hello, Melissa. Sally, I am glad you are here, I have to go to the bathroom.

Sally: Melissa, would you like to help Mr. Nelson go to the bathroom.

Melissa: Yes, definitely. This would be a new experience.

Mr. Nelson: This way Melissa.

Mr. Nelson leads her to the hall bathroom when she holds his penis while he urinates. When he has finished, she takes a piece of toilet papers off the roll and wipes the droplet of urine off his glans.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you Melissa, I had to go very bad.

Melissa: Mr. Nelson, why don't you go by yourself?

Mr. Nelson: Mrs. Sutton does not allow me to touch myself.

Melissa: What kind of hold has she over you?

Mr. Nelson: She has no hold over me; I do what she wants because I like her.

Melissa: How do you go to the store or the bank?

Mr. Nelson: Mrs. Sutton or the girls do that for me.

They return to the living room.

Melissa: I have to leave. I have homework to do.

She leaves.

The word that Mr. Nelson is in a permanent cfnm condition gets out amongst the female population of the university. Many friends of Jennifer and Sally come by to see and even a few female teachers. Eventually girls who have need to naked men begin to use Mr. Nelson as their guinea pig. Girls in nursing or female doctors come by to practice on Mr. Nelson to learn how to look for a hernia. Girls in art come by the sketch Mr. Nelson in the nude for their art classes. No one asks Mr. Nelson for permission, permission must be obtained by Mrs. Sutton.

Eventually an art teacher want Mr. Nelson to come to class so that he can be sketched in the nude. When she asks Mrs. Sutton, she says:

Mrs. Sutton: How is he going to get to art class in the nude without being arrested?

Mr. Nelson: Can't he wear clothes to class?

Mrs. Sutton: No, he is mine and I want him naked. If you want him at the art class you will have to find a way to get him there naked and without the police getting involved.

The matter is solved when the whole class comes to the Nelson residence to sketch him in the nude.

Meanwhile Mrs. Sutton comes to visit every weekend. Even while she is not there, Mr. Nelson stays nude.

Each time she visits, she rewards him for his loyalty. Each time she visits they sleep together but never does she have vaginal intercourse with him and never does she let him see her naked.

Roger is also going to state university. Some time he comes over to swim and use the hot tub. Jennifer too gets into cfnm, her boyfriend is cajoled into taking off his clothes. Soon they have cfnm parties, where all the men are naked and all the women are clothed. The men never object to this unfair situation because the parties always end with the women jacking off the men en mass.

"I love To Watch Them Spurt" Chap. 3 by Doug N.

Chapter Three

Sally is ecstatic about her new boyfriend. Not only is he sensuously good-looking but she has developed complete control over him. She wants to demonstrate that control to her friends. She decides to have a sleep over for her girl friends. She tells Roger to come by late at night, and climb in through the upstairs windows. She knows her mother wouldn't really mind for what she has planned but it is somehow more exciting if he comes through the window.

After her girfriends and herself are ready to go to bed and are in their pajamas she hears a knock at her window. It is Roger. She opens the window and lets him in. Sally then introduces Roger to her girlfriends.

Sally: Would you girls like to play a game with Roger?

Girls: Yes, yes, they chime together.

Sally: Let's play strip poker, the girls against the boys. Any objections.

There are none.

Sally: Good then here are the rules. It is 5 card stud, no draw, when a boy wins the losing girl takes off one article of clothing. When a girls wins the boy takes off one article of clothing.

Melanie: I object we are all in pajamas and Roger has more clothes on.

Sally grabs Melanie and whispers to her.

Sally: You dolt, only when Roger has the best hand will one girl have to take something off and there are 5 of us.

Sally deals the cards. Roger loses quickly and is down to his underwear. Only one girl has lost an article of clothing. Roger is growing hard and the girls can see the outline of his cock clearly through his underwear.

Sally deals again and again Roger loses.

Sally: Stand up Roger!

Roger is facing the girls, Sally slips behind him and pulls down his briefs. The hem catches his cock and it springs free as Sally pulls down his briefs. The girls giggle at the bouncing cock.

Sally: Let's play some more.

Trudy: What is there to play for now that Roger is naked?

Sally: If a girl loses she will take off an article of clothing and if Roger loses she will get to fondle his behind. Ok Roger.

Roger: OK.

It is Trudy's turn to deal this time and again Roger loses. Melanie has the highest hand and lasciviously caresses Roger behind. Melanie reaches behind Roger to caress his behind so his erect cock is right in her face.

Sally: This time if Roger loses all the girls will get to fondle his private parts.

This time Roger wins and Trudy has the lowest hand for the second time. She takes off her second slipper.

Another deal and Roger loses again. The girls except for Sally eagerly reach for Roger's cock and balls. Sally leans back enjoying the show, enjoying the girls reaction and her power over Roger. Roger leans back and opens his legs allowing the girls access to his most private parts. The girls, except for Sally are grasping, fondling Roger's cock and balls. Trudy has taken to stroking Roger's cock.

Under this sensuous assault Roger quickly cums and shoots sperm up into the air. The girls gasp when this happens and rivet their eyes to Roger's pulsating cock erupting with man lava. They continue to stroke him until every last droplet of sperm has emerged and only when he is soft do they let him go.

Roger relaxes on the floor his legs still apart and his sex still exposed. The girls hands are covered with sperm and they look at each other with shock and amazement. They cannot believe they acted with such animalistic frenzy. They look at Roger lying naked on the floor as if to reassure themselves that what they have just done is actually real. Gradually they get up to go to the bathroom to wash themselves off. Sally throws a blanket over Roger and he falls asleep where he lay.

The next morning finds Roger still asleep while the girls are already awake and are dressed. When the girls are all awake and are fixing breakfast. Sally awakens Roger.

Roger starts looking for his clothes.

Sally: No Roger, you won't find your clothes. We want you to stay as you are.

Roger: Stay naked.

Sally: Yes, stay naked. We all took a vote, we want you to stay naked all day.

Roger thinks a minute and discovers that he likes to idea of being naked all day amongst these girls.

Roger: OK. Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom.

Sally: No Roger, you can't go to the bathroom by yourself. We won't allow you to touch yourself. Only a girl can touch you.

Roger pauses.

Roger: That's really kinky but OK. Who is going to accompany me to the bathroom.

Sally: I will.

Roger: OK, let's go.

Sally yelling: Girls, I am taking Roger to the bathroom.

The girls come running and are all present when Sally grasps Roger's flaccid penis so that he can take a piss. Roger takes his piss with all the girls watching. When he is done Sally takes some bathroom tissue and wipes the little drop of urine from the tip of his cock.

The girls next take Roger into the kitchen where they all have a breakfast of pancakes and eggs. After breakfast the girls decide to give Roger a bath. They each take turns washing him and his private parts. Under this sensual assault Roger gets an erection quickly but the girls enjoying their play have learned not to let him cum too fast. As soon as his erection gets hard they wait until he starts to soften before starting again. They play with their toy for over an hour before Roger cums, this time in oozes instead of spurts, his love muscle being just too tired.

Still the girls do not give him back his clothes. They haven't finished with him yet, they want to take him out in public. Sally tells him to get into the car naked where the girls join him fully clothed. They drive to a beach where Sally knows that is populated by the public but is not patrolled by the police. There the park alongside the road where Roger gets out of the car still naked. The girls not wanted to provoke someone calling the police, shield Roger from the view of passing motorists. They also give him back his tennis shoes so that he does not have to walk barefoot to the beach. On the way to the beach Roger passes a few people on their way back to their cars who cannot but notice that Roger is naked amidst 5 girls. They all smile and cast wry glances.

The each is well populated but not crowded. There are people there of all ages and sexes, only Roger is nude. The first thing that is done is the girls all have Roger rub them down with suntan lotion. By the time he finishes this he has a half hard-on. They the girls all help Roger put on his suntan lotion. Sally insists that she alone put the suntan lotion over Roger's genitals. After completed putting on suntan lotion Sally decided that she should take Roger for a walk along the beach. Roger still has his hard on and during the walk Sally can't keep her hands off him. In addition to holding his hand as they walk she constantly plays with his behind and rubs up against him. Eventually she tires of holding his hand and decides that they should walk hand and prick down the beach. So there they are on the beach walking calmly along with Sally holding Roger's erect cock in her hand in full public view. Eventually she decides she has had enough, gives Roger back his clothes and takes him home.

Sally and her mother decide to do even more exciting things with Roger. The next weekend the take him to a live male strip show. Sally tells Roger she has something special for him that he will enjoy even more and that he should wear old clothes and bring a separate set of clothes. After they enter the male strip club Sally handcuffs Roger's hands in the front. A large woman dressed as a dominatrix then comes to get Roger still fully clothed. Before Roger knows what is happening, he is standing handcuffed with a dominatrix in front of a large audience of women. The dominatrix speaks:

Dominatrix: We just found this little pervert sneaking around my dressing room. What do you say I punish him for that?

The audience cheers.

With that she stands Roger in front of a large steel, she puts a hook attached to a rope and using a winch winches the rope until Roger is standing with his hands over his head. He is not quite helpless but that will change. The Dominatrix next takes a bar attached to the base of the device with two ankle bracelets on the end which she affixes to Roger's ankles. Roger will later learn that it is called a leg spreader. Roger is more helpless but still not completely helpless. The dominatrix now takes a leather belt attached to the middle of the device and affixes the leather belt around Roger's middle. Now is now completely helpless. He can move but just barely, he is completely at the mercy of the dominatrix. Roger has no idea what is happening to him. He feels very uneasy but it has happened so fast that he has had no time to respond. He glances over to the wings where he sees Sally who smiles back reassuringly.

The dominatrix now using the winch lifts Roger up so that his feet are off the floor.

Dominatrix: Who wants to take off his shoes and socks?

Practically every hand in the place goes up. A woman comes forward who removes Roger's shoes and socks. The dominatrix now lowers Roger so that his feet are on the floor. The dominatrix now produces a pair of scissors.

Dominatrix: Who want to take off his perverts shirt? Another woman is chosen who cuts Roger's shirt off.

The same procedure is followed with Roger's t shirt, then his pants until he is dressed only in his briefs.

Dominatrix: How much am I bid for his underpants? The bidding goes to $25 and the cutest, most petite, ladylike looking woman comes forward who eagerly takes the scissors and cuts off Roger's underpants. Roger is now completely naked, the women cheer while Roger squirms. Roger now has a rampant erection.

Dominatrix: Look at the arrogance of this boy. He has the arrogance to point that thing at me.

She rudely grabs Roger's cock and pulls on it as if to pull it off his body. Next she cups her one hand around Roger's balls and digs her fingernails into Roger's scrotum until he hollars.

Dominatrix: You little prick, do you know what I am going to do to you.

Roger does not answer. She slaps his face.

Roger: No, maam.

Dominatrix: I am going to turn you over to this mob and let them do whatever they want to you. What do you think of that?

Roger: I don't know maam. Please don't hurt me.

Dominatrix: Who wants this here boy toy to do whatever you please. It is a dollar for 10 seconds or five dollars a minute.

The women rush to the stage, most with $5 bills and form a long line. There the women fulfill their fantasies of dominance over their handsome boy toy. Despite Roger's helplessness they seem in awe of him. Seldom do they hit or spank him. Mostly then rub their hands over his chest and hips and then over his cock caressing it gently and then grabbing it and cupping their hands over his balls. Some women produce $10, $20 and even $100 bills, to get as much time as they want with Roger. Many women come back a second and a third time to enjoy their dominance fantasies with this helpless boy toy. Several times the dominatrix has to stop their advance to let Roger cool down so that he won't cum and grow soft.

When the women have all satisfied themselves or run out of money the dominatrix says:

Dominatrix: This boy toy has performed beautifully, hasn't he.

The women cheer.

Dominatrix: Who wants a public fucking?

The women cheer.

Dominatrix: he cute, petite little lady old enough to be Roger's mother jumps on stage.

Woman: I do.

Dominatrix: Well, you can't do it clothed.

The woman starts to strip. Meanwhile three large female stage hands come out and with the dominatrix remove Roger from his contraption, lift him up bodily and put him into a kind of narrow reclining chair so that his erect dick is pointing straight up.

The woman is now nude, and Roger is facing the audience. Back to the audience so that they can see she straddles Roger and sits on his cock. He is strapped to the chair and cannot move. The woman slides down his cock as easily as a fireman on his pole. She commences to slide up and down Roger's cock. The dominatrix takes a tv camera and gets in close so that the audience can clearly see the repeated penetration on the TV screen located on the walls throughout the niteclub. The woman impales herself repeatedly as she slides up and down Roger's cock each time more vigorously than the last.

Soon Roger can feel the woman's pussy grab his dick and release it involuntarily as the woman begins her orgasm. When she satisfies herself Roger still hasn't cum. The dominatrix pulls the woman off Roger's cock and grabs Roger's dick and strokes it a couple of times. Roger cums massively shooting sperm over his head into the air. The audience cheers wildly.

The stage hands clean up the mess and Roger is released from the contraption. Half of the money Roger has earned is kept and the other half is given to Mrs. Sutton. Sally comes out on stage with Roger's clothes and is allowed to dress him in front of the audience. Then she and Mrs. Sutton take Roger home. Roger confesses on the way home that he loved every minute of it and wishes it would happen again.

Mrs. Sutton: That can be arranged.

Roger becomes a regular at the club.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

"I love To Watch Them Spurt" Chap. 2 by Doug N.

I love To Watch Them Spurt

Chapter Two

Swimming Party

Sally and Roger had a successful date at the fair. At the end of the date, Sally wants Roger to ask her out again. Sally knows that Roger is shy and wants to dominate him.

Sally: Did you have fun Roger?

Roger: Yes, I did.

Sally: I am sorry I injured you.

Roger: That's all right, all's well that ends well.

Sally: Did you like my mother?

The question really asks if he didn't mind her exposing him in front of her mother and sister.

Roger: Yes, your mother seems very nice.

Sally: Did you like my sister?

The question really asks if the incident embarrassed him.

Roger: Your sister seems nice too.

Sally concludes that she had her fun with him but didn't hurt his feelings. She now concludes that she can control him. She thinks quickly, how can she get this shy, easily manipulated boy to ask her out again?

Sally: There is a football game next weekend.

Roger: Yes, there is. (pregnant pause) Oh, would you like to go because I would really like to take you. I really had a good time today.

Sally: I'd love to Roger; you can pick me up on Friday at 7.

Roger: I'll be there.

Friday, promptly at 7 Roger arrives at the Sutton residence and rings the doorbell. Mrs. Sutton answers.

Mrs. Sutton: Roger, come in. Roger enters the house. Roger, how do you feel today?

Mrs. Sutton: How is your wound? Is it healing nicely?

Roger: Yes, it is thank you very much.

Mrs. Sutton: Well, let me look at it.

Roger: Right here in the living room?

Mrs. Sutton: Yes. Roger, I am a professional and besides I have seen you before. You look just like the thousands of other men I have seen naked in my life. Roger, if you were in a line up with other men naked from the waist down I couldn't identify you. (She is lying)

Roger hesitates. Mrs. Sutton unbuckles his belt, unsnaps and unzips him and carefully lowers his pants. Taking her time she then pulls down his underpants. With her fingers, she grasps his scrotum and pulls it free so that she can inspect the wound.

Mrs. Sutton: Yes, it is healing nicely. I can barely see the wound now.

At this time, Sally enters the room and sees her mother inspecting the private parts of her boyfriend. She knows her mother's true motives and it titillates her. She walks over to Roger and looks right at his crotch.

Sally: Is he healing all right mother?

Mrs. Sutton: Yes, he is.

Mrs. Sutton: Roger, do you like to go swimming.

Roger: Standing still exposed in front of her. Yes, I do, very much.

Mrs. Sutton: Sally, why don't you invite Roger to Mrs. Angle's pool party.

Sally: Yes, Roger, would you like to come to a pool party next weekend as my guest.

Roger: Sure, I'd like that.

Mrs. Sutton: Roger, you'll be the only boy there. All the women invited have only daughters. Will that bother you?

Roger: Why should it bother me?

Mrs. Sutton: Good it is a date then, next Saturday at noon.

Roger and Sally go off on their date. At the end of the date, Roger takes her directly home. Sally is disappointed, she had wanted him to take her to lover's lane where she had planned to take out his cock and play with his cock and balls until Roger orgasms and goes soft. She decides it would be unwise to push too fast but she wants to cement their relationship and cannot help herself.

Sally: Roger, would you like to come in?

Roger: Yes thank you.

The two enter the house.

Sally: Have a seat.

Roger sits on the couch. Sally immediately sits next to him. There is a pause in their conversation and Sally puts her hand on Roger's knee.

Roger: This is a nice house you have Sally.

Sally says nothing but moves her hand up Roger's thigh.

Roger put his hand on Sally's knee. Sally put her other hand on Roger's knee holding it in place and telling Roger not to explore further while she continues up Roger's thigh. When Sally arrives and the juncture of Roger's thighs she finds him hard. She feels Roger's cock through his clothing. She continues to stroke his cock and cup his balls through his clothing until she is sure she has control over him.

Sally: Roger (in her sweetest voice) would you stand up.

Sally begins to methodically undress Roger. Roger stands and allows her to undress him. Soon his clothes are on the floor and he stand before Sally with Sally admiring a huge erection. Sally knows now that she has complete control over her boyfriend. He will do whatever she asks, under almost any circumstances.

She grasps his cock with her left hand and cups his balls with her right. Roger sighs audibly. She then puts her face forward and rubs Roger's cock against her cheek. Sally is so turned on she can feel her female juices running down her leg. Sally decides to kiss the front of Roger's cock. Then she kisses the head of his cock. Tickling her scrotum, she begins simultaneously to fondle and stroke Roger's cock. Before long Roger is moving his hips in rhythm to Sally's stroking. While she is stroking his cock she is simultaneously fondling his balls.

Before long Roger cums and ejaculates sperms onto the front of Sally's blouse. Sally hardly seems to notice continuing to milk him until the last bit of juice has been extracted. It is only when Roger begins to go soft that Sally's haze begins to clear and she lets him go. Only now does Sally look up at Roger's face and smile sweetly at him. Roger smiles gratefully back. Roger knows now that he has found something good but can't imagine where it will take him.

The next Saturday Roger picks up Sally and they both go to Mrs. Angles. There are only females present. Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Angles and Mrs. Frobish are the adults and each of them have two daughters. The girls vary in age from 7 to 17.

As the children swim, Mrs. Angles mentions how good-looking Roger is. Mrs. Sutton then tells the story of Roger and Sally's first date.

Mrs. Sutton: Yes, and on their second date I checked him to see how well the wound was healing.

Mrs. Frobish: Have you checked him lately?

Mrs. Sutton: No, I haven't and I should shouldn't I. Roger, would you come here?

Roger gets out of the deep end of the pool and approaching the three women sitting at the table.

Roger: Yes, maam.

Mrs. Sutton: It just occurred to me that I haven't checked your wound lately. Why don't you drop your pants so that I can check it.

Roger is taken aback; he doesn't know what to say. Roger has started to grow accustomed to being naked in front of women and knows that he likes it. He realizes that he has a chance to not only be naked in front of the adult women but their daughters as well. Nevertheless he wants to be coaxed.

Roger: Right here in front of these women.

Mrs. Sutton: Sure, why not? These women have seen men before.

Still roger hesitates, he knows if he hesitates Mrs. Sutton will undress him herself.

Roger is correct, Mrs. Sutton simply reaches over and pulls down his trunks. Roger does not protest or try to stop her.

Mrs. Sutton: Roger step out of your trunks.

Roger dutifully obeys her.

Mrs. Sutton takes control of Roger's balls and pulls them aside for other two adult women to see.

Mrs. Sutton: See he is fully healed.

The other two women arch their necks closely inspecting Roger's private parts.

Mrs. Frobish and Mrs. Angles: Good work, Linda. They chime together.

Meanwhile the younger girls have stopped playing in the swimming pool and watch the scene with keen interest.

When Mrs. Sutton drops Roger's balls, Roger reaches down to pick up his trunks but Mrs. Sutton has already picked them up and has them in her hand.

Mrs. Sutton: It's all right Roger, you won't need them.

Mrs. Angles: That's right Roger; we want you to be comfortable.

Roger says nothing and walks over to sit in a chair. He leaves his legs slightly ajar so that the girls in the pool can get a good look. Dutifully the girls oblige, before long, the young girls line up in the pool in front of him to stare at his private parts. Roger commences a hard on. He decides not be feel embarrassed.

Sharon Angles: (age 17 and a classmate of Roger.) Roger, come into the pool with us.

Roger leaves his chair and with boner bouncing walks over to the pool and jumps into the pool next to Sharon. Sally is watching not knowing what to think. She decides that Sharon is no competition for her and she will enjoy watching what happens next. The adult women also take notice.

In the pool Sharon rubs one of her breasts against Roger while she puts her hand on his shoulder. Before long she has run her hand down his side and has cupped one of his buttocks. Michelle Frobish, age 15, has also come over and is rubbing herself up against Roger. Both girls decide they can feel Roger's cock under water and reach for it. They find each other's hand and instantly pull away.

Roger and enjoying himself fully decides to give the girls all a good view and pulls himself out of the pool and sits on the edge of the pool with his feet apart in the gutter exposes himself completely to the eyes of the girls. Roger is now rock hard and the girls are all staring at his cock mesmerized.

Angela Frobish, age 7, decides she wants in the game and splashes water on Roger's cock.

Roger decides to teach her a lesson, dives after her and dunks her. Angela goes down but has the last laugh when she reaches with her hand and grabs his balls. As Roger holds her down Angela reaches with her other hand and grabs Roger by his cock. Roger decides to let her go but she does not let Roger go, continuing to hold Roger by his cock and his balls.

The other girls except for Sally gather around Roger grasping and feeling the various parts of him.

At this time Mrs. Angles, afraid the girls will overstimulate Roger and he will dirty her pool, speaks.

Mrs. Angles: Girls, let Roger alone. Roger come here.

The girls dutifully oblige as does Roger. When Roger pulls himself out of the pool Mrs. Angles takes and towel and patiently begins to towel Roger off. As this procedure goes on all eyes are riveted upon Roger and his rampant hard on. Mrs. Angles takes special care to dry Roger's cock.

Mrs. Angles: Girls you stay outside while Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Frobish, Sally and I take Roger inside where he can cool down.

All 5 go inside but it is not to cool Roger down.

Mrs. Angles: What a handsome boyfriend you have Sally.

Sally: I think so.

Mrs. Frobish: What a cute cock he has too and adorable balls, Sally. Roger is not part of the conversation. She reaches out and caresses his cock and then his balls. While Mrs. Frobish was feeling Roger, Mrs. Angles has grazed her hand from the small of Roger's back down around the bottom of his buttocks.

Mrs. Frobish and Mrs. Angles take turns feeling Roger's buttock and his private parts. Mrs. Sutton and Sally watch. Mrs. Sutton is most amused but Sally is particularly infatuated and titillated watching these adult women, who she knows are not competition for her, assault her boyfriend.

Mrs. Frobish and Mrs. Angles then take turns caressing and fondling Roger's balls and stroking his cock while Mrs. Sutton and Sally watch. Sally feels an almost irresistible urge to take Roger cock into her mouth and suck it.

Under this lascivious assault, Roger comes quickly and begins to spurt. Mrs. Angles feeling him go hard in anticipation of ejaculation is ready with a tissue. She holds the tissue over Roger's cock so as not to soil her carpet. They continue to milk him until not only is every bit of sperm taken but he begins to soften as well.

Finally, both women come out of their daze.

Mrs. Frobish: Yes, Sally, this boy is just adorable. You can bring him over anytime.

Roger goes outside now soft and lays on a chaise lounge. The adult women and Sally stay inside to talk. Roger feels tired and drained after this experience. He will find himself quickly invigorated. Before he knows it Angela Frobish, age 7, is standing in front of him admiring his cock.

Angela: Can I play with it?

Roger: Play with what?

Angela: That. (Pointing at his cock)

Roger: Sure, why not. Roger starts to feel stirrings again.

Angela quickly grasps Roger's cock and starts feeling it. She then starts feeling his balls with the other. The other girls quickly gather around Roger. Michelle and Sharon evict Angela from Roger's balls but Angela retains control of Roger's cock which she grabs and hold with both hands in a baseball grip. While Angela retains control of Roger's cock the two older girls began to massage Roger's balls. Once again he has a raging hard on. Nancy Angles watches over the other girls' shoulders wishing she had a body part to play with.

Michelle: Stroke him Angela.

Angela begins to comply.

Roger responds more slowly now and Michelle speaks to her little sister.

Michelle: Trade with me Angela.

Angela complies. Michelle is now in control of the cock while Angela has Roger's left testicle.

With wiser if not more experienced hands Michelle begins to stroke Roger's cock from the base to the tip. Her hands are well guided by desire if not experience and Roger get harder and harder until once again he spurts sperm onto his own belly. Michelle continues her stroking enraptured by the drama she sees before her for the first time. Only when Roger starts going soft does she let him go. Nancy, missing out of the best action, gets some tissue and cleans the cum off Roger's stomach.

Meanwhile the adult women are watching from inside the house.

Mrs. Angles: Quite a sex education lesson the girls are getting.

Mrs. Sutton: That is why I brought him here.

Mrs. Frobish: How to keep a man but not take a chance on getting pregnant. Good idea! I had no idea my little Angela was so precocious. No man is ever going to take advantage of her!

Monday, September 12, 2005

"The Prison Secretary" by John C., Chapter 3/3

The Prison Secretary Ch. 03

Later that week inmate Sean Anderson entered the darkened washroom of the jail/barracks; lights-out had been one hour before. He still was quite uncomfortable with the fact that the toilets in the barracks had no stalls for privacy. The inmates did their business out in the open while other inmates walked by from the showers or the sinks. Just as inmates would often masturbate in the showers, Sean would often see the men openly masturbating while sitting on the toilets. He had not entered the washroom to urinate as he had already answered the call of nature earlier that evening. He had waited until lights-out so that he could sit on one of the toilets and have some privacy with his thoughts and his erection. He wanted to have some solitude so he could lose himself in a few moments of lustful fantasies as he had done every night in which he was able. He would then stroke and beat-off until he would have to clean himself off.

It had been several days since the first time Sean had masturbated in the barracks. His dick had stood tall and proud, saluting the beauty of Angela Prescott. The session had been rudely and painfully interrupted when reveille had been called. The rest of that day he had suffered from the worst case of blue balls that he had ever before experienced. It wasn't until late that night when he had finally been allowed the time to relieve himself in the bathroom. He had been in the facility for one full week. It had already seemed like much longer as this program was proving much more difficult than he had anticipated; not just because of the extremely rigorous schedule, but because the harassment from T-bone was becoming much worse.

He sat on the toilet and began yet again to fantasize about Angela. He instantly whipped out his dick and began jerking-off. He couldn't understand the effect that she seemed to have upon him. He had slept with many other women before; some of them truly gorgeous. However Angela had blossomed into his ideal version of a woman, the kind that he had thought of ever since his very first wet dream. Since the receiving room experience he had seen her only once and what a site for sore eyes she had been. Even though the second encounter with her had been even more humiliating than the first.

Where was she now, he thought to himself. While he was forced to go to sleep at 9PM on a Friday night and was caged like an animal; whacking off at the very thought of her, she was outside the prison walls, enjoying herself and freely doing whatever she pleased. The women in the offices had achieved celebrity-like status among the inmates and Angela was easily talked about the most. He was disgusted when he actually saw T-bone and some othe inmates jerking-off on the toilets for all to see while crudely commenting on Angela as well as other women. Earlier in the day some of the inmates had claimed that they had seen her wearing a tight halter top and a very short skirt. He didn't know if he believed them, but it was this thought that was currently driving his present whack-off session. All of the men wanted to fuck her, but none more than himself.


Angela Prescott at that moment was enjoying her freedom and a lovely Friday night with her boyfriend. David Summers was a first year law student and had taken her to an outdoor concert at the local park. He was a white male; tall, strong and very handsome. They cuddled together on a blanket as they listened to a rendition of Revel’s Bolero. Angela had been asking David many questions about law school as that was to be her next goal. She however had not elaborated to him about her summer job and the very interesting week that she had just experienced. They kissed and hugged and as the concert ended Angela spoke the words that sent David's mind wandering.

"My parents are in Cozumel until the 15th. Forget about a hotel, we have the house entirely to ourselves," she said.

The two of them had already enjoyed the pleasures of each others bodies. However David seemed to notice that each time they had sex Angela seemed more and more aggressive and kinky. He already had deep feelings for her, but on top of that she was now becoming the best sexual partner he had ever had and certainly the most beautiful. Upon hearing of her parent's absence his mind drifted from the concert and he began to think of the long blissful night they would have together. After a few more musical numbers his thoughts were to get her home as quickly as possible.

As they drove home David was passing glances at Angela's healthy and shapely thighs as she sat in the passenger seat. She had worn a white halter top that tightly wrapped her upper body causing her cleavage to swell perfectly. The top left her midriff bared where she displayed her silver belly chain. She wore a very short grey skirt that showed off her shapely, slightly tanned legs. Angela moved her hand over to David's thigh and began to stroke his leg. She could tell that he was becoming erect in his jeans while he was driving as he stepped on the accelerator in order to make haste to their destination. She moved her hand up and down his leg just short of his crotch as she began to think to herself about the terrible sexual burdens that men constantly must carry around. These burdens can make them act so illogically. How embarrassing it must be for them at times. It certainly must have been embarrassing for those inmates on Wednesday she reflected.


It had been another reception procedure. She was already familiar with the routine as she basically had to be present to confirm any information that was collected first person from the inmates and arrange the files as they were brought in. This time the bus brought in 15 men, however she was no longer quite as shy about the fact that they would have to line themselves up on the orange line and strip themselves nude right in front of the table that she sat at. She worked on the forms in the various folders as Sonia and the rest of the instructors screamed at the inmates with a multitude of profanities. As was the case before, the men regarded her with awe as they stood before her. When it became time for the inmates to strip, Angela innocently crossed her legs causing a considerable portion of her thigh to become visible through a slit in her skirt; the same thighs that David was staring at out of the corner of his eye at that very moment with his heavy foot on the accelerator.

As the men couldn't look upon her without being dropped to the floor, she once again discreetly looked upon and appraised them with her peripheral vision. She was becoming like a doctor or a nurse when it became to male nudity; though the more endowed men still brought some excitement to her. One of the inmates, a young man of 18 was staring at her intensely as the slit of her skirt exposed halfway up her thigh. She was aware of his gaze and noticed that his organ was beginning to twitch. Outwardly she was professional and kept working on the forms; inwardly she deemed that it was now time to have a bit of fun. She tossed her head back slightly allowing her long hair to move to the side. Then as she paused to look at a folder she placed her finger quickly into her mouth as if to suggest that she had received a paper cut. The inmate reacted naturally and began to nervously swell uncontrollably in front of her. Sonia was shouting at one of the nude inmates when she requested his folder. Angela got up and walked over to Sonia right within the grasp of five naked men as they stood at attention on the orange line. She smiled cordially to Sonia and handed her the folder. She was now almost completely comfortable in the receiving room.

She then sat down again crossing her legs allowing the slit of her skirt to again show her healthy thighs. She paused as she looked at the forms and put the end of the pen in her mouth. She noticed that her presence had caused three of the other inmates to become erect as well. The instructors didn't pay any attention to when the inmates were aroused but kept shouting at them in high volume. Angela looked up and noticed that the 18 year old was staring directly at her; she met his eyes for an instant. Her beautiful gaze immediately sent his cock slapping up against his stomach. At that moment an instructor began shouting at him to keep his eyes forward. The inmate seemed scared and insecure and began to make face contortions. Angela watched as tears began to fall from his eyes as the instructor continued shouting at him before dropping him to the floor for pushups. His streaming tears made her smile inwardly; not because she found it amusing that he was so miserable or homesick, but only because Sonia had told her that the inmates who cry are usually the ones that never return to the system again. This 18 year old that was now doing pushups would more than likely lead a normal life after this awful experience.

Many of the men had been aroused that day in the receiving room. Angela knew many little tricks that would excite men; tricks that wouldn't seem blatantly out of the ordinary for a secretary to do. Later that same day she had bumped into Sonia in the hallway.

"Well done Angela,” Sonia smirked.

"What do you mean?" Angela responded.

"You know EXACTLY what I mean." She said.

"Well you too." Angela whispered.

Sonia placed her hand on her chest and looked to Angela as if bewildered. They both laughed as they went their separate ways to resume their business.


David had pulled into the driveway of Angela's house in her upper middle-class neighborhood. They both entered the house together but she made sure she took her time with pretty much everything as he lustfully stared at the body that he would soon begin fornicating with in the privacy of her bedroom. David insisted upon taking a shower first as Angela waited in her bedroom. She had something special in store for him before their night of passionate and delicious sin was to begin. While she waited she contemplated what had occurred when she had left the facility that afternoon.


Since it was a Friday, she had planned to drive straight from the facility to David's house so she had brought along her evening clothes with her in a duffle bag. She had planned to go to the ladies room and change out of her work clothes as soon as her shift had ended. She knew that her halter top which revealed some deep cleavage and her midriff was totally unacceptable attire for the facility. But she knew that this late in the afternoon she could walk from the office to the main gate without coming into visual contact with any of the inmates. She had said her weekend goodbyes to Keisha, the C.O. and the other office girls and proceeded to walk into the long corridor that led to the main gate.

As she turned a corner down a second corridor she was shocked to see that there were three inmates mopping the floor under the supervision of one of the male instructors who stood at the far end of the hall. "What the hell are they doing here this late?" she thought to herself. The inmates immediately intensely gazed upon her; she truly looked stunning with her white top contrasting with the glow of her skin perfectly, her heaving breasts easily noticeable. She thought about doubling back but this was the quickest way out of the facility and she was already late. The floor was usually already mopped by this time, they were not supposed to be there. She began walking; she passed the first inmate who made no attempt to hide his glare as he mopped the floor. Her shapely legs were heavenly and her tits seemed to be bursting from the tight white halter top. She then passed the second inmate who she knew was the infamous Clarence King, A.K.A... "T-bone". He was already infamous in the facility and had achieved excessive demerits. The office women were already betting on how soon he would be kicked out of the program and be sent to the penitentiary. Angela kept her eyes straight ahead as she walked down the hall. T-bone smiled and stared right at her.

"Permission to speak Ma'am,” he had said. She had awkwardly stopped in front of him not knowing what to do. This huge, muscled and older gang member was towering over her and asking permission to express himself. The male instructor at the other end of the hall began quickly walking towards the two of them.

Angela awkwardly responded, "Do you need something?"

"Yes ma'am, I do" T-bone said holding a ferocious stare that Angela found very intimidating, "You just look very nice today ma'am."

Angela responded with the standard ladylike response common to all girls who were hit-on by men they wanted nothing to do with. "Thank you, that's very sweet." She quickly resumed walking.

At that moment the instructor's voice echoed throughout the hall. "DROP, DROP!!" Instantly all three men dropped their mops and began doing pushups on the floor. Another instructor had entered and began cursing at the inmates. Angela kept walking past the third inmate who was already toiling on the floor. She left the corridor and walked past two jailers who flirted with her before unlocking the door and then the gate that led to the parking lot of the facility.

The parking lot was adjacent to the exercise yard and at that very moment a platoon of men came running by in formation chanting cadence. Almost all of them turned their heads to look upon Angela; each would create a separate fantasy in his mind as to how they would ravage her body. She was relieved by the time she had arrived at her car. Never again would she change to her casual attire inside the jail. She realized that as much as she enjoyed some of the attention that she received; a stare from an inmate who looked as if he would rape her if he had the chance was sickening to her. She quickly discarded these fearful thoughts as she started her car. She was quite safe as these men were caged and manacled while she was quite free and ready to enjoy her weekend.


It wasn't long before David and Angela were kissing on her bed. He had dried himself off and entered her bedroom completely naked. She still wore her outfit but had discarded her shoes. She had briefly appraised his muscled body and well formed organ before gesturing him over to her bed with her finger. As he joined her she began to stroke his muscles while kissing him passionately. He began to paw at her and move his hands up her thighs and across her top. She shuddered with excitement as he stroked the perfect globes of her breasts through the top that she wore.

"You wanna fuck me, huh, you wanna fuck me?" she said as she gasped from his embrace.

"I wanna fuck you baby, bad!" he said panting.

She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him to his back on the bed. She quickly straddled his body and began to lick at his chiseled stomach and at his nipples. He kept trying to reach to remove her garments but she prevented him and raised his arms over his head. While she continued kissing him she reached over to her side drawer and retrieved some handcuffs.

"You're under arrest." she said smiling as she dangled them from her finger. She moved his bulging arms against the bars of the headboard. He did not resist at all.

"I'd prefer you served me with a writ of habeas corpus," he replied. She had never cuffed him before but she was becoming more and more kinky each time they fucked and he would allow her to do as she pleased. In a moment she had cuffed his hands over his head to the bed and he lay naked with an impressively raging hard-on.

"Come on baby, lick it, suck it, like last time." He whispered. But she withdrew from him and walked away. She took the key for the cuffs and looped it onto a necklace on her dresser. She then began to undress herself from across the room. She unfastened her halter top and tossed it to the side. David's face was wild as he watched her healthy breasts bounce forward in her white lace bra. She kept her belly chain on her body but removed her skirt from about her hips revealing her matching white lace thong panties. All of this she did very slowly allowing him time to enjoy, savor and simmer. She turned off the lamp in the room but left a small nightlight on which gave the room a shadowy, soft, candlelit illumination.

She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra allowing her breasts to bounce forward. David moved in the cuffs, he desperately wanted to begin stroking the soft firm tits that thrust forth naked in the open air and lick her generously sized pink nipples. She then placed the necklace with the handcuff key around her neck, it dangled against the softness of her bosom as she walked towards him. She kneeled on the floor at the side of the bed so that her breasts heaved against the edge of the mattress near the right side of his pelvis as he lay in bondage. With her long nails she began to stroke along his upper thighs keeping her eyes directly on his cock. She trailed her fingers all around it but never touched it at all. He began to struggle against the cuffs.

"C'mon Angela, suck it, lick it!" he said.

She looked to him and smiled. She bent her head down towards his dick and puckered her full lips but then withdrew and instead just blew him a kiss.

"C'mon Angela," he exclaimed impatiently.

"No," she said calmly.

"Why not?" He replied desperately.

"Sweety, your dick is indeed quite impressive, but I've seen you better than this. I want an enthusiastic erection, not just a normal one" she said as she continued to trail her fingers along his thighs while smiling and occasionally looking at him. "I want you throbbing, with your veins protruding."

She pulled her thong straps up so they looped over her hips and departed from him as he lurched in the cuffs; groaning as her touch left him. She walked over to her bookshelf as he watched her shapely ass move. After retrieving her copy of "Lady Chatterley’s Lover" she returned to him. She again kneeled to the side of the bed where she had been before. She placed the book against the right side of his hip and began to read a salacious portion that she had earlier marked. She still continued to stroke his thigh and pelvis with her long nails as she read about the passion of Constance Chatterley, again avoiding touching his member. While reading she would occasionally lick her lips slowly and sensuously. She wanted to experiment with David to make him as desperate as the inmates that she saw everyday. To experience what it would be like to be ravaged by a man who was truly dying of longing for a female.

"Angela please, I'm hard enough," he said.

She smiled at hearing him begin to beg. She put her finger into her mouth and released it with a suck and put it on his lips. "Please be patient David, it may be sometime yet."

David didn't know what to say. He was becoming frustrated yet he wasn't about to get angry at her, he definitely needed to have sex with her and soon. She resumed her reading, as she talked of passionate lovemaking and burning caresses she looked into David's eyes and saw his desperate need which reminded her of what had happened that past Tuesday.


She had been eating lunch in the small cafeteria that was for the staff. Keisha and Tiffany were seated with her as they ate their meals while they chattered about clothes, gardening and other various topics. Through the window of the cafeteria Angela could see that three inmates were seated in front of the drug counselor’s office. Due to the way the hallway was positioned they could just make her out through the cafeteria window but could not see the other two girls. Angela pretended to pay them no mind even though one of them was clearly staring at her.

As Tiffany and Keisha chatted away, Angela pulled out the banana from her lunch bag. It was larger than the average banana and she knew she would more than likely not finish it. She held it in her hand close to her mouth. She quickly glanced from the corner of her eyes and saw that all three of the inmates were now looking at her with complete attention. She slowly peeled the banana while still holding it close to her mouth. Keisha and Tiffany were too deep into their own conversation to take notice of her. She took the banana into her mouth, sucking in her cheeks as she did so. She pulled her mouth off the banana and slowly chewed. After which she took a sip of her beverage and wiped the residue from her lips before putting the banana in her mouth again and taking a long slow bite. From the corner of her vision she saw that there were actually five inmates. Two were now leaning over to get a better view as she pretended not to notice them. She slowly continued eating the banana for their entertainment making it last for several minutes before an instructor arrived to retrieve the five inmates to march them outside for another round of calisthenics in the sweltering heat.


For five to ten minutes she read to David who was becoming increasingly impatient as she continued caressing everything but his cock. At one point he thrust his hips upward causing her book to fall to the floor.

"Please don't do that again, or I may have to leave the room," she warned.

"No don't do that," he said now fully unable to control himself. "I couldn't stand it if you left me; you look so beautiful right now, PLEASE," Her lips were full and perfect and could massage his dick to eruption; her heavy breasts were pressed against the bed, the key that held him in bondage rested against her soft cleavage.

"Oh you are just so nice to me," she responded in a girlish way. She reached to grab his dick but just before she touched it she quickly withdrew her hand holding it away. He thrust his hips up again as the book fell to the floor.

"Oh no, I guess I have to leave you now," she said, mocking his desperation for her.

"NO, please don't, please take me in your mouth now!" he said pleading.

"I'm so very sorry, but I'm afraid it isn't throbbing the way I enjoy it, I think it may need to cook a bit longer, Don't you?" He groaned in response his arms bulging in the cuffs. She crawled over to the end of the bed, to his toes. She looked at him and began to lick his big toe. He immediately felt the sensation of her tongue as it tickled his foot. She kept her eyes on him the entire time as she licked his toes with just the tip of her tongue, reaching up and massaging his upper thighs as she continued. She took his toe entirely into her mouth and he shuddered as he felt her tongue circle around the tip of it. She released his toe with a sucking sound and crawled back over to her book. His dick was raging with veins popping along the sides. She brought her face close to inspect it and again began massaging around it without actually touching it. She stroked his hips and looked towards her book again.

"Let me share with you another chapter," she said as David groaned miserably in desperation and desire.

His cock was now as hard as Sean's had become during the surprise shakedown earlier in the week.


Surprise shakedowns were quite common at all correctional facilities as inmates would often smuggle in drugs and weapons. Ironically it was most often the guards that allowed such smuggling to occur. This was her first time witnessing a shakedown and her first time in the actual barracks of the inmates. She had to accompany the C.O. and all the instructors with a clipboard as they did a thorough search of each section. Needless to say there was the usual cursing, pushups and nudity that she had become used to.

Each inmate had to strip naked, stand himself at attention at the end of his bunk. One officer would inspect the inmate thoroughly using rubber gloves, while the other officer would plow through the inmate’s belongings. Each bay took a total of 30 minutes to fully inspect and there were six bays in all. The men would have to remain nude until their area had been completely searched. Angela stood fully dressed within the grasp of the naked, embarrassed and sometimes erect inmates. She had the name of each man on her clipboard and would check them off if they were searched and found to be clean, or if they were in possession of contraband.

A canine unit was actually brought in to sniff for drugs at one point. She was surprised to find that they had found a bag of cannabis in one of the inmate’s footlockers. The instructor immediately handcuffed the inmate and told Angela to put a red check mark by his name in the clipboard to which she complied. A red check mark essentially meant that this inmate would immediately be sent to the penitentiary. He had committed a serious infraction from which there were no second chances or reprimands. As she uncapped her red pen and stroked the mark next to the inmates name a feeling of sadness engulfed her. This man had a chance and failed to embrace it and now he would do hard time. He was led away in cuffs by two of the guards.

For what seemed like an interminable time she walked past each inmate as they were thoroughly searched. She had never seen so much male anatomy in her life. She moved along walking past each man standing at attention as she read off the names of the searched individuals one by one. She eventually read the name of inmate Anderson, Sean R. A male instructor began searching through Sean's foot locker and going through his mattress. Sean stood naked and at attention. He looked directly at Angela who had read his name off the clipboard. She was dressed conservatively but her skirt and blouse wrapped so tightly about her that he was mesmerized all over again. He had been quite popular in high school and he knew that she must have remembered his name by now.

Angela stood within a few feet of Sean as he struggled to keep his dick from swelling right in front of her; he was failing. The more he tried to stop it from happening the worse it seemed to become. Guards and instructors were all over the barracks searching the various inmates, screaming and cursing. Angela looked about the shambles of the bay and then turned back towards Sean who now was presenting a massive hard-on. She instantly looked towards her clipboard. Sean turned beet red, he was naked and erect right in front of her; he wondered if this could become any more humiliating. Unfortunately for him, the answer was yes. Sonia approached him as she snapped on her rubber gloves and ordered Sean to turn around and bend over. He was devastated but he immediately complied.

For what seemed an agonizingly endless time Sean bent over with his backside spread in front of his dream girl, the girl he desired more intensely than any he had ever seen as this female instructor inspected him. How could he even face her again after this. But he would have to face her as after Sonia finished the examination she ordered him to turn about and stand to attention once again.

"Cavity search negative," Sonia told Angela as she marked it on the clipboard.

"Your middle initial is 'R' correct?" asked Angela quietly and civilly. Suddenly, T-bone who was standing at attention at the very next bunk interjected.

"You can jus call him peckerhead like the res of us ma'am," he remarked loudly as a few of the inmates snickered. Sonia immediately ordered T-bone to the floor to begin toiling. Sean turned a deeper shade of red in embarassment at having his unflattering pseudonym publicly declared in front of Angela.

"Yes, R is my middle initial" replied Sean angrily as he stood rigid. Immediately the male instructor who had been searching his footlocker was in his face.

"It's yes MA'AM, FUCKHEAD," he shouted.

Sean paused before responding as told. "YES MA'AM!"

As the male instructor finished tearing through Sean's locker, Angela's eyes met Sean's. It was only for few moments but the exchange was definite. A naked and erect, blushing and imprisoned Sean Anderson regarded the fully dressed, beautiful and free Angela Prescott. He now knew that she recognized him and probably had from the very first time in the reception room as well. Angela looked to Sean and suddenly all the insults and cruelty that he had subjected her to came to her mind.

He had been very mean to her but now the tables had turned. As much as she tried to stop herself she couldn't resist giving him a triumphant smirk that he more than recognized. He stood before her utterly defeated; he knew that she was more than aware that he was lusting for her. With that terrible but beautiful smile she was mocking him in his incarceration and loneliness. She had him right where she wanted him and there wasn't a thing he could do about it other than stand before her helplessly nude and at attention with his throbbing hard-on betraying how much he desired her while she gloated in victory.

"Property search negative," the instructor shouted to Angela, who quickly checked off Sean's name indicating that he had completed the search successfully. "However I noticed his bunk was made up very sloppily before I tore it up, SO DROP!”

Sean immediately dropped to the ground at Angela's feet to yet again perform pushups in the nude. He watched her high heeled shoes walk barely a foot in front of his face as Angela moved to the next inmate.


"Alright Angela, PLEASE LET ME LOOSE!" exclaimed David.

She had been reading for an additional ten minutes while she stroked his body and licked her lips. She finally tossed the book aside and put her face right up to his engorged cock.

"It hurts, my cock hurts, please Angela It's SO READY FOR YOU!" he begged.

"Oh dear," she whispered. "You poor thing, it's causing you pain, perhaps I can cool it off a bit." She brought her mouth within an inch of the base of his dick, puckered her full lips and began to blow air along the shaft. David once again tried to thrust his hips upward hoping to have his cock touch her lips.

"Ah, ah ah....remember what I said," She reminded him as she resumed blowing air onto his fully swollen member. She began whispering to him as she paused from her gentle blowing. "I'm hoping this cools the poor thing off, it is so huge and it throbs just the way I like it, it's so beautiful. Oh David, there's nothing that I would like more than to wrap my lips around your big hard cock." She placed her hand barely an inch away from his member and ran her fingers up and down along his shaft without touching.

"PLEASE ANGELA, I BEG YOU," he shouted.

With that, she took his dick into her hand. He immediately jerked his body as if he had been electrocuted. She began to lick the shaft from the base to its tip with her tongue as he groaned loudly. At first she used just the very tip of it but then used more of her tongue as if she was licking a popsicle. His arms pulled at the cuffs. She kissed the head of his dick and took it into her mouth while massaging his inner thighs with her hands. His face was wild with pleasure as she suddenly withdrew.

"NO!" he shouted.

She contemplated reading to him some more, or caressing him and making him grovel for her yet again, but she couldn't. She already had her fun and it was now time to bring pleasure to her man and quench his raging desires. She took his cock fully into her mouth and began to suck. He gasped as she did this feeling the warmth of her mouth and her tongue. She continued massaging his thighs as she sucked and licked. She then moved her fingers to his balls and began to gently squeeze them, caressing away the pain that he had been experiencing. He looked to her, the feeling of her sucking him was incredible as she knew just how to do it; the view of her pretty face, her full lips wrapped around him, her hair draped over his pelvis, her tits pushing against his side and her hands tickling his balls were too much. He was so pent up with lust that it wasn't long before he cried out and erupted, his load shooting into her mouth which she happily swallowed.

She continued to suck him off and squeeze and caress his balls until long after he was empty. When he was no longer hard, she wiped her mouth and straddled him, putting her breasts in his face as she unlocked him from his torment. His bulging arms immediately wrapped around her soft body to keep her from escaping.

"Do you forgive me?" she said very innocently.

"I forgive you baby, come here." he said as he cuddled her to his strong sweaty chest. He needed time to refill but soon he would pleasure her in a multitude of positions.

They lay together for a time when Angela yet again began to think about what had occurred that week. She thought about her intentional teasing of the inmates, about how she unfairly gloated in front of Sean and how she tortured poor David.

"David, would you do something for me?" She said.

"Anything Mrs. Chatterley." he mused.

"I've been rather naughty, you have no idea; I want you to take me over your knee and punish me," she said.

"What?" he responded, surprised by the level of kinkiness she was requesting.

"You haven't heard how I've been misbehaving at my job. I need to be punished. I want you to take me over your knee and spank my ass until its red." She whispered.

Almost before she had finished speaking he was already getting up. He got into a seated position as she crawled over his knee. He pulled her thong underwear down over her rear and then down to her knees. Her round, wide but firm ghetto ass was exposed for him to discipline. He wasted no time as he began to spank her; first one cheek then the other as he alternated. He did it just hard enough so that it would sting only slightly though the slap echoed through the room. She moaned like a whore as he felt her pussy getting wet along his lap. She arched her back and raised her ass into the air, eager for his correction. As she continued to moan he pulled her long hair with his other hand, keeping her still.

The spanking was exciting her greatly. She knew she had been naughty and unkind all week and that the inmates were jerking-off to her likeness. She had mocked Sean in his imprisonment and had enjoyed doing so. But this was not the way for her to behave, and now she was paying for it. As David continued striking her, she looked up towards her shelf. Three of her stuffed animals that she had kept from childhood seemed as if they were staring at her in shock. She was no longer the sweet, innocent, little girl that had once cuddled with them. She was now a voluptuous, intelligent, sexual woman being corrected by a stronger male. She had just sucked his cock and swallowed his cum eagerly and he was now spanking her ass as she repeatedly raised it towards him.

"Fuck, shit, fuck." she began to moan and pant as he slapped her cheeks...."oooooh FUCK!" David was surprised by her speech as she was not usually given to foul language. "Okay, that's enough," she said. Her ass was slightly red and properly sore. She crawled off of him and fell to the floor and knelt naked before him. She placed her two hands together just under her chin. "Once you have refilled, I beg you to make passionate love to me all night David."

He gently took her hand in his and raised her from the floor. He wrapped his strong arms around her body and kissed her gently. They would get very little sleep tonight and would probably sleep-in past noon.

"I love you Angela" said David. He felt very awkward making such an important declaration after he had just spanked her.

She paused before responding, ”Thank-you, that's so sweet" she said. She was a bit taken aback by his revelation. She had never had a boyfriend until just the last two years and she wasn't ready to open her heart as it had been spat upon so many times in the past by cruel people.

David was somewhat crushed by her rejection and non-response . He meant what he said. But for now he would let the matter go and leave it for later. He was still a man and wasn't about to let his emotions interfere with a night of passionate sex.


In the darkened barracks Sean had completed his nightly masturbation session. He returned to his bunk where earlier that week he had stripped, sprouted an erection and bent over in front of the girl he wanted more than any other. He asked himself again could this situation get any worse. Again the answer would prove to be yes. As he approached his bunk he noticed T-bone was seated on it. He rose from the bunk upon seeing Sean and approached him.

"Hey peckerhead, I think these are yours," he whispered as he handed Sean a pair of purple thong panties. Sean stared at them in shock as a couple of the inmates in the nearby bunks laughed. "Keep them hidden under your fuckin bunk till I tell you tell bring em out," he said softly as not to be heard by the outside guard. Sean wasn't prepared to fight with T-bone so he simply did as instructed while the other inmates chuckled. He put the panties under his mattress. T-bone smiled and crawled onto his bunk to go to sleep.

Sean's world seemed to be crashing down around him. There was no way he was going to be the platoon bitch and model underwear in front of the other inmates. But to refuse would mean he would have to fight T-bone; a person whom had knocked him to the ground with just one punch at the county jail, a man who could kill him. Sean lay in his bunk terrified. He had only two options, both would result in extreme agony whether emotional or physical. He cursed himself for getting arrested as tears began to swell in his eyes. How many times had he intentionally made other people cry, now here he was weeping like some little girl. He wept and thought of his lost freedom and yet again about the stunning woman that had defeated him and who was still haunting his mind terribly.

"The Prison Secretary" by John C., Chapter 2/3

The Prison Secretary ch. 02

The moonlight that had so beautifully illuminated Angela's soft, luscious curves through the laced curtained window of her bedroom was also beaming through the steel barred windows of the barracks. Inmate “Anderson Sean R.” was lying back upon his bunk wearing only white boxer shorts while having a very difficult time getting to sleep. As the hours ticked by and a storm began brewing outside, he had lost track of what time it was. He just knew that as tired as he was he didn't feel like sleeping. Even though he had heard that the boot camp would be a more controlled environment than a regular penitentiary and that sexual assaults weren't as frequent, somehow, that thought didn't seem to give him much comfort.

Lights out had been at 9:00 PM which seemed way too early to go to sleep. He wasn't used to it. If only he hadn't sold that meth to the undercover cop he would be at this very moment partying with his friends and arrogantly cruising the city for drugs and girls. That life was all over now. He looked about the darkened barracks; the bunk beds arranged in neat rows. There were twenty on each side and a footlocker in the front and back of each bunk. The floor shined with a recently buffed and polished gleam. A door with a barred window was the only way in and out of the room. He could see a light just outside from the night supervisor/jailer.

Every part of his life from now on would be regulated. He would have absolutely no freedom or privacy. It was what the facility referred to as a "total control" program. He would have to ask permission even to speak and he would always have to address himself in the third person as "inmate Anderson." On top of that he would also have to address the staff of the facility as either “sir” or “ma'am.”

The inmate in the bunk next to his had been snoring annoyingly for some time and there was nothing he could do about it. He had already had a confrontation with that particular individual before at the county jail and he was not in a hurry for it to be repeated. He remembered how it had been late one night at the county jail. He had been in a cell with six other inmates where he had laid down on the floor trying to come to terms with the fact that he was caged and no longer free. He had been using a role of toilet paper as a pillow when it was suddenly kicked away from underneath his head.

"What the fuck is going on?" He had said, half asleep.

The inmate ignored him as he picked up the toilet paper role that he had kicked away. He was a well built young black male who's Christian name was Clarence but who went by the name "T-bone." He seemed to look like the quintessential gang member with his various tattoos. He was rumored to be a member of the Black Gangster Disciples and he had rarely spoken to anyone since he had entered the jail cell. Sean knew that he couldn't let the offense go as every one of his actions was being watched and judged by the other inmates as he was being assessed for his weaknesses.

"I said what the fuck are you doing!" He said louder. The inmate turned around and immediately got into Sean's face.

"I need this motherfucker so I can use the shitter, you got a problem with that ya little white BITCH!" He had yelled back.

Sean tried to stare him down but every part of his body was gripped with fear. He knew this guy could easily kill him. But there was simply no way he could back down. Not with the other inmates watching.

"Fuck you!" he had foolishly replied as he tried to grab the role of toilet paper from the man's hand.

Instantly Sean felt as if a semi truck had hit him in the face. Before he knew it he was laying on the floor in agony, his left eye blind. It hurt so badly he had wondered if he would even see out of it ever again. He immediately tried to get up but was punched yet again, this time in the mouth knocking loose one of his bottom teeth. Blood oozed from his lips and gums as he lay holding his face in pain.

"You done now you bitch!" T-bone had said. Sean didn't respond as he continued holding his face while grunting. "I said are you done now YOU PUSSY!"

"Yes," said Sean, defeated.

The inmate stepped on Sean as he walked over to use the toilet. Sean slept the rest of that night on the floor of the cell in pain, needless to say T-bone never returned the role of toilet paper. The very next day he got into yet another skirmish with another inmate. This inmate sensing Sean's weakness from the night before tried to test him. This time however he was prepared and beat him down. At least he had been able to save some face among his peers. The corrections officers had asked Sean about the bruises on his face but he knew better then to answer them truthfully or rat anyone out.

Sean couldn't deny that T-bone terrified him. He seemed as if he could murder someone and not think twice about it. He didn't seem like he was the type that belonged in a correctional boot camp facility. He was definitely a hardcore gang member, possibly even a gang leader. When T-bone had taken off his shirt earlier in the day he had noticed several healed puncture wounds on his chest. When another inmate had asked if he had been shot he had nodded no. Sean overheard T-bone describe his gang initiation ceremony which basically consisted of his fellow gang members beating the shit out of him.

"Yeah I was on the fuckin ground and they were punchin and stompin," T-Bone had said. "And one motherfucker decided to wear cleats that day. That's why my chest is all fucked up!"

And this was the inmate that was now sleeping in the very bunk next to Sean's as he would be for the next few months. Worse still was after T-Bone had kicked his ass, he then branded him with the pseudonym "peckerhead" from that point on. They had showered right before lights out and T-bone was mocking him in front of the other inmates stating how "peckerhead" would look good as their lingerie model for the next couple of months. Sean knew he would have to beat up some other inmates very soon, else become the platoon "bitch." He had always thought of himself as a tough rebel who hated authority. Growing up in his middleclass neighborhood simply hadn't prepared him to deal with real criminals. Many of his fellow bunkmates were young men who had to fight for everything they've ever had; even the smallest of things.

Sean lay in his bunk touching his face where his bruises were healing. His muscles in his arms and legs ached. They had formed platoons earlier that day and had rigorously worked out for hours, running and doing endless pushups and so forth. And they were promised it would be even tougher tomorrow. He ran his hand along his scalp and still was not used to feeling only the little bit of peach fuzz that they had left him with. What a humiliating experience that receiving room had been, he thought to himself. To have to strip down right in front of everyone, in front of women, in front of............her. No, he wouldn't think about her anymore. But it was no use, she began to flood his mind the same way that anything of true beauty would illuminate a miserable environment.

The instant he began reflecting upon her he felt his loins begin to surge. She looked SO GOOD, he thought, so much better than he had last remembered her. He couldn't even believe it was her. But there was no denying that she was none other than Angela Prescott; that same gawky girl that he and his buddies had made fun of from time to time. She had been a chubby girl with the thick glasses and a bad complexion, now here she was in her new thinner, more shapely, unblemished and unbifocaled glory.

She was the first attractive women he had seen in weeks. Her legs were so perfect and as loose as her blouse was her tits seemed to fill it perfectly. She was easily a D cup. She was perfectly hour glassed shaped; her ass filled out her skirt beautifully and made it a pleasure to watch her walk. Her face was so hot with her long sultry brown hair, mysterious eyes and those lips..."Oh god those lips!" he thought to himself. His dick immediately began to fill with blood as he imagined her sensuous lips wrapping around it and her tongue caressing it. He gripped his swelling organ in his hand.

The smell of her perfume still seemed to linger in his nose as he began discretely rubbing his cock as not to attract attention from the other inmates. He had to be careful as his bunk squeaked from the slightest movement. He couldn't believe it, he wouldn't have even given Angela the time of day in high school. Now here he was, his dick which was seven inches erect but feeling even bigger now, fully swelled with Angela Prescott's name written all over it.

Even worse was the fact that she possessed the very look that he most desired in women. She was his ideal lady with her voluptuous yet firm curves. Had he seen her on the street he would have immediately and arrogantly approached her and tried to retrieve a phone number. However here he couldn't even touch her, not even look upon her without being immediately confronted by guards who could break his neck with their bare hands. Here he would have to be very respectful to all the women on staff and refer to them as "ma'am." And even in the very remote chance that he would be in a situation where he could speak to her, he would first have to request her permission to even be allowed to speak at all. His fist slowly worked away as he rubbed his very stiff member as he looked from side to side to make sure he had some privacy. Of all the places to meet his perfect idea of a woman, why here? Why here behind barbed wire where his head had been shaved, where he couldn't even piss without asking permission and where he was powerless to do anything but drool and yearn for her while being called "peckerhead." He rubbed his cock faster, her face and body haunting him terribly.

He had stripped himself naked right in front of her, and it was only his fear and embarrassment that kept him from getting a massive hard-on right there for all to see. One quick savoring glance was all that was allowed to him before he had been ordered on the floor. How humiliating it had been to have to do pushups while stark naked and at her feet. He only prayed that she did not recognize him. He had wanted to crawl to her and feel her shapely thighs in his hands. He had so wanted to pin her down on the table and fuck her right there.

As he continued jerking-off, he thought of kissing her mouth, ripping open her skirt and blouse and burying his head into her perfect tits. He fantasized about her caressing his sore muscles and pressing her beautiful breasts onto his chest as they went at it. His cock was becoming so hard it was beginning to throb and hurt. He could imagine her licking him, taking him fully into her mouth. He began to stroke himself harder, his mattress squeaking loudly. He didn't care any longer, he had to have relief from the lust she had so effortlessly instilled in him. A few of the other guys had already whacked-off that night. He had heard the other inmates talking about her, making obscene remarks about the white secretary and also the female corrections officer. He wondered if they had masturbated while thinking of Angela. For some bizarre reason that thought made him very jealous.

He began to breathe harder as the volcano of desire for her began to build in his body. He hadn't even touched another woman for months. He wanted to gyrate his hips into her, then turn her over and do her doggy style, his pelvis slapping up against her ass. He could feel himself about to cum as he jerked-off furiously, his cock painfully erect. He was about to burst with longing for her, only a few strokes more and there would be long squirts of cum all over his stomach as he imagined her licking him. Suddenly the barrack's lights flickered on.

"GET UP!!" yelled an officer to the entire room. "Its 4:30AM get your motherfucking asses up!!"

Sean couldn't believe it; his hands immediately left his dick as it stood throbbing, dying to be released. He immediately got out of his bunk as the rest of inmates did. He faced the wall to get dressed, his loins aching violently as his cock slapped up against his chiseled stomach.

"It's raining out so grab your ponchos, we're going to start with a two mile run!" yelled the officer. There was a groan from the inmates. "Alright you bitches, lets make it a four mile run, " replied the officer. "Anyone have any problems with that!" Not a sound emitted from anyone. "I thought not, now hurry the fuck up!"

Sean tried to calm his raging desires. He desperately wanted to spill his seed and release his passion right there while standing but couldn't. His hips involuntarily jerked forward once as if he was trying to fuck open air. It would be a very long day of strenuous activity and now the pain he felt in his testicles would be yet another burden he would have to bear. She consumed his mind, he wanted her terribly. In the months ahead she would by her mere presence put him through a lustful emotional hell. He realized as he got dressed that with Angela nearby he would be punished and humiliated far worse than any judge or corrections officer ever had in mind. At that moment he wanted to beat himself bloody for getting himself arrested. He began to fully understand the true meaning of the words incarceration and punishment in a way he never had before.