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CFNM School by Douglas N., Chapter 6-10

Chapter 6

Swim Meet

As time passed more and more boys were admitted to the Gynicist School and the pressure on Marshall to perform lessened. It became necessary to organize a male athletics program. A meeting of the school board was held.

Principal: So it is agreed that we will organize a boys swim team.

First Board member: Yes, it is.

Second Board Member: What will they wear? We will have to allow them to wear suits.

Minister: Why will we have to allow them to wear suits?

Second Board Member: They will be embarrassed in front of the other team.

Minister: Why should they be embarrassed?

Second Board Member: They other team will be wearing suits.

Minister: You either stand by your convictions or you don't.

First Board Member: Won't we be subject to criticism by the public?

Minister: Yes, but what can we do about it? We need to remain consistent to our beliefs. If we don't allow boys to wear swimming suits at swim class in suits I don't know how we can allow them to wear swim suits at a swimming meet.

First Board Member: Does that go at away swim meets?

Minister: I don't see how that can make a difference.

Principal: Then it is decided, we will form a boys swim team and they will not be allowed to wear suits.

Thus, a boys swim team was formed and it practiced with the girls. The girls wore suits and the boys did not. Since this was the usual practice, there were no problems. Eventually the Gynicist School decided to hold a boys swim meet with another private school . Usually when another school comes the visiting school gets to girls dressing room except that the Gynicist School did not have a girls' dressing room so both team had to use the same dressing room. Before the meet, the opposing swim coach explained the situation to his team members.

Swim Coach: We are swimming today against the Gynicist School. They believe that God is a female. They also believe that men should show humility before God so when they swim they will be naked.

Team member: These guys will all be completely naked.

Coach: Yes, completely naked.

Team member: Will there be girls around.

Coach: Yes, there will be girls around.

Team member: Are we expected to be naked too.

Coach: No, if we were I wouldn't have come. It is their problem not ours. I don't why I should care if the other team swims naked. There is something else, we will be sharing the same dressing room with the Gynicist School.

Team member: Why is that?

Coach: Since the boys swim naked, they have no girls' dressing room.

Team member: When the girls swim, do they swim naked too?

Coach: No, only the boys do.

Team member: Why do the boys swim naked and not the girls?

Coach: According to them since God is a woman, girls are made in the image of God and should be modest.

When the visiting swim team arrived at the Gynicist School they found there were other problems. When one of the boys went into the bathroom, they found a girl present in the bathroom.

Swim team member: Why are you doing here?

Girl: I am supposed to be here.

Swim team member: You will have to leave.

Girl: I can't leave, I have been assigned here.

Swim team member: Assigned to do what?

Girl: To help the boys pee and help them shower.

Swim team member: To what?

Girl: To help the boys pee and help them shower.

Swim team member: They can't pee by themselves?

Girl: Our religion does not allow boys to touch themselves so a girl has to hold it for them.

Swim team member: Do you mean that if I ask you to you will hold my cock for me while I pee.

Girl: Of course.

Swim team member: All right. He then stood before the commode and pulled out his cock.

The girl calmly came over and held his cock for him while he peed. Before it was over he had grown a hard on.

Girl: I will relieve that for you if you want.

Swim team member: What do you mean?

Girl: I will jack you off if you wish.

The boy looked at her queerly and said. Thanks but I have to go to a swim meet. Meanwhile one of his team mates had entered the shower room.

Swim team member: What are you doing in the shower?

Girl: I am supposed to be here.

Swim team member: You will have to leave.

Girl: I cannot leave, I have to help the boys shower.

Swim team member: Why can't they shower by themselves?

Girl: Our religion forbids boys touching their privates; a girl has to wash their privates for them.

Swim team member: Would you wash my privates for me?

Girl: Sure, take off your suit.

The boy quickly pulled down his suit and before he realized it the girls was bathing him. When the other boys came into the shower, she was washing his balls and he had a large erection. Shortly the other boys had their suits off and dutifully the girl bathed all of them. When they were all washed the visiting boys put on their suits and entered the swimming pool area.

The Gynicist boys as predicted did not bother to wear suits. The visiting swim team laughed at them but it didn't seem to bother the Gynicist boys. Neither did the fact that the Natatorium was filled with young girls with fresh eager young faces all watching the naked boys and comparing their attributes.

The swim meet was held without a hitch. When the boys went back through the shower room the same girl was there who had bathed them except that several other girls had joined her. Having experience the joy of being bathed by a female and getting an erection each visiting boy promptly took off his suit and allowed the Gynicist girl to bathe him. When the girl washed his cock and balls each promptly got a hard on. This time, however, the girl did not stop and continued to wash each boy's cock and balls. In no time, the boys started cuming and with each ejaculation the girl was ready with some kleenex to catch and sperm and keep it as a sacrifice to their female God.

The Gynicist boys watched all this with some disinterest, simply showering and not touching their genitals. There was another girl to dry them off with a towel.

When the opposing coach heard what was happening he too decided to take a shower and he too was jacked off by the Gynicist girls. His sperm was offered as a sacrifice to God with all of his team members.

Chapter 7

Away Swim Meet

The next swimming meet was away. When the boys entered the school, they found the natatorium filled with young, fresh-faced young girls just waiting to see them naked. Two such girls were Cathy and Linda. When the boys walked in naked, all the girls let out a huge simultaneous scream. Cathy and Linda just couldn't believe that the school would let the boys go to a swim meet and swim naked in front on anyone. Still she and Linda immediately began comparing the boys, wondering what the boys would look like with an erection. With this thought she was disappointed, the boys all seemed to be completely at ease even though they were completely naked in front of a whole natatorium of strange girls. It was then she had a thought.

Cathy: Linda, I just had an idea.

Linda: What's that.

Cathy: Lets go to the dressing room after the meet and see if we can get in

Linda: Don't be silly, they will never let us in.

Cathy: Sure they will, we already see them naked. What difference will it make to them if we are in their locker room.

Linda: That makes sense. I am already so hot, I'm ready for anything.

So just before the meet ended the two girls walked down to the girls dressing room where they knew the boys would be changing and walked right in. To their surprise they met some girls already in the dressing room.

Gynicist girl: Can I help you?

Cathy: ah ya, she stammered, we came to help the boys get dressed.

Gynicist girl: Oh good, we can use some help. Would you like to towel the boys down.

Cathy: Yea, sure.

Gynicsti girl: Good, the towels are over there.

Just then the meet ended and the boys started entering the shower from the swimming pool. Cathy and Linda's eyes opened wide looking at all the dangling cocks and balls so unashamedly exposed before them. Both girls had seen baby boys diapers changed but this was the first day they had ever seen fully mature naked males. It astounded them when they watched the Gynicist girls actually handle the cock and balls of the boys by washing them. When the Gynicist boys came out of the shower they showed no surprise seeing Cathy and Linda waiting for them

Cathy and Linda were ready. Eagerly they rubbed the water off the boys skin and were not reluctant to handle the boys' cock and balls as they dried them and they made sure the boys cock and balls were thoroughly dry. As she was drying one boy's cock and balls the boy spoke to her.

Gynicist boy: I've never seen you before, do you go to our school?

Cathy: No, I go to school here.

Gynicist boy: So what are you doing in our locker room?

Cathy: Well, we thought your girls would need some help and we offered to help them. They gave us this job to do.

Gynicist boy: Really, how do you like it?

Cathy: We like it just fine. We find it - ah - interesting.

Gynicist boy: Interesting,. Huh! Well I have to pee. Would you hold my cock for me while I pee.

Cathy: Sure if you want.

With that they went to where the toilets were and the Gynicist boy stood in front of the urinal. Cathy reached out and grabbed his cock and pointed it at the urinal. As he began to pee she stared fixedly at the urine emanating from his cock. When she felt him stiffen openly then did she become aware that he had been watching her. She turned and looked into his eyes while she still held his cock in her hand.

Gynicist boy: Well, what do you think?

Cathy: About what?

Gyncist boy: About my cock?

Cathy: I think it is a nice cock. I like it very much. (Suddenly she became aware that it was growing.) Your cock is growing, does it always do that?

Gynicist boy: Only when it likes the person holding it.

Cathy: Your cock likes me?

Gynicist boy: Is it growing?

Cathy: Yes, it is getting bigger and stiffer. I've never held a boys' cock before.

Gynicist boy: Do you like it?

Cathy: Yes, very much. Do you mind if I play with it?

Gynicist boy: Not at all.

Cathy: Can I feel your balls.

Gynicist boy: Be my guest.

It was only then that Cathy became aware she and the boy were not the only ones in the toilet area. Linda was also there and Linda was also playing with a Gynicist boy's cock. Cathy caressed the Gynicist boy's balls even while she continued to caress his cock. It was not long before he was completely erect.

Cathy: Your cock is standing up all by itself.

Gynicsit boy: Yes, it is isn't it. That's because it likes you.

Cathy: It is so big, it is so big.

Gynicist boy: I am glad you like it.

Cathy: Oh, it feels so good. It is so hard. Does it get any harder?

Gynicist boy: Just keep feeling it.

Cathy did as she was asked her hands guiding lightly and lovingly over the boys cock while at the same time exploring his balls. Cathy looked over at the friend Linda who was doing the same thing. As she did Linda looked back at her and smiled a rapturous smile. Cathy smiled back with equal rapture.

Just then, Cathy felt her boys cock grown even harder and his cock began to spasm and he began to spurt a white liquid out of the end of his cock.

Cathy: Oh, dear. Cathy did not miss a stroke as her boy spurted semen into the air. Cathy found the feel of his cock spasming and spurting even more exciting and wondered what it would feel like to have that cock inside her pussy.

When Cathy's cock stopped spurting, she looked over and saw that Linda's boy's cock was just beginning. Enraptured she continued to watch as Linda's boy's cock also came.

When it was over the boys left and Cathy and Linda went back to toweling the boys down. As soon as each of them went home, they pulled down their pants and began playing with themselves, thinking of how exciting it was to watch the boys come. Each came quickly.

After that, they did not miss an athletic meet of the Gynicist boys. Each time they did, they would volunteer to towel the boys down. Whenever they could they would take a boy into the area of the toilets and masturbate him.

Chapter 8

Athletic Supporters

Cathy and Linda had found a new pastime. Each time the Gynicist boy's swim team went to a meet, they attended. After the meet, they made a point to visit the boy's locker room. Each time they were invited in.

When Cathy saw Marshall standing in the locker room naked after the meet she said, "Hi, how are you?"

Marshall: Fine, how are you?

Cathy: I don't even know your name.

Marshall: My name is Marshall. What's yours?

Cathy: Cathy.

Marshall: Nice to meet you Cathy.

Cathy: Nice to meet you Marshall. Can I help you shower Marshall?

Marshall: Sure, I'd like that.

They went to the shower room where Cathy takes great pains to suds Marshall thoroughly especially his genitals. When she is finished he has a raging hard on.

Cathy: You sure have a nice cock. She continued to stroke his cock as she said this.

Marshall: I'm glad you like it.

Cathy: Would you like to come to a party at my house?

Marshall: Sure, I'd like that. What kind of a party?

Cathy: It's a sleepover for my girlfriends on Friday You'll be the only boy. My parents will be away

Marshall: Sure, I'd like that.

Cathy continued to stroke Marshall's cock until he came, spurted cum all over her hands. She did not stop her continued stroking as he did, gently squeezing his balls each time he came. She never tired of controlling a man in this way and watching him cum.

That Friday when Marshall knocked on Cathy' door he found Linda and a half a dozen other girls waiting for him.

Cahty: Hello Marshall, come on it.

Marhsall: Thank you.

Marshall entered the house.

Cathy: My girlfriends and I would like to play strip poker. Are you game?

Marshall: Sure, why not?

Cathy quickly brought out a deck of cards.

Cathy: The rules are: low hand takes something off. Girls against the boys.

Marshall realized the rules were stacked against him but he does not object.

The girls were first to lose and Cathy takes off one of her shoes.

Marshall was next and he took off one of his shoes. Since there were 8 girls and only one boys Marshall was quickly down to his shorts. When he lost against Cathy spoke.

Cathy: Let me help you off with your shorts Marshall.

Marshall: Sure.

Cathy then pulled down his shorts and Marshall stood there naked in front of 8 girls with each of them staring directly at his crotch. Despite the fact that Marshall was accustomed t being naked in front of girls his own age, he had a raging hard on.

Cathy: See, I told you he had a large cock.

Virginia: How would I know how large a cock should be?

Georgia: What do we play for next?

Cathy: If a girl loses the lowest girl will take off an article of clothing. If Marshall lose the girl with the highest hand with get to feel Marshall's cock and balls for one minute. It that all right with you Marshall.

Marshall: It is fine with me.

Marshall loses again and Georgia gets her chance to feel Marshall's cock and balls.

Georgia: He is so hard, so hard.

Georgia's hand trembles as she feels Marshall's cock and balls.

Marshall lost again and this time Linda gets to feel Marshall's cock and balls.

As the game progressed, each girl got her change to feel Marshall's cock and balls. As they did so he became more and more excited until finally as Peggy's is caressing him for the third time he ejaculates all over her hands. When this happened she continues to caress him until he is done. The girls all stand raptured watching this young man spurts in front of them.

When it is over Cathy cleaned up the mess that Marshall had made and Marshall starts to get dressed.

Cathy: Don't get dressed, we like you naked.

Marshall: OK.

Cathy made some popcorn and they watched television and drank pop. Often Marshall could glance over and catch one of the girls staring at his cock.

Chapter 9

Bridge Club

Late that night the front door opened and Cathy's mother, Eva, and her friend Jennie walked in. As she walked into the living room, she saw Marshall sitting naked watching television while all the girls were clothed.

Eva: What is going on here?

Cathy turned around to see her mother looking at the naked Marshall.

Cathy: I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow afternoon.

Eva: Never mind that, what is this young man doing her naked as a jaybird?

Cathy: He's a Gynicist, he is used to being naked in front of women.

Eva: What is he doing in my house with my daughter naked?

Cathy: We have been playing strip poker and he lost.

Eva: Is that all? You haven't been having sex have you.

Cathy: There hasn't been any sex.

Eva: Is that all that has happened Linda?

Linda: Yes, Mrs. Jones, that is all that happened. We played strip poker and Marshall lost.

Eva: Marshall, is that your name?

Marshall: Yes, maam.

Jennie: (eyeing Marshall) Don't get so excited Eva, can't you see the boy hasn't done anything to the girls. It is the girls who have taken advantage of him.

Eva: No, Marshall is going to have to be punished.

Eva: Stand up Marshall and face me.

Marshall stands up and faces her and Jennie, still naked. Eva and Jennie look over Marshall carefully. While they look at him, Marshall reaches for his clothes.

Eva: Not so fast, young man. You're not getting off that easy.

Eva paused trying to think what she could do to punish Marshall.

Eva: What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for Marshall for exhibiting himself in front of these young girls?

Jennie: I think he should come to our bridge club and serve us in the nude.

Eva: Good idea. Marshall would you like to serve my bridge club in the nude or would you like me to call the police.

Marshall: I will come to your bridge club.

Eva: Be here a 7:00 P.M. on Thursday night.

Marshall: Can I get dressed now?

Eva: No, you lost the game and you are going to have to stay naked.

Jennie: You know, if he is going to sit on your couch you should make sure that he is clean.

Eva: You're right, come with me Marshall.

Eva proceeds to take him into the bathroom and given him a shower during which she washes him thoroughly including his genetalia. Marshall rewards her with a hard on. Marshall stays that night and the next day. Eva refuses to let him get dressed the entire time.

Towards evening, the women from the bridge club start arriving. Marshall meets them at the door stark naked.

The women sit down to play cards while Marshall serves as a waiter, still naked as a jaybird. Each time he comes to the table one of the women reaches over and cups his balls. When he develops a hard on they eagerly grasp his cock. During the evening, he is forced to stand by the table and let the women play with him. Towards the end of the evening, the women stop playing cards and pay more attention to him.

Eva: Look at this young man Jennie. I knew he was guilty, he insults us by getting an erection in front of us.

Jennie: You're right, he is going to have to be punished right now.

Eva immediately grabbed Marshall by the cock and dragged him into the living room in followed by the other women.

Eva: Look at this pervert. Look at how he insults us by his erection.

Eva then blindfolds Marshall and ties his hands in front of his body. Then she ties his hands to a rope, which is connected to a pulley over his head. His hand are the pulled up by the rope until fully extended over his body. Marshall's legs are then pulled apart and his legs tied to a leg brace. Then he is blindfolded and gagged.

The next thing that Marshall knows, he feels a woman he cannot see touching his back from behind. First, she caresses his back and then his buttocks. Then he feels her hand glides between his legs and cup his balls from behind. While the other women watch, she caresses his balls and the entire area around them. Then with the other hand she reaches around and grabs his cock while still cupping his balls.

The first woman stops and another takes her place at Marshall's rear. This one glides her hands over his entire body from the top to the bottom. This one also cups Marshall's balls with one hand and grabs his cock with the other. Then she leaves him while another takes her place. The process continues each woman taking her turn feeling and touching anywhere she wants on Marshall's body while he is tied up, helpless, blindfolded and gagged.

Intermittently the women stop and leave him, Marshall cannot tell where they are or what they are doing. Shortly when he starts feeling limp they return and begin again.

Then he feels all of then touching parts of his body at the same time. Some caress his chest, others caress his buttocks and he can feel two women each taking one of his testicles while yet another strokes his cock. Under this assault, he comes powerfully and squirts repeatedly.

Chapter 10

Swimming Party

Now the Gynicist girls decided to ask the boys from St. Thomas to a swimming party. The party took place at Georgia's house because it was her family that had a pool. The party was chaperoned by Georgia's mother, Barbara, also a Gynicist woman. When the girls arrived, the girls were led off to a room where they changed into their swimming suits. Since the girls were Gynicist, the suits all had skirts on them with no panties. When the boys arrived, they were allowed to go to a separate room where they changed into their swimsuits. When all the boys were present, Georgia's brother arrived. Instead of wearing a suit, he came out naked. The boys pretended not to stare at him but the girls all made it a point to stare at him.

Barbara: Boys this is my son Jason, since he is a Gynicist he is not allowed to wear a suit. As you can see, I am also a Gynicist and I am not allowed to wear anything that is a male. I am not allowed to wear any pants. I do not have anything under my skirt and none of the girls have anything under their skirts.

With that, the plan began to entice the boys into undressing. Barbara then lifted up her skirt and showed the boys that she indeed was not wearing anything under her skirts. The St. Thomas boys began to notice that the girls were giving special attention to Jason. Jason was sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs apart. Several girls were in front of him staring at his private parts. A girl each was sitting on either side of him with her hand draped over the inside of Jason's thigh. Eventually a St. Thomas boy tried to get the attention of a Gyncist girl.

Frank: I'm Frank, I'm glad to meet you.

Georgia: Hi, I'm Georgia.

Georgia then drew herself close to Frank rubbing one of her breasts against his arm.

Georgia: Are you having fun at my party Frank?

Frank: Yes, but it's a little different here.

Georgia: How is it different Frank?

Frank: Your brother is nude that's all.

Georgia: Well, don't worry about it, he likes it.

Frank: You think he likes it?

Georgia: I now he likes it, do you see him growing a hard on.

Frank: After looking, so he is.

Georgia: I'd like to see you nude frank!

Frank: Would you really?

Georgia: Yes, I would.

With that, Georgia reached down and put her hand on the outside of Frank's thigh. When Frank did not object Georgia grabbed the inside of Frank's thigh and ran her hand up until the edge of her hand rubbed against Frank's crotch. Again, Frank did not object.

Georgia: We Gynicist girls like men Frank.

Frank: So I've heard.

Georgia: What have you heard Frank?

Frank: I've heard that you can be very forward.

Georgia: It's true, Frank. It's true

With that, Georgia began rubbing her hand lightly over the outside of Frank's bulge. She noticed immediately that he had started to get a hard on. She then grabbed his cock and began stroking it. In short order Frank developed a raging hard on. Georgia then reached inside Frank's swimming trunks and began stroking his cock. Again, Frank did not object.

Meanwhile Lois noticing the success Georgia was having with Frank came over near Frank and while Georgia was playing with his cock, began removing his swimming trunks. Since everyone was standing more than waist deep in the water Frank did not object but when Lois had removed them she held them up in triumph. As she did so, all the girls including Barbara clapped.

All the girls nearby then gathered around Frank and began paying attention. Several of them put their heads under water to see Frank's naked cock.

Georgia then stopped stoking Frank and said, "Let's get out of the pool, so I can take a look at you." With that, she climbed up out of the pool. When Frank hesitated she said, "Come on Frank it won't hurt a bit."

When Frank climbed out of the pool, the other girls clapped and gathered around Frank to dry him off. They paid special attention to drying his cock and balls several of them taking turn drying him off.

Some of the other girls who were talking to boys began to urge them to undress as well. The boys seeing the special attention that Frank was getting began to agree. The respective girls then took them out of the pool and removed their suits. After their suits were removed, they dried the boys off paying special attention to their genetalia until they were all sporting hard ons. Before long all the boys were nude, with hard ones while the girls dried them off.

Barbara: Boys, line up, we want to have a penis inspection.

The boys dutifully lined up and as they did a group picture taken showing each of the boys standing in line with a rampant hard on. Barbara then went down the line measuring both the length of girth of their cocks. She then gave the winner's blue ribbons to show that they had won. The blue ribbons said respectively longest cock and thickest cock. One of the girls then took a picture of the boys with his award making sure his cock was in the center of the picture.

After she did that she went down the line again cupping each boys by the balls measuring the size of their balls. Again, she gave a blue ribbon to the winner saying best balls. Again, a picture was taken.

Barbara: Now let's have a handsomest genital contest. The girls then sat down and asked the boys to parade in front of them their cocks bobbing as they walked. Again, a blue ribbon was given to the winner saying handsomest cock and balls. Again, a picture was taken.

Barbara: Why don't you boys form a line and walk around the pool.

It amused the girls to see the boys' erections swaying as they walked around the pool. This time Barbara took a video of the boys walking around the pool.

Barbara then put some Hawaiian music on and asked the boys to do the hula. Again, the girls were amused as they watched the boys' erections sway back and forth. More video was taken.

Barbara then put donuts around the boys' cocks. The girls then got down on their knees and ate the donuts while they were still on the boys' cocks. This was also shot both in still and video.

Then the contest began to see who could come the quickest. Georgia began stroking Frank's cock at the same time as she massaged his balls. The other girls began to do the same. The boys were now all lined up in front of the girls standing while the girls sat on chairs and massaged the boys' cock and balls. Barbara held a stop watch in her hand to noted how long it took each boy to cum. When he came she measured the distance that his cum traveled before landing on the tiled floor. It was not long before each boy was arching his back and launching his cum into the air. Barbara would then measure the distance it traveled. The respective girl would then take a kleenex and wipe up the cum so that it could be made an offering in church. Awards were given to who came quickest and who spurted the farthest.


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