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CFNM School by Douglas N., Chapter 2

Chapter Two "The First Day of School"

Marshall's next experience at school was his first day of attendance.

As he entered the school he took off his cod piece exposing his cock and balls. As he walked down the he he could not help but notice all his fellow students, all girls, looking at him and his exposed genitals. His first class was history which was not unusual except that all his classmates were girls. What he found to be unusual was during the break between classes he could not find a boys' bathroom. When in the middle of his next class, Algebra, he could not hold it any longer, he asked permission from the teacher to go to the bathroom.

"Ok class," responded the teacher, "now that we have a boy in our class we need to help him learn our bathroom procedure." With that she led Marshall and the entire class to what Marshall had thought was the girls bathroom. Inside she led Marshall in front of the urinal while the rest of the class, all females, gathered around to watch.

"Now Marshall, one of the rules of this school is that boys are never allowed to touch their genetals under any conditions. If you are caught doing so you will be punished. Therefore any time you want to go to the bathroom you will need a girl to hold your penis for you. If you ask a girl to help you she must help you. If she does not help you she will be punished."

With that she reached down and took hold of Marhsall's his penis. As she did so Marshall could hear all the girls pushing and shoving to watch. Marshall had a difficult time urinating while his teacher held his cock and his female fellow students watched but somehow he managed. When he was finished his teacher shook it for him. The class returned to the classroom with Marshall feeling more than embarrassed.

Marhsall's next class was swim class. When he went to class he found himself surrounded with his female classmates in the same lockerroom. After taking roll the female gym teacher issued robes and swim suits to all the girls.

"Where's mine?" said Marshall.

"You don't get one," said the teacher.

"Why not?" said Marshall.

"You don't need one," said the teacher.

"Why not?" said Marshall.

"You have nothing to be modest about," answered the teacher. ”Now take off all your clothes!"

Marshall did as ordered. As he stripped all the girls watched him. The girls on the other hand undressed and then put their bathing suits on underneath their robes.

It was required to showered before going into the pool. The girls had shower stalls surrounded by shower curtains. The one thing that Marhsall noticed about the suits is that they all had skirts. As he was showered naked in front of his female classmates Marshall started to wash his genitals. As he did so a girl next to him named Judy slapped his hands.

"Naughty, naughty," she said.

"What's wrong?" said Marshall.

"Boys aren't allowed t touch their private parts," she answered. "I'll have to do it for you. She then began t wash Marshall's cock and balls. She was very thorough and did not stop until he Marshall was completely erect. The other girls thought this was hilarious and laughed and giggled while Marshall's dick grew.

"Why do your swim suits all have skirts," asked Marshall.

"Pants are masculine, we are not allowed to wear anything masculine," she answered.

"Does that include panties too?" asked Marshall.

"Yes, it does."she answered

Before long Marshall was standing in line for swim class where all the girls were wearing suits and only he was naked. Worse yet, the idea of being naked in a class of females kept him erect. As he stood there naked the girls giggled and joked about his erection.

After the role was taken the teacher ordered the class into the pool. Marshall discovered that Judy was telling the truth about panties. When the girl in front of him jumped into the pool he could see he bare bottom before she disappeared under the water. Under the water Marshall's dick went down. When swim class ended he was used to being naked in a class of females.

Later that day Marshall had to urinate again. Bravely he entered the washroom, as he did so all the girls turned to look at him. Following what his teacher had told him he turned to ask a girl, a comely, petite brunette. "Would you help me?"

"Sure," she said as led him over to the urinal. There she reached for his penis. All the other girls stopped, came over and watch. By this time Marshall was getting used to being naked in front of girls. He was able to relax and let lose of his bladder. A thick stream of urine came out from the end of his penis until he had emptied his bladder.

When he was done, the girl spoke to him. "Are you done," she said.

Yes," Marshall answered.

"Thank you," Marshall said.

"You're welcome," the girl said, "By the way, my name is Mindy, you're Marshall aren't you.

"Yes," Marshall answered. "How did you know my name?"

"You're the only boy in the school, how could I not know your name? Mindy answered. "By the way, if you need help to pee again, don't be afraid to ask."

"OK," said Marshall.

"And Marshall," she added, "We girls really like it that we have a boy in school now."

"Thank you," responded Marshall not knowing what else to say.

"We think you are sexy too," she added.

"Really," answered Marshall.

Yes, we think your cock is really cute," she said.

"Really," said Marshall.

"Yes, she replied, "I liked holding it, I'll help you pee anytime you ask."

"Good," said Marshall, "if you're around the next time I'll ask you."

"You were awesome in swim class. You were really sexy with that big hard on in front of the class," she said.

"Thank you," responded Marshall.

"The next time you are in swim class, let me wash you. I want to feel your balls too!"

"I'll do that," said Marshall, "Would you like to feel them now?"

Without saying anything more Judy cupped her hand around his balls. Marshall could hear audible gasps from the other girls as she did this.

"How does it feel?" asked Marshall.

"It feels real good," she answered. "I can feel you getting hard." The bell then rang and they knew they had to get back to class.

School finally let out and Marshall went home. Upon arriving at home Marshall's mother Melinda said, "How was school Marshall?

"Fine," he said.

"Did you like going to school with all the girls?" She asked.

"Yea, it was OK," he answered.

"Anything unusual happen?" she asked.

"Nea," he answered.

"Oh yes it did!" interrupted his sister, Valerie, " Marshall is not allowed to pee by himself. A girl has to help him, she has to handle his penis for him. He also got a hard on in front of his whole swimming class"

"What!" exclaimed Missy, "they didn't tell me they would do that to you."

"Ah mom," Marshall answered, "it's no big deal."

"What do you mean it's no big deal, I can't have my son being abused by a pack of vicious girls."

"Ah mom, they weren't vicious and they certainly didn't hurt me." answered Marshall.

"You don't mind having to have a girl help you pee?" she asked.

"Its OK, I don't mind," he answered.

"Na, it's OK," he responded again.

"Are you sure?" she said unbelieving.

"I'm sure," he answered.

"Mom," asked Valerie, "if he is not allowed by our religion to touch his penis at school, he should not be allowed to touch his penis at home either."

"Well, I guess that's true," said Missy.

"And he cannot be allowed to touch himself when he bathes either," added Valerie.

"That's true too," said Melinda. "As long as you do not mind this Marshall, whenever you have to pee or bathe either myself or one of your sisters will help you."

"I have to go now, Mom," Marshall said.

"OK, Valerie will help you," said Melinda. "Valerie, take your brother into the bathroom and help him pee."

Without speaking Valerie led Marshall into the bathroom took hold of his penis and Marshall dutifully emptied his bladder into the toilet.

Upon returning to the living room Melinda asked, "Did it bother you to have your sister help you pee?"

"Na, it was alright," Marshall answered realizing that he liked the attention he was getting from girls even if it was his sister.


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I love stories like these. Hope theres more.

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the story has 10 chapters...
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Great post.

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i love these stories, very erotic,

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please keep the stories comming

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This story is as bad as Satan because it tries to make fun of the Lord.


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