Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Don Juan's CFNM Experiences

Confessions of a "professional dickflasher" ;-)

1) One day this two twin sisters came to see me dancing at the stripclub. I knew them, they are strippers themselves so I saw them dancing many times but I was nervous because they never saw me naked before. That night it was the only time I couldn't get hard on stage, I was intimidated by their presence. Then I went down to the crowd and gave them lapdances and I got hard automatically. Both are really hot blond girls, identical twins, 22 years old with huge boobs. So they started playing with my hard cock and I asked them to make one of my biggest fantasies come real: have two identical twin sisters strocking my dick at the same time, the right hand of one and the left of the other, me in between. Sometimes I still jack off with that image.

2) Las week I had two cousins coming to the male stripclub together, one was just 18, the other 20. They are sitting next to eachother and I lay down on their laps on my back. The younger one is jacking me off, the other is getting her titties sucked. Nice!

3) I once danced for a mother and daughter together too. The mother was a total MILF, the girl was just 19 and she confidentally told me that she used to strip for a couple of months back in Miami. They were traveling together away from dad and decided to have a girlie night going to a male stripclub. Awesome!

4) This super cute black girl who looked like a petite version of Janet Jackson in Control's times came to the stripclub to celebrate her 18th birthday with her gay friend. The guy told me that her secret desire was to blow some dick for her birthday but she was very shy. Later I found out that she was virgin, she only sucked a couple of cocks in her recent past and that was it so she was very curious about the whole thing but extremely shy. So I started talking to her nicely and flirting a lot and when it was my time to go on stage she was there sitting in the front line, I walked down to her and stand up in front of her face with my cock hard pointing to her mouth and told her: this is your chance, it is now or never. And she did it.

5) I was working at the sex-shop on a saturday night and these three mexicans walked in and started flirtign with me. I told them I was also a male stripper, they asked to see how big my dick was and I showed them. They all touched it, none of them had ever had one that big before, they sayed. I gave them my phone number. Next week they call me saying they want to hire me to throw a surprise birthday party for their colombian friend who's very prude. So they took me to a hotel room and they were all already drunk. I took all my sex toys, vibrators, hand-cuffs, lef cuffs, whipped cream... and did the whole show for them. At the end of the night I had them all lined up on their knees comparing their blowjobs technics with my dick. Finally they may me lay down in bed and the four at the same time kissed me all over, massaged me and touched me until I cum. Then three of them left and I got to stay with the cuttest one and fuck her all night. Oh, and they payed me for that!

6) One night I had two sisters coming to the strip-show at the club where I dance everyweekend in San Francisco, CA. One was 19 and confessed was virgin, the other was in her mid twenties. Both were chubby latinas but the oldest one had huge knockers. So I had the young one on her knees jacking me off and she asked me if I could cum, I said that if she continued doing that eventually I would so when I was about to cum I told her and she said: cum all over my sister breasts! I couldn't believe I hear that, but her older sister liked the idea and put her gigatic tits out of her dress, I did a llittle bit of titty fucking -which I usually do with all my customers- and then I cum al over in between her boobs. I asked her if she wanted a towel to clean up the mess, but she said no, just put her dress back in place and went to see the next show. Later that night I heard that the two girls did the same with another dancer but now they asked him to cum on the younger's boobies. Twisted Sisters?

7) Last weekend night a couple of asian swingers came to see tha show. She was a petite chinese girl and the guy looked like a big japanese. She wanted to suck some cock and the guy was willing to pay for it so he first gave me $50 and watched while his girlfriend sucked my dick dry. He was saying stuff like: Isn't she good? So then aonther dancer, a black dude also well endowed went up to the couple and got to do the same and got tipped the same too. Later in the locker rooms we were sharing our experiences within the dancers and I said to the black guy: we should get her between the two of us and make her suck two cocks at the same time. And so we did, it was funny, looked like a Benetton poster ad: an asian chick sucking a white cock and a black cock at the same time. I wish I had a camera. Her boyfriend was so turned on that he payed us $50 more to each of us. All I could say was: I love my job!

8) This happen more than a year ago. I was working nightshift at the sex shop on a saturday night and this Nicaraguan woman, 35 years old, good looking, starts flirting with me, the sex shop clerk. She was with two other friends, a boy and a girl and they wanted to go to the arcade all together to watch porn in one of those booths. So she asked me if I wanted to go with her and I said yes. While watching porn she started commenting on the pornstars penises and their sizes and I said: mine is bigger than that. In fact it was. She said she wanted to see it and I was like: here, in front of your friends? The guy didnt mind so I pul my dick out and it was already hard, she started commenting on it, how nice and big it was, and started strocking a little bit too. I couldn't believe it. She didn't even knos my name, this never ever happened to me before. So far only my girlfriends had seen my dick. This was the first random gilr I showed it to.
After that, my coworker at the sex shop started pimping me out, telling all the horny girls that walk in on a weekend night: hey, there is a guy showing his big dick for tips. He woould get a comission on the tips I made. I would take 10 to 15 girls a night to the arcade and let them see and touch my big dick. Thats when I realized I could do that for money, for real, and I became a male stripper, or as I like to define it: a professional dick flasher.

9) Another of thoose bachelorette party groups of drunk girls walked in the store on a saturday night and one of them, a petite asian in her mid 30's, sugested that they should buy a male g-string thong for the grooms first night. Her friend said: they look gross (which they actually do, I agree) but the first girl said: we should see hoow it looks in somebodys body, and she looked at the sex shop clerk: me. So I came in and said: ok if you buy it I'll model it for you. So I went to the fitting room in the back of the store and asked them all to follow me. Only three of the girls actually came with me to the fitting room, the others, inclouding the bachelorette, were waiting outside. In purpose I left the fitting room door opened because the three girls were waiting outside and I wanted them to see. So I take my pants off and under my underwear I already start to develop a big boner. The asian girl was amazed: is that real? Aren't you wearing one of those penis extensions you sell in the store? So to show them how real it was, I just took my underwear off and got all the way hard. She started taking pictures of my dick and calling all her friends that were outside to come see it. She couldn't believe it. So I put that ugly g string and tell her to bring the bachelorette in the booth so she could get a picture with me, and so she did. Then they left me some tips and left. One of them, the cuttest one, was a middle-eastern woman, she stood all the time in front of the booth, stearing at my cock without pronouncing a single word, but I think she was the one that turned me on the most.

10) Like a month ago a bachelorette party group walked into the male stripclube where I dance on a saturday night. Five of the girls were Indonesians, one a gorgeous Persian and the other one a white american redhead. So they came in just in time for my show and I went one by one giving them all lapdances and making them touch my hard cock (the persian, the cuttest one, was the only one who refused to touch it) so I get to this Inonesian chick and she starts jacking me off like crazy and then she goes and kisses the head of my dick while the redhead, sitteng next to her watches. So I said: wow, so she is the wildest one in the group. And the redhead, who was the last in line waiting fo her turn to play with me says: wait till you get here. And when I do get there, she goes directly to my cock and starts giving me an amazing blowjob. The other six girls watch and scream all excited. So I look back at the Indonesian and say: hey, she actually beated you. And I go back to her and give her an other chance and this time she suck it too. So from then on it's just a battle between the two of them to see who sucks it better, while the other 5 watch. Finally I couldnt resist anymore and I tell the redhead to get it out of her mouth cuz I was about to cum and right there in front of them I did it. At the end of the night I was on my way home and I see the group of girls leaving in a limo, they start flirting with me again and they offer me a ride. So I ended up going out with them to a club where we danced, with my clothes on this time, for a couple of hours more. I could've gone wild with one of those girls but all I wanted was to kiss the Perian girl and she never let me.


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