Saturday, July 02, 2005

Misterstarker's "Diego meets Bart"

Continued from "Diego joins the Team: Soccer plus!"

After finishing up in the showers, Diego headed home, his cousin Evita walking beside him. He was feeling especially exposed and vulnerable, after being the "star attraction" of a jack-off show in the boys' showers, in front of the whole soccer team and several girls. It was the strangest and wildest experience thus far, in a string of strange experiences that began with the shock of being compelled to give up his clothes in this new home.

Evita was in an excited mood, after witnessing the soccer team in action as the "shower team." She wanted to talk about it, to Diego's discomfort.
"Wow! I never saw anything like that before! It was awesome. Twenty-five hot soccer jocks wanking themselves on command for the girls! And you, cousin, well...of course I knew you did it, but I never got to watch you before! I've wanted to catch you at it, but figured you'd get embarassed and stop."

"And you would be right, there, Evita! It would be bad enough that you KNOW about it, without watching. I couldn't believe it when al the guys started to do it right there in the showers! Back home, if a guy did that, we would have given him hell for it-- maybe throw him out of the room. I couldn't believe myself for doing it, but I felt I had no choice," Diego said.

"Well, you didn't have a choice, did look like you got into it! You really gushed when you finally came! Some of the girls commented on you for that, and they all loved the show," she told him.

"That's probably because it's the first time since I've been here...and I built up a lot to release. Being naked all the time is really a big adjustment. It is really a mixture of embarassment and excitement, it's confusing my feelings,"
he frankly admitted.
He heard the sound of running shoes on the pavement, and his name being called.
"Diego...Diego....wait up, pal!"

He looked back to see Nate and Billy running to catch up. Evita watched their cocks slapping side-to-side, smiling as the boys came to a stop, catching their breath. "We wanted to walk with you, and talk. You left in a hurry, after your shower," Nate said.

"Well, I felt a little odd know...doing that so openly," was Diego's reply.
"We figured that!" said Billy. "That's why we thought we'd better talk to you. See, most of us felt just like you do, the first time we had to do that. Wanking your dick, and shooting your jizz openly, with the whole was weird. But the girls absolutely love it! And now, so do we! You'll learn to like it, buddy. We hope you won't drop the team."

"Oh, there's no danger of that," Diego assured them. "Soccer is my favorite sport and I love playing. I'm hoping being on the team will help me get used to the way things are, here."
"Good thinking, man. It will help a lot," agreed Nate. "We want to do whatever we can to help you perform better on the team, and get used to nudity. We heard you were a star of the team at your old school. If you're as good as we heard, you can help us win the tournaments this season."

"So, there's a selfish motive to your help?" Diego inquired. "By the way, Nate, you really seem totally at ease about being naked, and about masturbating."

"There's always a selfish motive, isn't there, dude? And get over the nudity, dude. It's no big deal to be nude. You were naked yesterday, you are naked today, and you WILL BE NAKED tomorrow, next week and next year. In this country, women have gained the power and authority. The circumstances that made male nudity temporarily necessary gave them an advantage, which they were smart enough to not let it get past them. They surprised themselves by how much they liked the situation, and seized the opportunity to make it permanent. Most guys were enormously embarassed, at first. Now, a lot of us are beginning to secretly thank them for it. Personally, I would hate to have to go back to wearing clothes!" Nate exclaimed.
"We didn't call him Naked Nate, for nothing, when we were kids!" Billy added.

"You mean, you wouldn't wear clothes, even if you could?!" asked a surprised Diego.
"They'd have to MAKE ME wear them , now, after I've been free so long," he said.

"My thoughts, exactly!" commented Bart, as he stepped out of Julie's car. The group had reached the street in front of her driveway, just as they drove up.
Julie introduced everyone, and said, "Diego, this is bart, my boyfriend that I told you about."
"Oh, yes, I had hoped to meet you! You're another one that loves this nudity business we're all subjected to," Diego began.
"Subjected to?! Why, it is a delightfully free feeling. They are only making me do what I would prefer, anyway." Bart corrected him.
"But I hear that you even like the cock-leash, the public erections, and the jack-off shows they make guys do."
"Yup! Sure I do. My Mom always said that I didn't know the meaning of shyness. My dick is a body part, normal and proper, just like my foot or elbow. It's as good as yours, or anyone's. Don't you think yours is?" he asked Diego.
"Well, yes. I like my body, and have no problems with that sort of thing. I'm just not used to letting everyone look at it, and critique my privates openly. And being led around by it," he replied.

Julie invited them all out back, to the pool. Shawna and Joe were preparing to barbecue, and welcomed them to join in.

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