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Misterstarker's "At Bayside Park"

Continued from "Soccer Team visits"

The boys of the visiting Matador soccer team were dumbfounded, numbed with incredulity as they were marched, buck naked, right out of the Herons' locker and shower building at North Bay High. There clothes were stashed away in the lockers, which they had been helplessly marched past, given no chance to retreive so much as a jock strap to cover their bobbing cocks. In fact, their exposed cocks and balls were securely and firmly constrained by the cock chains of the girls of Nort Bay High. It was late afternoon, and the boys were swept with a feeling of incredible exposure as they were led along the streets of the city, heading the few blocks to Bayside Park. They had never felt so naked in all their lives!

The girls had become experts in the use of the leash, delighting in using it to give the penises and testicles of these boys a much exaggerated swinging motion as they marched them along. Though it was a very warm day, these new-to-public-nudity males were shivering with goose flesh from the embarassing experience of walking down a public street, in broad daylight, naked to the world. And knowing that they could do nothing whatsoever about it. They couldn't even hide their wiggling dicks with their hands, since they were cuffed behind their backs!
Ramon and Carlos glanced at each other. As the lead players of their team, they were being marched at the front of the group. The brothers tried to encourage each other; they were used to seeing each other naked- but not in such a public manner. "Hang in there, my brother. This is really embarassing, but we are together, and the team is with us. And this is something normal to the people here," Ramon said.
"I know," Carlos answered,"but it is so weird. I feel so helpless and vulnerable, with my balls in this thing. I know we've skinny-dipped at the beach, and showered with the team, but we have no control over this! I can't believe I'm walking naked in public, a girl leading me by the dick!"

Jaime Sanchez was having an even bigger problem. He was marching in the second row, with a teammate on either side. Just in front of him, Ramon and Carlos were marching, captive to the girls at their sides. The girls controlling he and the boys to either side, were behind them. He had a diredt view of the naked helplessness of the two star players...and their muscular, perfect buttocks, flexing with each stride they made. Jaime had never...NEVER...paid much attention before. He was a macho hombre, like his teammates. But with those two handsome, popular, well-liked jocks naked right in front of his eyes, and almost having to watch their bare bottoms....oh, shit!...he could feel his cock starting to stiffen. Oh, NO! He tried to will it away, but it just seemed to get worse!! Now it stood straight out in front of him, wagging back and forth as he walked. He had to make it go away, before anyone noticed this arousal that he did not want..not here..not NOW! He felt totally drained, as if the bottom had been kicked out from under his dignity, and it all flowed rapidly away. He couldn't stop his growing erection, and soon had a fully hard, towering boner swaying back and forth across his lower belly, like the pendulum of some crazed clock, ticking left and right with each forced step! The minutes seemed like hours to him. Someone was going to give him a hell of a razzing for getting hard, watching the asses of his teammates! Why?!! Why am I sporting a raging hard-on? These are my buddies, and I...I.. am not like.. that! He felt confused, embarassed. The other guys must be so focused on their own efforts to deal with public nakedness, that they haven't noticed!

"Hey, Jose, check out Jaime's boner!" Enrique suddenly said, loud enough for several others to hear.
"What's that all about, dude?" Jose asked, giving him a dirty look. "Didn't you get enough of that, jerking off in the showers, man?!"
Jaime just hung his head, helpless to answer. He couldn't help it, he thought.

They were now entering the park, which they saw was crowded with hundreds of people. Soccer fans from the earlier game had come here for a party afterwards.
"It was so strange to see that team playing in uniforms! Here they come, naked. That's much more like it!" one lady was saying to another.
"Oh, for sure. Males wearing clothes...what a ludicrous sight. I've gotten so used to seeing them all nude, that it seems foolish to waste clothes on...well, on a mere male! Ha-ha ha!" She laughed at the idea of allowing men to wear clothes.
"Sort of like putting clothes on dogs, at a pet show. It's so funny because it is so unnecessary!" the first woman said.
"Right! Exactly! Men in clothes. What would be the point? I remember how shocking it was, at first, when they had to give them up. But we've all gotten so used to seeing them naked...even my prudish old aunt was smiling and enjoying the spectacle within a few days. Even she wouldn't want to go back to the days of clothed men."
"Well, some of the men still think they should be able to cover up. Some are still timid about their exposure."
"That's so cute, when they blush! Like these foreign boys, here. Look how they look like they would run and hide, if only the girls would let go. Praises to the inventor of the man-leash! Keeps them in their place."
"Well, you can see it deflates their egos, and bruises their dignity."
"Did you ever see a male ego that didn't need a little deflating, honey? And as for male dignity! Would you feel any dignity if you were totally naked in public all the time? It's the natural and proper condition for males...nudity, I mean. They do the hard work, they sweat and get dirty. Clothes used to be such a nuisance on them. They should thank us for ridding them of the encumbrance; and they are so pleasantly co-operative, now. Look at the docility of these macho sports jocks, almost immediately upon becoming subject to the leash!"
The boys were paraded around the park, meeting many girls, boys, and faculty of NBH, and families of the local team. Both teams met on a stage, bowing and waving to the crowd, and received awards for their performance in the school's first international exhibition game.
The Matador team noticed how their old pal, Diego, almost basked in the attention, as did his teammate, Nate. Why, they even had semi-erections right there on the stage! Diego was really beginning to fit right in!

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