Monday, July 25, 2005

Fox Island

by Rob Jameson

Chapter 1

June Fox was a happy woman the year her husband earned $1M in his executive job at Microsoft in Washington State. She was even happier when their wealth climbed to over $100 million before they reached the age of 35. When her husband died unexpectedly at age 38, however, she was shocked and stunned. She had never contemplated life without him.

She decided to buy a beautiful waterfront home on Orcas Island in the gorgeous San Juan Islands north of Seattle, and she also purchased a small, uninhabited and as yet unnamed island only 30 minutes by boat from Orcas. Soon she had a small circle of women friends and her life came back into order.

One Monday as she was walking to her Mercedes carrying two bags of groceries, June twisted her ankle and ended up on the asphalt of the parking lot, her groceries scattered left and right. Rob Jameson, a fit and attractive man in his early forties, was just getting out of his truck a few spots down when he saw her spill and came running to her aid. He tried to help her up, but it was clear she needed a few moments to let her ankle recover so he retrieved her purchases and put them in her trunk before helping her again. It was clear that she had at least a sprain and that there would be no walking for her anytime soon. So after they talked about the options, he offered to drive her home in her car, and she accepted. He lifted her up and settled her gently into the passenger’s seat and, following her directions he drove to her home, carried her into her living room, and unpacked her groceries.

“I don’t know how to thank you,” June said. “I know you must have things to do but maybe you can stay for a drink?” Rob looked over this attractive 36-year-old woman, a trim brunette with fine features, no make up, and large, clear eyes. “Sure,” Rob answered, what can I get you?” Within an hour they were both feeling no pain. In two hours they were eating a dinner Rob had fixed, and in three hours they were in the sack.
June’s injured ankle did not interfere with her skills as a lover, not in the slightest.

When Rob awoke the next morning, he was naked in June’s four poster bed, alone, but he could hear talking going on in the kitchen. Orienting himself, he remembered the woman’s name – June – and most of what had happened the night before, helped along by the sight of empty wine glasses near on the coffee table. He hopped out of bed, peed, and washed his face. Then he looked for his clothes, but they were nowhere to be found. Searching his memory, he recalled that June had removed his clothes, and then he had removed hers, downstairs in the living room. He couldn’t go down there now, not with a stranger in the house. He probably wouldn’t go down there naked even if only June were there, because despite their lovemaking last night, they were still truly strangers. So he waited in bed, looking through her books and magazines.

In a few minutes June entered the room, smiling and hopping on one foot. She looked just as good as Rob had remembered, and she was wearing a becoming silk Japanese robe tied at the waist. “Hang on for another minute, Rob, the coffee’s on its way,” she said happily. “Great but it’s not going to get up here by itself and there’s no way you can bring it upstairs in your condition.” “Right, Rob; Maria will have it up in just a minute.”

Who is Maria?, Rob thought to himself. Probably the maid, he concluded, correctly as it turned out. Rob headed back to the bathroom and, while passing time there, Maria entered the bedroom with a silver tray of coffee with two cups and saucers and four rolls. “Anything else for you now ma’am?” Maria asked in her soft Spanish accent. “Not right now, dear, but maybe in a few minutes.”

Rob came out of the bathroom and June approached him, hopping into his arms and putting her hands behind his bare back for support. She kissed him affectionately, and Rob saw their images in her full-length closet mirror, her tall and attractive in her robe and he naked and muscular. “I guess I should put my clothes on now,” said Rob, but I think they are downstairs with your maid.” “That’s right, Rob” June said. “I’ve asked Maria to launder them for you. You’ve been so kind, that’s the least I can do. So let’s have some coffee and talk.

Talk they did, not just for one hour but for more than two. Rob began to wonder whether Maria would ever be finished with his clothes, but he didn’t want to complain to June about it after she had been so kind. So he kept on talking, feeling awkward being naked in front of the clothed June, doubly so with Maria wandering through the house at will, perhaps coming into June’s bedroom with his clothing any moment now.

“My ankle doesn’t feel all that bad but it sure looks horrible,” June said, swinging her calf at the knee and examining the swelling. “What do you think?” Rob caught her leg in his hands and looked it over closely himself. “Can you put any weight on it?” June lowered her foot to the floor and wriggled her toes on the carpet. Rob dropped to his knees and put his hands on the swelling as she started to rise up out of her chair. “Yikes!” she exclaimed, sinking right back down again, “I think this is going to be bad for a few days…” Rob began to massage her leg around the swelling, stroking her calf and foot, moving his fingers close to the swelling as he could without hurting her. June now was the one who caught their image in the mirror, her seated comfortably in the chair wearing her Japanese robe parted well above her knees; and Rob kneeling naked at her feet, massaging her foot and taking care of her. A feeling came over her that she had not felt since her husband passed away. In fact, it was a feeling stronger than, better than, she had ever felt with her late husband. She smiled and felt warm inside.

Rob continued to massage her foot and leg, concentrating fully on the job when Maria walked quietly into the room carrying some folded laundry. “Oh thanks, dear,” said June, smiling calmly and sweetly at Maria as Maria looked back and saw the naked Rob kneeling before her. “How is your ankle now?” she asked nonchalantly, putting June’s things away in a drawer and then walking over to get a better look. Startled, Rob shifted around to cover up his private parts but June put her hand on his shoulder and motioned him back to the position he had been in at her feet. “Don’t stop the massage, it feels so good,” she said. “And don’t worry about Maria, silly, she’s family.” So Rob, blushing beet red, continued to rub the ankle of the seated June while Maria towered over him in her maid’s uniform, looking closely at June’s ankle. “Would you like me to drive over to the drug store and get you an Ace bandage?” she asked? “That would be great, Marie, thanks.” “Ok, I have to drop off some things at the dry cleaners too, so I’ll be back in about a half hour, okay?” “Fine, you’re a sweetheart, Maria,” June answered.

God, thought Rob, maybe my clothes will be ready by the time she gets back. This is really weird being naked here before two women that I’d never laid eyes on 24 hours ago, he thought to himself. While Maria was at the store and cleaners, Rob went downstairs to get another cup of coffee, and while he wandered the first floor naked, he walked into the laundry room to check to see where his own clothes were, half expecting to see them in the last pile Maria would launder, after all of June’s things. That wouldn’t surprise him – June was her boss after all, and he was only a stranger. But what he saw did surprise him – his clothes were nowhere to be found in the laundry room. Puzzled, he walked through the entire downstairs, including out in the garage, but no luck anywhere. He walked upstairs and asked June where his clothes might be. “I have no clue,” she answered, “but don’t worry about it. Maria will be back in a few minutes.”

Back she was indeed, as Rob, still naked as a jaybird, heard her coming up the stairs. “Got your bandage!” Maria exclaimed with obvious pleasure, taking it out of the plastic bag and removing it from its box. “Here you go,” she said, handing it to Rob, who blushed again but then knelt before June and gently but firmly wrapped it around her swelling, finishing it off with the metal clips that held it secure. “Now let’s give it a test,” said Rob, moving back on his knees as Maria extended a hand to help June to her feet. June rose and took a few steps, gingerly. “Ok, this is not fun but I can manage it,” June said, half smiling and half grimacing, looking down at Rob, who remained on his knees between the two women. “The stairs will be tough but I think I’ll be okay.” “That’s a relief,” said Maria, picking up the discarded box and bag and starting to head back downstairs.

“Oh Maria,” called Rob politely as she was walking out the door. “Have you had a chance to do my laundry yet? I’d like to get dressed.” “No, Mr. Jameson, your shirt and pants are marked ‘dry-clean only,’ so I just took everything over to the dry cleaner. I figured you have a change of clothes here at the house, right?” “No, that was all I had. Now what am I going to do?” he asked, to no one in particular.

Chapter 2

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jameson” said Maria, her face conveying a sense of guilt. “Oh, it’s no big deal,” replied June before Rob could respond. “Maria, be a dear and zip back to the cleaners and pick them back up. I’m sure they will still have Rob’s things.” “Ok, back in a jiffy. Anything else you need?” “Yes, another case of white wine. I think we’re out.”

With that, Maria was off again down the road. June hobbled over to Rob and pushed him down on the poster bed, which was still not made up from last night. “That was really very nice last night, Rob,” she said, lying half on top of him, propping her head up on one arm and slowly stroking his chest down to his navel and below. “Very nice,” she continued, kissing him while moving her hand down further to his quickly growing erection. Soon Rob was fully sprung, aroused but also nervous. “What if Maria comes back right away?” “She won’t. But so what if she did?” said June, climbing fully on top of Rob and smothering him with her affection and kisses.

Rob was indeed fully erect when Maria returned in 25 minutes, and his face was red and flushed with sexual arousal. June hopped off him and was back in her chair when Maria entered the room, looking downhearted. Rob was on the bed with his stomach down, hoping his hard on would wither quickly, but it did not. “I’m sorry, Ms. Fox, but the cleaners said the truck came and picked up Rob’s clothes just 15 minutes before I got there. I feel really bad about it.” “Did you remember the wine?” June asked. “Oh, yes, I got that,” Maria beamed back, glad to have some good news to report.

Rob hopped out of bed, his erection now gone, and paced the floor nervously, wondering how he was ever going to get clothes back on his back. Soon he had another idea. “Ok, Maria, here’s what I want to ask you to do. Here are my house keys, and here, let me write down my address for you. I want you to drive to my house, get me a change of clothing and bring it back as fast as you can. Ok, do you think you can do that,” Rob asked, going to June’s desk and reaching for a pencil and paper to draw Maria a map. “Sure, Mr. Jameson, no problem.”

Soon, Maria was on her way again. Rob continued to pace, but June told him to relax. “I’ve got everything you could possibly want in this house – food, drink, tv, books, me, everything – so let’s just have a good time until Maria gets back,” she said. Rob stopped pacing and let out a deep breath. “Right, except for my clothes!….Of course, you’re right. I’m being ridiculous.” “Go and get us two glasses of champagne and we’ll try to start this morning over again the right way.”

Rob headed downstairs, and wandering naked through her kitchen he managed to find everything and bring it back upstairs, where he popped the cork and poured two glasses. Soon they were again both feeling fine and giggly, and Rob forgot about his missing clothes. He forgot so completely that he did not notice that over an hour had passed and Maria had not returned with his change of clothing. In fact, neither Rob nor June noticed a thing until they saw a flashing light out in the driveway and heard Maria entering the door with a female police officer. “Ms. Fox, can you please come downstairs now,” called up officer Karen Riley, speaking loudly but calmly in her trained police voice as her radio buzzed on her hip. “Oh no, officer, she sprained her ankle and can’t walk. We’ll have to go upstairs.”

By this time June and Rob had had two glasses of champagne each, and neither was fully in control of their action. Neither knew that Rob had failed to warn Maria about the security alarm at his home or to give her the shut off code. So Officer Riley responded to the alarm and finding Maria there in the house with no ID and no good explanation for being there, she took Maria into custody. Maria explained about June, Rob, and the clothes and pleaded with her to take her to June’s place where she and Rob could straighten everything out. When Officer Riley and Maria entered June’s bedroom, June was back in her chair and Rob was sitting on the bed, trying again to cover himself. “You had better get some clothes on Mr…. Mr… Mr. ‘Jameson’ is it?” “Well, Officer, that’s just the problem. I don’t have any clothes to put on!” With that, June started giggling at the absurdity of the situation, with Officer Riley questioning the naked and half-intoxicated Rob while Maria trembled with fear. With that, Rob started to become angry at June. “What’s so God-damned funny about this? If it were your clothes that had gone missing, you’d be hysterical!!” With that he rose from the bed and started to approach June, who started laughing even harder, making Rob grow redder and redder in the face. “Stop it and get me back my clothes!” Rob shouted, his anger fuel as much by alcohol as by June’s irreverent laugher.

With that, Officer Riley stepped in between Rob and June, and putting her hands on Rob’s two shoulders said, “I’m going to have to tell you to turn around and put your hands behind your back.” She continued to spin Rob around with one arm as her other hand reached for her metal police handcuffs. Rob began to resist but his reflexes were dull. Soon, Officer Riley had clicked on the cuffs behind his back, and now Rob stood naked and bound before the three women.

“Ok, maybe now we can have a reasonable conversation about what was going on here with Maria and about your missing clothes. Now, Ms. Fox, is it true that Maria here works for you, and is it true that you and Mr. Jameson sent her over to his house to get some clothes?” she began her interrogation. Maria and June answered all Officer Riley’s questions, including the ones about how Rob’s clothes had disappeared in the first place. Just when they were on the verge of persuading Officer Riley that this had all been one giant misunderstanding, the officer’s radio squawked and a voice blasted out over the speaker. “We’ve got a robbery in progress over at the intersection of Capitol and the Interstate. All available squad cars are needed there immediately,” it said.

Officer Riley quickly said “Thanks, that’s me, I gotta run…” and in an instant she was flying down the stairs, out the door, and into her squad car. As the dust settled on her drive, June burst out laughing again, replaying the whole amazing scene in her mind. Maria sat down on the poster bed, hyperventilating at her close brush with the law and the risk that, had things gone further, she might have been deported. As for Rob, he stood before June and Maria listening to the clink of his handcuffs as he moved his arms back and forth behind him.

June poured herself another glass, and then poured a second, handing it to Maria. “Here, you look upset. Why don’t you have one of these to settle down your nerves.” Maria looks at her for a moment, breaks into a weak smile, and says thanks. Rob, still standing, looked over at the two women and asked them if Officer Riley happened to have left behind a key to the handcuffs on his wrists. “No, it doesn’t look like she did!” says June, pausing for a moment before bursting again into gales of laughter. “Oh great,” said Rob, “now I’m not only naked but I’m cuffed behind my back. Can this possibly get any worse?” “Well,” said June, “well…” before she again dissolved into a laughing fit as Rob did a slow boil. “Probably yes!”

Maria, on the other hand, was not laughing. She had downed the entire glass of champagne in just two swallows, and she got up to pour herself a refill. Walking over to Rob, she looked at him angrily, gripped his shoulder, and said, “You had no business sending me over to your house without telling me about your security alarm. No right at all,” she said, her voice shaking. “Do you know I was almost arrested just now? Do you know that if I had been arrested they would have taken me downtown, run a background check on me, and learned that I don’t have a green card? Do you know,” she said, with her voice rising to new heights, “that I could have been sent back to Mexico for this?”

Rob’s anger returned with her attack on him about his failure to warn Maria about his security alarm. “Do YOU know that I’m still stark naked after all these hours? Do you know that I’ve spent all morning naked in front of not just one, or just two, but three women. Do you know that I’m not only naked but in handcuffs, and all because you took all my clothes and sent them to the cleaners?”

“How dare you compare your inconvenience and embarrassment to my nearly being deported?” shouted back Maria, slapping Rob sharply in the face. Rob reeled back, stunned by Maria’s boldness and suddenly with no words left to say in reply. The silence lasted only a few seconds, however, until June once again broke into laughter that continued for another minute or two until she again refilled her glass. Maria downed another glass, and as the minutes passed, Rob became fully sober as the two women now in control of him, Maria and June, became more and more drunk. Soon June fell asleep and Maria went downstairs to fix herself something to eat before beginning her daily chores. That left Rob awake in the bedroom with no way to escape. His arms were beginning to ache too, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Chapter 3

June Fox slept in her chair with her swollen ankle and her champagne buzz for another few minutes before she dragged herself, half asleep, over to the poster bed. Her head hit the pillow and she slept clear through lunch while Rob cooled his heels. He eventually joined her in bed, slipping in next to her with an awkward motion, trying in vain to get his handcuffed arms into a comfortable position behind him. Finally he too fell asleep, and when the two of them woke up, it was well past lunch. June, forgetting for a moment about her injury, hopped abruptly out of bed and almost collapsed in pain on the floor when she landed on her sprained ankle. Her cries of agony echoed through the house, waking Rob and sending Maria scrambling up the stairs. She helped June up and into the bathroom, where she downed some aspirin and several glasses of water, partly to help her ankle and partly to ward off the hangover she knew was in the offing.

Rob was lying on the bed face up, with a huge erection, not as much from arousal as from needing to pee. Once June was out of the bathroom he headed straight there, but he soon realized that the toilet was below him while his cock was pointed straight up. Not a good situation to be in when your arms are tied behind your back! He contemplated asking June or Maria to help him, to point his cock down so he could pee, but he quickly ruled that out. So he hopped into June’s shower stall and let things go, with his stream shooting up against the tile wall, bringing blessed relief. By the time he left the bathroom, his erection was beginning to subside.

It was now mid-afternoon, so June asked Maria to make both of them lunch. Maria headed downstairs and into the kitchen as June headed for the shower to clean up. She dressed herself in a tee shirt and cutoff jeans and then led Rob down the stairs and onto the back patio where Maria had set up iced tea. Rob sat in one of the wrought iron chairs as June held the glass to his lips and helped him drink. It was odd, but Rob was gradually adjusting not only to being nude but to being bound and at the mercy of these two women who, despite very different stations in their lives, were nonetheless taking equal roles in running his life. The normal side of him would be panicking now, with this ordeal going on for so long; but another side of him was submitting to it, accepting it.

When Maria brought lunch out to the patio, Rob was famished. He waiting patiently for June to finish hers, and then gratefully accepted the mouthfuls she spooned into him, punctuated by wipes of a cloth napkin across his lips and chin. His hunger subsided and now, for the first time, he felt a strange sensation of being partnered somehow with June. Of being together with her not because of some crisis of the moment, not because they were in the grips of passion, not because they were on a mission together to solve a problem. They were just there together, hanging out, sharing the moment, with no task facing them larger than figuring out what to do until it was time for dinner. They were like a couple, only they did not know each other very well. They were like partners, only she was dressed in tee shirt and jeans and he was naked and bound. They were alone together, only Maria was there with them. It was strange for him.

June spent the rest of the afternoon showing Rob her house, leading him from room to room and showing him all that was to be seen – the pictures of her late husband, of their daughters, her riding trophies and society pictures, their artwork furniture. Outside, their landscaping, their gardens and birdhouses, as June hobbled along. Rob had gone on similar tours before, but always while clothed. When they returned to the house, he was warm from the sun burning down on his body and was scratched from the rosebushes in the garden. June noticed these things and rubbed some ointment into his skin to soothe him. She did not fail to notice how aroused he became as she attended to him.

Later that afternoon, Maria served them drinks and then prepared them a fine dinner of many courses. After dinner, Maria cleaned up and then went to drive home, but her car would not start. This had happened before, and June told Maria that she could stay in the guest bedroom and call for a mechanic in the morning. Maria thanked her and before retiring to bed herself asked June if she needed anything else. “Will Mr. Jameson be sleeping in your room tonight?” she asked, and on hearing a positive answer she pulled down both sides of the bed and fluffed both sets of pillows. Before long, the whole household was in bed, with June holding Rob’s head on her shoulders. “June, can you please call Officer Riley in the morning and ask her to come over with the handcuff keys so I can get out of this?” Rob asked quietly. But June had already drifted off to sleep. Rob had assumed they would make love again tonight, but June wasn’t thinking that way.

In the morning, June thought she was the first to wake up but Maria had beaten her by 20 minutes. By the time June was out of the bathroom, Maria had come into the bedroom with coffee. She saw Rob asleep on the bed face up, with the sheets down on the floor. She came over to him, rocked his shoulders gently, and told him it was time to get up. Rob had a huge erection, morning wood from having to pee again, although Maria thought he was having an erotic dream. June came out of the bathroom and Maria helped lead Rob in. There she saw his problem right away and, without having to be asked, she led him to the toilet and pushed his cock down so he could pee without having to going into the shower. Rob thanked her and then sat down next to June, who held his coffee for him to sip. “I hope the two of you can get me out of these cuffs today and into my clothes. It’s been so long I hardly remember what ‘normal’ feels like anymore.” June and Maria exchanged knowing glances that combined a mix of sympathy with mischievous laughter.

That morning June had business downtown, so right away after breakfast she headed to the shower and then got dressed. Dressed in a business suit, giving Rob a kiss, she gave Maria instructions for the day and headed out. This all caught Rob by surprise. He had assumed that today would be his day of freedom, not another day in naked captivity. Especially not another day with Maria in charge of him, with June gone. But Rob was wrong; he was completely under Maria’s control.

Although Maria seemed to have calmed down following her brush with the law, it was still fresh in her mind, and she still viewed Rob with anger, as the cause of her difficulties. Rob remembered well how she had slapped his face while he was naked and bound before her the day before. And now he was still naked and bound before her, but with June no longer around to look out for him. So Rob was scared.

Maria started her day with him pleasantly enough. She did not offer to help him in any way, despite all the difficulties life presented him with his hands cuffed behind him. But she did not hurt him either; she just went about her business. But after an hour had passed, she began to call on him, first to help her move a table across the room, then to listen by the door for a delivery truck while she worked in the laundry. It felt strange to be a housemaid’s assistant, to be taking orders from a woman less than half his age, a woman clothed while he was nude and bound; but he followed her from room to room and did what she told him to do without question.

As the morning passed and Rob did his best to please Maria, he mustered up his courage and asked her if she could try again to drive to his house and retrieve a set of clothes so he could cover up. “Please do that for me. Here, the security code is just 3,2,1,0, simple as can be. Okay, please?” Maria looked back at him with a little smile and said, “If you think I’m going back there again, you’re a bigger fool than I thought you were.” Rob dropped to his knees, and with his hands still cuffed behind him, he begged her and told her he would pay her $200 for the trouble. “Oh, Ms. Fox pays me very well to work for her, and she told me under no circumstances to get you any clothes to wear.”

“What, she did? I don’t believe you! Why in the world would she tell you a thing like that?” “Well, you’re just going to have to ask her that question yourself. My guess is that maybe she just likes having you here naked and all for herself. You’re not hard to look at. You know, I’m enjoying having you as my naked slave myself. Now get up and carry this wastebasket upstairs,” Maria commanded. “I know you can do that even with your hands cuffed behind you.” She helped Rob up off his knees and gave him a quick slap on the butt, which made Rob remember that this was now the second time she had slapped him, the first time being on the face. Rob awkwardly grasped the wastebasket behind him, crouching down, and then carried it upstairs.

As lunchtime approached, June called the house from her cell phone and told Maria she was going to be staying in town for the afternoon to do some shopping and to go ahead and eat without her. Before Maria hung up, Rob asked to speak with June. Maria said okay and then agreed to hold the phone to Rob’s ear while he spoke. “Hey June, I’m wondering if you could please contact Officer Riley and ask her to bring by the handcuff keys. My arms are just killing me.”

“Oh, poor baby. Ok, I meant to do that this morning but it totally slipped my mind. I’ll try to fit it in after my shopping. By the way, anything special you’d like for dinner?” “Well, yes, I’d like a set of clothes to wear!” Rob replied. “Oh you silly boy. Don’t you know we like you naked?” June laughed.

Rob contemplated his situation. Here it was Wednesday noon and Rob had been naked in June’s house since Monday evening when the two of them made love in her bed.

Chapter 4

Maria fixed lunch for Rob and herself, but it was clear that she resented doing anything for this man who had nearly got her crosswise with the law. She talked in Spanish with her sister on the phone while she held a sandwich out for Rob to bite on in between sips on a straw stuck into a can of Diet Coke. Rob looked at the clock and wondered how long it would be before Officer Riley appeared and released him from his cuffs.

After lunch, Maria assigned Rob every job she could think of that he could do in his naked and bound condition. She made him clean the downstairs bathroom with a sponge, which was terribly awkward and even comical to watch. Just as funny was watching him fold the laundry, including June’s bath towels and lingerie. So it went for a few hours until Maria took Rob outside on the front porch to sweep the deck. Rob felt doubly embarrassed to be outside the house in his nudity, but he took comfort in the fact that June’s house was secluded and the odds of anyone’s seeing him this way were low.

It was going on 4:00 p.m. when Officer Riley drove up the gravel drive in her squad car. Maria was sitting on a deck chair watching Rob trying to sweep the porch, and she rose and waved as the officer got out of the car and walked up to the deck. “I guess I ran off in a big hurry yesterday and forgot to get you out of those cuffs,” she said to Rob. “Has this guy calmed down yet since yesterday?” she smiled, looking at Maria. “Well, not really, Officer,” Maria responded. “He’s been disrespectful to me and so I’ve had to slap him a couple of times,” Maria exaggerated. “Disrespectful, eh?” the officer replied, putting her hand on Rob’s chin and turning his face toward her, making him look her in the eye. “Do you think you have a right to treat women badly?” she asked him in a reprimanding manner. “Do you think you can be condescending toward women just because you have one of these things?” she said mockingly, putting her hand on his penis and grasping it firmly in her grip. “Do you want me to take you over to that chair and put you over my knee?” she asked, walking toward the chair Maria had been sitting on and pulling Rob along by his now-hardened cock. “No, I’m not disrespectful to Maria or June or any women. It’s just that I’ve been naked and cuffed for a long time now and I just want to get my clothes back and to go home.”

“I don’t know whether to believe you,” said Officer Riley, “and I don’t have time to figure it out either. I’ll just leave the cuff key with Maria here and let her and Ms. Fox decide if and when they are ready to release you.” “What??” shrieked Rob in astonishment. “What kind of way is that for a police officer to act, putting my fate in the hands of two women that I hardly know and who aren’t cops?! I could have you reported for this!”

“Well, Mr. Jameson, that’s just fine,” she said, putting her hand around his testicles and beginning to squeeze them. “Would you like to get into the back of my squad car now so I can drive you downtown to the police department and let you file charges against me? Cause if that’s what you want, let’s get going. But wait, I want to call my friend Susan over at the newspaper so she can come over with a photographer and get the whole story...” Her grip on Rob’s balls tightened with each word, so by the end of her last sentence, Rob was starting to double over with pain. “Ok, ok,” Rob replied, I’ll do whatever you say. Officer Riley smiled, gave his balls one final squeeze, and put the handcuff key in Maria’s hands. “He’s all yours. Looks like this man can use some education in showing proper respect toward females. He seems to respond better to pain than to just words, just like most men,” Officer Riley laughed while getting back into her squad car.

Maria slipped the handcuff key into her back jeans pocket and led Rob by the arm back into the house. “Ok, Rob, I guess you know the deal from now on,” Maria said, looking him straight in the eye. She had dropped the formality of “Mr. Jameson” and now called him by his first name. “Or maybe I should just call you Slave Rob,” she smiled in a menacing manner. “No way, we’ll see what June says about this when she gets home. When she hears what I tell her, she’s going to fire you, maybe even worse,” threatened Rob, no so subtlety referring to her status as an undocumented worker.

With that, Maria grabbed Rob by a patch of his hair and bent him backwards over the arm of a large sofa in the living room, so that they were face to face with her towering over him. “So you’re threatening me now?” she glared, lowering one hand to Rob’s balls just as she had seen Officer Riley do. Rob squirmed and broke into a sweat. It was bad enough that a uniformed officer had gripped his testicles that way, but now the maid was doing the same thing even more boldly. Maria squeezed harder and harder, causing Rob to writhe madly on the sofa arm. “Let me out of these cuffs this instant!” Rob screamed. “God damn you, let me go. I’m going to kill you when I get free,” he continued his rave. “Deportation is going to be the least of your worries!”

Rob continued to rant and rave, and Maria continued squeezing his balls with one hand and yanking his head back by the hair with the other hand. Soon Maria lost patience and walked into the kitchen. Rummaging through a drawer, she found some duct tape and, using a pair of scissors, she cut off a strip about 8” long and returned to Rob. “I think we’ve heard enough out of you for a while,” she said, putting the tape over his mouth and smoothing it down with her fingers. “Mmmrrrggghhhh… mmrrrgggghhh…” Rob muttered through the tape, his pupils dilated with rage and the veins budging on his neck as he strained against the cuffs and squirmed against Maria. Maria threw Rob to the floor and straddled his chest as he bucked and tried to curse. Maria grabbed his hair by one hand and pinched his nose shut with the other, fully cutting off Rob’s air supply. With this 110 pound woman sitting on his chest and stopping his breathing, there was nothing left for Rob to do, so he quickly gave up the struggle and went limp on the living room floor. Maria released her grip, and Rob gasped for air through his nose.

Maria went into the garage and returned with a three-foot length of cord, the plastic kind used for clotheslines. She rolled Rob over onto his stomach and then tied his ankles together with the cord. Then she rolled him onto his back. “There, that should hold you until June gets home from her shopping. Then she can figure out what to do with you.” Maria stood up and, looking down at the fully nude and bound Rob, admired her handiwork. Looking up at Maria, with her youthful figure, jet black and smooth hair, and pretty face, he felt aroused. Looking back down at Rob, she watched his cock swell, straighten, and then grow into a full erection. “Men!” she said, shaking her head slowly side to side as she walked into the kitchen and began to make that night’s supper. Rob rocked slowly from side to side, trying in vain to find a comfortable position in his hogtied state.

June arrived shortly, pulling her Mercedes into the garage and calling for Maria and Rob to help her bring her packages into the house. She’d bought some clothing and was eager to model it and see if they approved. Maria joined June in the garage and got the bags out of the trunk. “Where’s Rob?” June asked. “Oh, you’ll see in a second.”

Walking into the living room, still with a limp from her fall, June spotted Rob down on the carpet, tied and silenced with duct tape. “Rob here has been just terrible. I don’t know how to begin to tell you,” Maria continued, “first almost getting me arrested and then shouting and screaming at me. It got so bad I had to put duct tape over his mouth to hush him, and then I had to tie his ankles together to get him to stay put.” Rob’s face turned red with rage as he listened to what Maria said, but he was unable to speak. “Rob, is this true what Maria says?” June asked him. “Hhhmmmmgggghhhh!” Rob tried to shout through the duct tape, shaking his head furiously from side to side. “He’s lying, of course,” Maria told June matter-of-factly. Officer Riley came by to let Rob out of his cuffs, but he was so bad that she decided to leave them on,” she continued. “I’ve got the key here in my pocket,” she said, patting her jeans on the butt as Rob continued to sputter and roll violently on the floor.

“Well, Rob, I got a call from Officer Riley just a few minutes ago, and she said she’d come over to the house planning on releasing you, but like Maria just said, you were so bad that she left you in cuffs and gave the key to Maria for us to decide when – or whether – to release you. She said that you had been disrespectful and that you even threatened to report her to her superiors. She thought that what you needed was some physical punishment. I’m not usually a supporter of punishment like that, but in this case she may have a point.” Rob went berserk hearing this and writhed in his bonds. “Here, do you want the cuff key?” Maria said, reaching into her back pocket and pulling it out for June. “No, I want him kept in cuffs. Just hang onto to the key,” June replied.

That evening, Maria and June dined together while they left Rob on his own, down on the floor of the living room. After supper, June asked Maria to feed Rob the leftovers, which she did after stripping off the duct tape and putting a towel under his head to catch what spilled as she put the food into his mouth.

When Maria finished feeding Rob and cleaning him up, she poured a brandy and brought it over to June, who was sitting in the living room looking at Rob. “Want me to put the duct tape back on his mouth?” Maria asked. “Well, not just yet, but don’t put it away either. Let’s just see how Rob behaves himself.” “Ok, well, then, will you be needing me any further tonight, Ms. Fox?” “Yes, I think I will. I’ve got to figure out something to do with Rob. I can’t just let him lie here on the floor all night.”

Chapter 5

June thought hard about what to do with Rob for the night. She was so disappointed in his behavior that part of her was tempted just to leave him where he was, hogtied on the floor, but she decided that wouldn’t be right. So first she had her maid Maria go into the garage and cut some more lengths of rope, several of them, some about three feet long like the one around his ankles and some longer. Then she had Maria tie Rob’s ankles together with a longer length of rope between them, so that he would be able to take short steps and to walk up the stairs on his own power. Leading Rob up the steps, June directed him into her bathroom and had Maria take him into the shower to clean him up. Not wanting to get her jeans and blouse wet, Maria kicked off her shoes and stripped down to her underwear before taking Rob with her into the stand-up shower stall. There, she soaped him head to foot and shampooed his hair as he knelt on command before her, with his face pressing from time to time into her wet panties that were clinging to her soaked skin.

When he was squeaky clean, Maria took Rob out of the shower stall and dried him off. She then shed her own bra and panties and hopped back into the shower to clean herself off. When she emerged from the shower, Maria toweled off. Meanwhile, June had busied herself tying four lengths of rope to the four corners of her poster bed.

“Ok, Rob, come over here with me and hop up here,” June said, gripping Rob by his penis and leading him from the bathroom over to her bed. Rob complied and was soon sitting up with his butt at the center of the bed. “Now Maria, you tie Rob’s right ankle to that poster and I’ll tie his left one to this,” June said, pointing to the ropes she had just fixed to the bed’s corners. Rob thought about struggling but quickly realized it would be futile. Once his legs were secured and spread wide apart, June took a length of rope and tied his handcuffs to one of the corners at the top of the bed using a longer rope.

“Okay, Maria, now go get your handcuff key and let’s get Rob fully spread-eagled.” Maria, still nude from the shower herself, fetched her jeans from the bathroom floor and found the key, handing it to June, who in the meantime had tied another rope to Rob’s right wrist. “Now help me with this please,” June said, motioning to Maria to take up the slack in the ropes the moment she released the handcuffs. Maria handled the maneuver perfectly, and the instant the cuff was released from Rob’s right wrist, Maria yanked hard on the rope and bound that wrist tightly to its corner. All that remained to be done now was to replace the metal cuff on Rob’s free left wrist with another longer rope. In another moment, the cuffs were fully off Rob, on the nightstand, and Rob was spread out like a large X, bound tightly by ropes to June’s bed.

“Thanks, Maria,” June said. “Now that wasn’t too hard, was it?” “Not too shabby, Ms. Fox. Men think they are so strong and so smart, but it’s easy for women to control them when we have a mind to.” Rob watched the two of them as they exchanged triumphant looks with each other, alternating with looking down at him, tightly restrained to the bed. Rob had never felt as exposed, as vulnerable, or as humiliated as he felt now, stretched out and bound naked this way. As badly as he felt being bound, however, he did feel relieved to have his arms out from behind his back, where they had been in Officer Riley’s cuffs for so long. His new, spread-eagle position felt downright comfortable compared with that, at least for now. Also, his wrists were beginning to get cut raw by the metal cuffs. Now, the comparative softness of the ropes binding him to the bedposts felt great. Possibly, he thought, I may get some sleep tonight; and maybe tomorrow these women will come to their senses, untie me, and give me my clothes back so I can go home.

Maria asked June if she could borrow one of June’s robes. “Of course, dear, whichever one you like.” Maria picked a red silk one and covered herself up as she toweled her black hair as dry as she could. “Well, Ms. Fox,” Maria continued, “it’s late and I’m very tired. So I think I’ll stay here again tonight if it’s all the same with you. I can help you with anything else you need – just let me know.” “Fine, Maria, thanks. With Rob here, you never know what extra help I might need. Right now, I mainly need to take a shower and wash my hair.” “Okay,” said Maria, picking up her clothes and walking out into the hall, but leaving the door open a crack.

June Fox took a long look at Rob and heaved a sigh. “I had such great hopes for you when we met in the parking lot, when you helped me when I fell. But it’s obvious you’ve got a long way to go.” June yawned widely and stretched as she lowered her hands to her white blouse and began undoing the buttons one by one. Soon off it came, revealing an expensive, lacy bra beneath that supported her medium-sized and shapely breasts. She kicked off her sandals and then began unzipping and unbuttoning her jeans, tossing them on the chair with her blouse. Her panties were also white and looked to be part of a matched set with the bra. Next off came the bra, releasing breasts that hung in perfect proportion to her slim and fit body. Finally off came the panties, showing a smallish dark triangle on the opposite site of a small and shapely ass. June was left wearing only a gold bracelet, a large diamond ring, and two diamond earrings. Rob took all this in carefully. He had seen it all on Monday night when they had sex, of course, but not on Tuesday when they did not. June stretched again, rising to her tiptoes and pointing her hands up high over her head. Rob saw clearly how lean and fit she was, a result of her regular running and tennis. Rob responded to this beautiful site, becoming more aroused by the second until, by the time June was nude, he sported a huge erection, a throbbing and aching erection that begged for release.

June then walked into the bathroom and began running the water in the shower to get it to just the right temperature. Rob watched her through the open door, looking down the length of his body over his bobbing erection that wanted so badly to hump against June, to hump against anything besides the empty air above his bound body. Rob watched June put her bracelet and earrings on the counter and step gracefully into the shower, her brunette hair flowing down past her bare shoulders.

As he watched, Maria re-entered the room without warning through the door she had left open and calmly went about picking up June’s discarded clothes. She looked down at Rob and noticed his wobbling erection, rising and falling with each breath. Holding June’s laundry in one hand, she grasped his penis with the other and bent it from side to side, pushing it all the way down against his body. “Well, you’re pretty big, Mr. Jameson, although I think I’ve seen bigger. So, you’re thinking you’re going to get lucky tonight, do you, with this hungry fellow here?” she joked, continuing the bending. She set down the laundry for a moment and tightened the knots in the four ropes binding Rob to June’s bed. “I have a hunch that, with what Ms. Fox is going to be doing to you, you’re going to be struggling pretty hard against these ropes, and we wouldn’t want the knots coming loose, would we? Well, good luck to you,” she laughed, giving his balls a good slap.

Rob flinched in pain but managed to keep quiet, not wanting Maria to think she had hurt him, even though she had. Maria then left the room as quietly as she had entered, this time closing the door fully. Rob contemplated his situation, his totally helpless, totally exposed state from which there seemed to be no hope of escape. Overwhelmed by his feelings of shame, of frustration, and of outrage, he began to cry.

Ten minutes later, June had finished her shower, put on her robe, and was drying her hair. The steam had cleared from the mirror and Rob could watch her as she applied her night cream and brushed her hair. So she emerged into the bedroom, dimmed the light, and came over to the bed where Rob was tied. Sitting on the bed next to him, she leaned over, gave him a kiss, and let out a big sigh. “Rob, you look like you’ve been crying. What am I going to do with you?” she asked out loud, more rhetorically than anything else. “You are cute, and you are kind in many ways, but you really do need some education, some training in how to relate to women.” June slid off the bed, walked over to a cabinet on the other side of the room, and poured herself a brandy. Lighting a cigarette and grabbing a crystal glass ashtray, she returned to the bed, sitting next to Rob and taking a sip. She took one finger and idly placed it on his lips, running it slowly from side to side before gently penetrating them and gliding her fingertip over Rob’s straight, white teeth. She then drew a line with her finger down Rob’s chin, down his neck, across his chest down to his navel, where she paused for a moment. Then down lower across his abdomen until her finger bumped into his rock-hard erection, now seeping at the top in total sexual arousal.

She stroked his cock, first on the exposed underside and then on the top, before cupping his testicles in her smooth and delicate hands and rolling his balls gently between her thumb and index finger. Rob was going crazy with a combination of desire, anticipation, and incredible fear. He was no amateur in the sack, but he had never before been in this position where a woman had him so completely dominated, so helplessly restrained, so totally at her whim and mercy. “Yes, Rob, you’re a nice specimen of the male gender I have to say, and smart too. I think I want to find out tonight just how good you are…” she said, running her tongue into Rob’s ear as her hand rubbed over Rob’s bare chest before dropping again to grip his erection firmly.

Chapter 6

“You feel so good. Let’s make you smell good too,” June said. Rising from the bed to which she had the naked Rob bound spread eagle and face up, she took another drag on her cigarette and headed for the bathroom, returning in a moment with a bottle of aromatic lotion, the kind used in massages. “Now this really should be warmed up first, but it’s not too cold as it is,” she said, squirting a large pool into her fingers, letting it sit for a moment to warm against her skin. She then straddled Rob’s stomach and began to work the lotion into his shoulders and arms. Refilling her hands a few times, she covered his chest, thighs, legs and feet, working her way underneath Rob as best she could, coating much of his ass with the sweet smelling oil. Finally she poured a good dose over his erection and testicles and then took a long, long time working it deep with long strokes alternating with a twisting motion. Rob squirmed with all his might against his bonds. June was driving him completely wild with desire, he wanted to take her so badly.

June rose to her knees, leaned over Rob, and tightened the knots at both his wrists. Reversing herself, she tightened the knots at his ankles as well, exactly as Maria had done moments before. Once she was satisfied that Rob was inescapably trapped, she lay down along the length of his body, fully on top of him, and kissed him. Not just a kiss, but a deep, plunging kiss with her tongue going far into Rob’s open mouth and exploring deep inside. Not just one kiss but many, so many that Rob was left gasping for breath between kisses. As she kissed him she ran her long fingernails down the length of his sides, leaving long scratch marks on his flanks and his ass. With June’s weight pressing down on his erection, Rob bucked against her, humping her pubic mound as best he could through her silk robe. June was getting more and more turned on with each passing minute.

When she could take it no more, June rose up on her knees, towering over Rob below, and slid off her silky robe, letting it drift slowly, like a feather, to the rich carpet. Rob raised his eyes and found himself looking straight up the lengths of June’s long and firm legs into her dark and glistening sex with its patch of black in front, facing him directly, and two shapely globes behind. Over her patch was a softly curving abdomen flowing smoothly into her breasts that framed her pretty face, looking down at him. “Well, Rob, let’s see how well you can get me ready,” June said softly, gradually letting her knees slide outward across the cool and shiny sheets, lowering her pussy slowly, very slowly, onto Rob’s open mouth.

In a moment the first strands of her black pubic hair made contact with Rob’s lips. Instinctively he pushed his tongue against her mound, using it to part the hair, to find the labia, and to part her lips and coat them with his saliva. She lowered herself further, and Rob’s tongue pushed deeper through her labia, entering the vagina with its sweet tasting juices beginning to flow. June began to rock, ever so gently, against Rob’s face and Rob licked her slit, first up and down and then side-to-side. Soon he found her clitoris and deftly unhooded it with the tip of his tongue, applying rhythmic pressure against it as June rocked away above him. Rob’s erect cock wobbled hard in the air from side to side as he bucked under her increasing weight on his face, and he squirmed massively against the four ropes binding him tightly under her to the bed.

As June rocked and ground above him, Rob learned her rhythm and came into synchrony with her, matching the movements of her hips to those of his head and tongue. He discovered quickly the exact amount of pressure she wanted, and how often she wanted breaks, rests he needed desperately, not only to relieve his aching tongue and jaws but also to let him catch his breath. June was in no hurry riding him; she knew exactly what she wanted and she knew she had complete control of Rob to ensure that she got it. As she rode, she gripped his ears with both hands and used them to direct the movements of his head. Finally, after over twenty minutes of uninterrupted cunnilingus, June began a moan that rose to window-rattling volumes, a moan of orgasm so intense that the neighbors would have heard her, were it not for the remote location of her house. Her orgasm went on and on; Rob could not tell for sure, but to him it felt like she had three.

When it was over for her, June sank in a trance-like state onto Rob, burying his face fully between her legs and gripping his hair with both hands. Rob held as still as he could, sensing that she wanted him motionless, but his oxygen was running out too. He would soon have to plead with her to lift up and hope she would do so, for the choice was completely hers – there was no way he could shake her off of his face. He held on as long as he could and then he began to cry out, his calls muffled by June’s sex smothering his face. But June did not answer, nor did she move. He called again, and again. Finally she began to respond, not by rising up and off of him but by resuming her gentle rocking motion. Soon it was evident she was going for orgasm number four on his face. Nearly asphyxiated, Rob did his best to put his tongue back into her vagina and to service her clitoris, hoping she would rise high enough for him to catch his breath. That she did, not intentionally Rob realized, but more by accident. His chest heaved as he gulped in the air scented with the smell of her sex.

After her fourth orgasm, June rose up on her knees, backed up two feet, reached back for Rob’s erection, and settled herself down on it, burying it deep within her sex. Rob felt as though he could explode in ejaculation but he held off, wanting to go for a long ride himself, just as she had enjoyed. It was strange, bizarre, to be having sex this way, tied spread-eagle beneath June Fox, but that didn’t mean it could not be fully enjoyable. As June rocked on above him, Rob looked up at her and thought how different a person she was from who he thought she had been when he first saw her in the grocery store parking lot, spraining her ankle. He also wondered what Maria had meant when she said that June had instructed her not to get any clothes for Rob under any circumstances. Rob thought the circumstances that were keeping him naked were strange indeed, but he thought they were genuine if improbable. But how to explain what Maria had said?

Rob’s thoughts turned back to the moment and to the attractive woman who was fucking him from above while he lay tightly bound below her. They were back in the groove, in full synchrony, and Rob knew that at this rate, he would cum in just another minute or two. How he longed for that moment, although he was trying to delay it to draw out the pleasure of the moment. That pleasure came to an abrupt halt, however, when he and June heard a soft knock on the door. June sat up on Rob, ran her hands back through her hair, and said, “Come on in, Maria.” Rob was stunned that June would let Maria enter, when she was naked above Rob with his erection deeply enveloped within her.

“Just checking to make sure everything’s okay, Ms. Fox,” Maria said, looking at Rob and seeing he was still bound securely to the bed. “I heard a loud cry and wanted to make sure you were okay, that Rob hadn’t gotten loose or anything.” “No, he’s fine, he’s tight. The way we tied those knots, he’s not going anywhere until we decide to let him free.” “Okay. Well, I was having trouble sleeping, so I was wide awake when I heard the sounds and thought I’d better check,” said Maria. “That’s sweet of you, dear. Would you like to have a brandy – that might help you get back to sleep,” June offered. “Oh, thanks, that’s kind of you, Ms. Fox,” replied Maria, who went over to the cabinet and turned on the small lamp there, softly lighting the room. She poured one brandy for herself and another for June, which she carried over and handed to her. Still straddling Rob, June sipped her drink as Maria sat in the chair next to the bed and admired June’s body. “Would you like a smoke too, ma’am?” Maria asked. “No thanks, then I’d never get back to sleep.”

All the while that June and Maria talked, Rob remained hard within her. He remained silent, having no idea what to say in this unusual situation but hoping that when Maria left that June would resume intercourse with him. When Maria finally left, June rose up and withdrew from Rob, leaving his erection back bouncing in the open air. She inched forward on her knees and again placed her pussy on top of Rob’s mouth. “Now be a good boy and clean me up,” June instructed Rob. Rob did as commanded, cleaning her thoroughly with his tongue, but when he was done it was clear that June was not yet finished with him. Instead she rode him to a fifth and final orgasm of the night, smashing her sex into Rob’s face so hard she almost broke his nose with her pubic bone. When she was finished, she slid down alongside Rob, nestling her head against his strong left shoulder and playing with his testicles. Within a minute she was sound asleep, with her hair spilling over Rob’s arms and his balls firmly in her grip. Rob stared at the ceiling wondering when this would all end.

When Rob awoke on Thursday morning, June was already long out of bed. She’d finished her coffee and was out on her morning run, a long jog of six miles, so she would be gone for over an hour. Her bedroom door was wide open. Still tied naked to the bed, Rob could hear Maria downstairs making breakfast. He was erect, in part from needing to pee. As much as he did not want to have Maria come into the room, he was desperate to go to the bathroom, so finally he called out to her and she came upstairs. “Please, Maria, I really have to pee something fierce. You have to let me free or I’ll die,” Rob begged as Maria looked down at him disapprovingly. Resting one hand on her hip, fiddling with the belt loop in her jeans, she said, “Well, that’s Ms. Fox’s decision to make. She told me not to release you under any circumstances, so you’re just going to have to tough it out.” With that Maria sat on the bed and examined the long scratch marks running down the side of Rob’s body. “Looks like Ms. Fox got some good use out of you last night, Rob!” she said with a smile. Rob squirmed against his bonds as Maria ran her hands down the scratch marks, detouring at the end over to his balls and then to his erection. “You’re luckier than most, Rob” Maria said. “Ms. Fox has been known to whip men, whip them pretty hard, especially when they disappoint her as you did,” she said, gripping his erection for emphasis.

Maria released Rob’s cock and went to get an empty plastic bottle out of the garage. When she returned she held the bottle at an angle over Rob’s abdomen and bent his erection back with her hand. “Okay, Rob, you can pee,” Maria said. Overcoming his anxiety and inhibitions, Rob finally relaxed enough to let his urine flow, and flow it did, until the bottle was nearly overflowing. “Thank you,” Rob finally brought himself to say, humbling himself further before Maria. “In another minute I would have had an accident right here on June’s bed.” “Well it’s a damn good thing you didn’t do that. Ms. Fox would have whipped the skin right off your back for that!” Rob thought hard about what Maria had told him. First, that June instructed her not to allow Rob any clothing; then that she should keep him tied to the bed; and now that June has a habit of whipping men. His heart rate quickened at the thought, and perspiration began to build on his brow. Rob Jameson was entering into a panic attack.

Maria sensed that Rob was about to freak out and decided she’d better do something about it quickly, before June returned from her run. She went into the bathroom and ran the water in the sink until it was quite hot. She then soaked a couple of hand towels until they were steaming. Returning to the bed, she sat down next to Rob and speaking gently, she applied one of the towels to Rob’s face, smoothing it across his forehead, cheeks, and chin while telling him not to worry. She took the other towel and put it over his penis, cleaning it and his balls with a slow, circular motion. She told him not to worry, that June would be back soon, and that everything was going to be okay. Remarkably, this simple technique worked; within a couple of minutes, Rob had calmed down and was relaxed, at least as relaxed as a guy can be when he’s tied naked to a bed. Maria stayed with him, replacing the hot towels from time to time and stroking his brow gently.

When June returned from her run, she came straight upstairs into the bedroom. Maria explained that Rob had gotten a little anxious while she was gone but that he was okay now. “Are you sure you’re feeling okay, Rob?” she asked. “I’m okay now I guess. I just want to get off this bed, get my clothes back and go home. Is that asking too much?”

“We’ll see, Rob” June laughed. It all depends on your behavior, you know. Plus, we still don’t have your clothes back so there’s nothing we can do about that anyway.” “Of course there is!” Rob shouted back to her, his voice rising again in anger. “You could just run to the store and buy me another set of clothes, that’s all it would take. Or you could order Maria back to my house, which she’s refusing to do. Jesus, this is ridiculous, keeping me naked because of some silly mixup with the dry cleaners. What’s the matter with the two of you, are you crazy??” Rob barked out, his voice strained with exasperation.

Maria put her hands on her hips and looked at June. June looked back and sighed. “You see, Ms. Fox, I told you this guy is bad news. There’s no way I would let him go in his present state. Every time it looks like he’s going to settle down and behave himself, he goes berserk over something minor. Maybe Officer Riley is right that physical punishment is the only way to get this boy in line,” Maria concluded. June laughed and shrugged her shoulders. “You may be right,” June replied, walking into the bathroom while shedding her running clothes. “I’ll think about this later. I’ve got too much to do today to worry about it now,” she continued, now naked and hopping into the shower stall to get ready to go out for breakfast with some of her women friends.

Maria picked up June’s discarded clothes and carried them down to the laundry as June showered. When she finished and was toweling her hair dry, Maria returned and asked, “So what do you want me to do with Rob while you’re gone? He’s been tied to the bed pretty long now, so we ought to let him up.” “Yes, we should. Let’s put him back in the police cuffs. Do you think you could handle him alone if he’s in cuffs?” “Well, that depends. If he’s cuffed behind his back, then yes, but he won’t be able to do any work around the house that way. So maybe we can cuff him in front but tie his legs together loosely again, so he’s hobbled. That way he’ll at least be good for something.”

The women agreed and set about getting the cuffs back on. June set down her towel and, still naked, picked up the cuffs and straddled Rob, snapping one cuff on Rob’s left wrist. Seeing June straddle him this way reminded him of last night and of how he got her off not once or twice but five times without getting off once himself. Maria tied some lengths of rope to both his wrists and then tied the two ends together into a loop. The idea was that when they untied his wrists from the bedposts, they would immediately tug on these new ropes and bring his wrists together in front of him for cuffing. The plan worked as intended, and in a moment Rob was cuffed in front with his legs loosely tied together. Maria put him in June’s shower and ordered him to wash up and to dry himself, which he did without complaint. Once he was dry Maria took him downstairs to give him breakfast, which he was able to do with his hands now in front of him. It was the freest he had felt in days.

As he was eating his breakfast, June came down the stairs, grabbed her cell phone, Mercedes key and purse and was out the door. “I’ll leave my cell on, so call me if you have a problem,” she called as she headed into the garage. Rob soon finished breakfast and, without being ordered, he took his plates and utensils into the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. “That’s a good boy,” Maria said. “Now you can put all the other plates in there too, along with the dirty pans and everything else.” Rob complied, and in twenty minutes he had the kitchen cleaned. For the next two hours, Maria gave Rob assignments ranging from vacuuming the rugs to washing the windows, all of which he did while she worked on June’s computer. He could not tell exactly what she was doing, but she seemed to be shopping on the internet. When she was typing in credit card numbers from her wallet, Rob was sure she had bought some things, although he had no idea what.

Rob was being strangely obedient to Maria, and this made her wonder. Was he afraid of her, especially with June being absent? Was he simply tired and worn down? Was he plotting some surprise move? She didn’t know, but she planned to find out. After lunch, she decided to test his limits by increasing her demands on him. She began by giving him jobs that were harder and harder, especially for a naked man in handcuffs. She had him wash the floor to ceiling windows throughout the downstairs, a job that required using a ladder and leaning far off to each side. She had him rake up the leaves outside the house, an awkward task when your wrists are tightly joined. She imposed strict deadlines on his work, making him race though his jobs at breakneck speed. She supervised his every move, criticizing each mistake and whacking him on his rear end with a wooden cooking spoon when he was slow. The harder he worked, the more demanding and critical Maria got. Soon Rob was again at the breaking point, ready to explode.

Explode he did when Maria delivered the final straw, making him paint the tool shed outside using a small artist’s paintbrush, a task that would take weeks for the fastest worker. Rob started to paint and covered a couple of square inches before he snapped. “This is absurd – no person could do this job!” Rob screamed, flinging the paint and the brush against the wall and starting to run away across the grass. Maria decided to let him run, knowing he could not run quickly or get far in his condition. “Come back, Rob, you know you’re not going anywhere…” Maria called to him. “Shut up, you fucking bitch!” he seethed back, his eyes wild with anger.

Maria did not like being called a bitch, not by Rob or by anyone else. She watched Rob struggle a few yards further, heading across the grass and toward the vegetable garden before she got up. She heaved a sigh and broke into a run, intercepting Rob in less than 30 seconds and tackling him hard to the ground. A full-fledged fight then broke out, with Rob by far the stronger and bigger but with Maria quicker and, of course, unbound. For a moment Rob seemed to have the upper hand, getting on top of Maria and pinning her to the ground. This worked well for Rob until Maria reached down and grabbed his testicles, squeezing and twisting them until she almost ripped them off. Rob screamed out in pain. Maria squeezed harder, taunting Rob, “How much more of this do you want to take?” She continued the squeeze with one hand while she reached into her jeans pocket with the other and removed a length of cord that she had stashed there in advance, just in case. “Rob, I’m going to hogtie you now, do you understand?” she said, continuing to squeeze. Rob understood, evidently, because he did not struggle as Maria bound his ankles together tightly and then bound his handcuffs to his ankles. When he was fully hogtied, Maria gave Rob a spanking before sitting down on the grass next to him to figure out her next move.

Chapter 8

Sitting on the grass with the naked and hogtied Rob lying on his side next to her, Maria had two thoughts. First, that Rob must be punished severely for his latest outburst of misbehavior, and second that June really should be the one to decide on the punishment, as much as Maria wanted to administer his punishment right now, on the spot. Looking over to a nearby outbuilding where June’s late husband had worked on boats, she remembered that there was a hoist used to raise them off the ground for repairs. Leaving Rob where he was – he wasn’t about to wander off in his present condition – she headed into the building and found a very long rope, many yards long. She looped one end through an iron ring up over the door through which the boats were brought in and threaded it down into the building onto the electric hoist several feet inside. She then walked the other end of the rope back across the grass to where Rob was lying.

“Ok, Rob, are you ready to go for a ride?” Maria asked playfully, tying the rope to Rob’s handcuffed wrists. Rob didn’t answer but his heart was beginning to pound. Maria untied the rope that bound his wrists to his ankles and then freed his ankles completely by removing the rope that bound them loosely together. She walked back to the outbuilding, over to the hoist, and threw the electric switch. The hoist began to turn and to pull up the slack in the rope, inch by inch. Maria went back out the door and watched the rope tighten all the way over to Rob. In a few moments the slack was all gone and Rob’s cuffed hands received a gentle yank from the rope followed by a steady pull as the hoist turned relentlessly. In another moment, Rob was stretched out lengthwise and was being dragged across the grass, one inch at a time, toward the building as the motor hummed away. Maria was pleased that her plan worked.

Within five minutes, Rob had been dragged all the way to the building and his naked body was now covered with minor scrapes from his ride over the sometimes-rocky grass. He was lying under the iron ring over the door and his wrists were creeping upward. Maria went over to the hoist and put her finger on the switch. When Rob reached the point where he was standing on his feet with his hands over his head, she hit the button. Looking over at him, she thought she had better raise him a bit more, so she hit the button again until Rob was lifted off his feet, dangling painfully off the ground by the steel cuffs digging into his wrists. She walked over to Rob, who was squirming and kicking futilely with his unbound legs and moaning. “You know, you’re only making it hurt more by squirming around,” she told him. Rob slowly realized she was correct and stopped his struggling. Maria went back to the button and rocked it in the opposite direction for a moment, letting Rob’s toes touch the ground, taking most of the pressure off his cuffs.

Maria returned to Rob. “Rob, you’ve been bad, and part of me is ready to give you a whipping right now. But I’m thinking I might wait until June gets back so she can decide and maybe give you that whipping herself if she wants.” Rob shifted uncomfortably on his tiptoes, not wanting to be lectured to by her but also feeling his complete vulnerability to her whim. She took her finger and traced a line down his chest as Rob looked her over, a very attractive young woman who looked great in plain t-shirts and jeans. She rubbed her hand over his abdomen and down his thighs as she looked him over. Looking back at her, he became aroused, and his penis began to spring into an erection. She noticed this and moved in closer, reaching her hands around to his back and lowering them down to his ass. She pulled him in still closer to her, so that his now-erect cock pressed into her blue jeans and t-shirt. “God, you really are a nice looking man. I could just whip you and whip you without stop for pleasure. But that should wait for June to get back.” She moved one hand around to Rob’s erection while she squeezed his ass with her other, pressing her face gently into his chest. She gave Rob a kiss on his nipples – she was too short to reach his lips – as her hand dropped to his testicles. Kissing him, she squeezed his balls, softly at first and then harder as his cock wobbled helpless above her small but firm hand.

Maria went into the building and found where June stored her riding equipment. June was fond of horses and had a range of saddles, crops, and riding clothes. Maria returned with a riding crop in her hand. Setting it down in front of Rob she went back in and looking around further she found a whip, a braided leather one about six feet long that ended in three short leather strips. She returned and stood in front of Rob, coiling up the whip in her right hand and putting her left hand on her hip. She stood there for several moments, looking Rob up and down as the helpless Rob looked back at her and wondered what she was thinking and what she was planning. It was clear to them both she was thinking about giving Rob a whipping right then and there, even though she had told him she would wait for June to return. Maria looked very sexy in this pose, with hand on hip and coiled whip in her grasp, and Rob’s erection grew involuntarily, despite his fear of what she was about to do to him.

The conflict was written all over Maria’s face. It was not a conflict of conscience over whether Rob should be whipped. She felt no conflict about that at all, and she would enjoy his whipping whether June did it or she got to do it herself. A man like Rob needed to be whipped, cried out to be whipped. For a reason or just on a whim, it did not matter. No, Maria’s conflict was only over who should administer the whipping: June, or herself. As she deliberated, she looked Rob square in the eye as she slapped the leather whip handle repeatedly into the palm of her left hand. Rob could read Maria’s conflict – he could tell clearly how much she wanted to start whipping him then and there. He was terrified she would do it. Although Maria was small, she was in strong physical condition, as he had seen clearly when she chased him down, tackled him and hogtied him a few minutes ago. With a bullwhip in her hand and with Rob stretched out nude and totally exposed before her, unable to escape her lashes, she could cut him to ribbons in a matter of minutes.

Oddly, as his fear rose so did his sexual arousal. His erection, already pronounced, became even stiffer, with his cock sticking straight up like a pole. The more he trembled and squirmed at the sight of Maria with the whip, the more his boner wobbled, and as his trembling escalated, his chest began to heave, slowly at first and then more quickly. In just a few more moments, Rob was sobbing. “Please, oh please Maria, please don’t whip me!” he pleaded, with tears streaming down his cheeks. “Please…” he beseeched her.

Some women, faced with a cry of desperation from a helpless man, will soften and show him mercy. Some will be moved by his tears and his show of vulnerability. Maria, however, reacted oppositely: she took his behavior as a sign of weakness, and this fueled her desire to dominate and to hurt Rob even more. She pounded the whip harder into her left hand as she felt the sexual excitement growing between her legs as she eyed his erection. It pleased her greatly that Rob was both aroused and terrified by her at the same time. “Please, please…” Rob sobbed, his arms cuffed high above his head and his toes just barely touching the dirt beneath the iron ring.

“Maybe I’ll give him just one lash,” Maria said to herself, partly just to see how it sounded and whether she could allow herself this minor luxury. “June wouldn’t really mind. She might not notice at all, and even if she did, she might think that Rob just fell or got clipped by a branch while working outside.” The moment seemed to last forever as Maria mulled this over and Rob squirmed, twisted, pleaded, and sobbed, begging for mercy.

“I’m fucked,” Rob thought to himself as he saw a look pass over Maria’s face, an unmistakable look of decision and determination. He knew that instant that she had decided to whip him then and there, without waiting for June to return. He noticed that she had stopped pounding the whip handle into her left hand, another sign that she had reached a decision. He stared, through tear-soaked eyes, into Maria’s eyes, trying to read where she would place the first stroke, as if he could turn and somehow soften the blow. Then their eyes met again, his in a last-moment plea for compassion, hers in a blank look of lust, a hungering for domination, for control, for satisfying her need to make this weak man suffer for her with no chance to escape or fight back.

In a moment her whip hand was raised, the lash whistled through the cool, dry afternoon air, and the braided leather tore into Rob’s naked backside, with the leather strips at the end of the whip curling around his back to the sides of his chest, creating diagonal stripes of red running obliquely to the lines of his ribs that stood out in his flesh. Rob watched her arm as it flew forward, and he watched Maria’s hair as if in slow motion as it spun in the opposite direction of her torso, as if to amplify the power of her swing. It took a moment for the lash to register, but when it did, a loud snap sounded and a searing pain shot through Rob, a pain every bit as bad as what he had been fearing. He looked at Maria through his pain, for any sign of emotion – shock, regret, uncertainty, even joy or sexual heat. Instead he saw only shark-like focus, an unblinking, uncompassionate concentration of all her mental faculties on the moment, on her complete and overwhelming control over Rob. He had been whipped by her, soundly, and there was absolutely nothing he could do about that, and nothing he could do to prevent a next lash either.

Maria watched Rob recoil from the blow, and despite her outward lack of response, inside she felt a rush of excitement from seeing the whip do its work on Rob, from seeing his cries of agony, and from realizing that she alone controlled what happened next. That first lash was good. Maybe a second lash, just one, would be okay Maria thought, as a slight smile passed over her lips and her eyes returned to Rob’s erection.

Chapter 9

Maria coiled the braided leather whip in her left hand and eyed Slave Rob from head to toe. She had Rob stretched naked in the doorway of an outbuilding on June Fox’s waterfront property, his wrists high above his head in steel cuffs, attached to an iron ring, and his toes barely touching the ground. A set of parallel welts ran across his back and side from the single, powerful lash she had given him with her whip moments before. Rob continued to cry and beg her not to continue with the whip, but Maria paid no attention to his pleas. It was as though she were in a trance, completely absorbed by her dominance over Rob, her total control of him.

Maria eyed his nude body up and down, picking the place for her next blow to land. “It’s just a second lash,” she said to herself, convincing herself that June Fox would not mind if she punished Rob on her own without waiting for June to return from the afternoon of shopping with her friends. She uncoiled the whip and slightly parted her jean-clad legs. Then she raised her whip arm over her head, making her t-shirt ride up revealing her bare abdomen, with the material of the shirt stretching across her chest and making the line of her breasts appear clearly.

At the moment she was leaning into her motion to whip Rob, out of nowhere, music began to fill the air. It was the jingle of the cell phone in Maria’s jeans ringing. Startled, she took a moment to orient herself before reaching into her pocket to answer it. A prayer of hope flashed through Rob, a chance that this call would spare him. “Hello,” Maria said, still catching her breath. “Hi, Maria, it’s June. I tried the house number but got no answer so I called your cell. I just wanted you to know I’m running a little late with the girls. I should be back in about an hour with Linda. She’s got a place she thinks I will want to buy, an island that’s up for sale, so she wants to show me some maps and pictures and things. Are you doing okay with Rob?”

“Well, Ms. Fox, not really. Rob had a temper tantrum when I was having him do some painting, and, well, I have him ready here for you to punish when you get back.” “What do you mean, ‘have him ready’?” June asked. Maria explained that she had Rob strung up in the doorway out back ready to be whipped. June, more than curious, asked Maria to snap a picture with her cell phone and send it to her, which she did. “Looks like you’ve already taken a swing at him, my dear,” June said to Maria. “Yes, ma’am, I did. He was so bad he deserved it.” “Well, Maria, don’t wait for me. If Rob’s been that bad and you think he deserves to be whipped by you now, just go right ahead. I’ll be back by 3:30. Call me if you need me…”

Maria flipped her cell phone shut, coiled her bullwhip, and smiled. “Well, Slave Rob,” she said, looking into his terrified eyes, “Ms. Fox told me to whip you hard right now and not wait for her to come home with her girlfriend Linda. So I guess it’s time for a full whipping. Are you ready?” she asked with a devilish smirk. Then commenced a lashing that Rob would never forget. “A ‘fucking bitch’, is that what you called me?” she seethed. Maria had full license to punish Rob, and so she pulled out all the stops and whipped him for all she was worth. She had slapped him a couple of times before but had always felt inhibited about going further. Now she felt total freedom, and it was liberating and exhilarating.

Rob dangled helplessly from his cuffs and twisted trying to avoid the worst of the whip. He screamed in pain and cried out begging her to stop, but Maria continued to lash him without mercy. She grew hot whipping him, so overheated that after a few dozen lashes, she stopped, pulled off her t-shirt and slid out of her jeans – she wore no bra – and resumed the whipping wearing only her white panties. Rob had seen her naked before, in June’s bathroom taking a shower, but the sight of her breasts aroused him and, despite the agonizing pain from the whip, his penis grew erect. This offered Maria a new target, which she struck several times, and it also exposed Rob’s balls to her lashings.

By 3:30, Maria was done with him. Rob was alone now at the outbuilding, slumped nearly unconscious and hanging limply in the doorway from his bound wrists. Maria was back in the house, dressed and preparing coffee for June and Linda, who arrived right on time. Linda spread her maps and photographs out on the kitchen table and June, putting on her reading glasses, pored over them, drinking her coffee and nibbling on a cookie Maria had set out. “Where’s Rob?” June asked, noticing his absence. “Have you straightened him out?” she asked, grinning at the double entendre and wondering if Maria would catch it. “Oh, he’s hanging around outside. Want me to go fetch him?” Maria asked. “Not now, there’s not enough time. Linda’s going to drive herself back to her real estate office and then come by on her boat and maybe take me over to this island she thinks I should buy. It looks really good – about five acres, with a well and room to build a house. It only takes about 30 minutes to get there by boat. I’m really excited about it!”

Linda left and drove back into town, leaving June in the kitchen with the brochures and about an hour to kill. She looked through the pictures again, showing them to June, and then she walked out to the outbuilding. There she found Rob, still hanging from his cuffs and looking pretty bad. June ran her hands along his body, feeling the welts on his back, ass, and legs. She undid his wrists, but not his cuffs since she did not have the key, and Rob fell to the dirt in a heap. He was a mess, with welts all over his body. She wanted to clean him up, but she was in her nice clothes and did not want to get them dirty. So she filled a bucket with water from the faucet and tossed it over him. She left him on the ground to dry and walked back into the house, telling Maria to go fetch Rob and put him to bed. Maria went to get Rob a few minutes later. He was still such a mess she led him inside and upstairs to her bathroom, where she put him in the shower stall, climbed in herself after stripping, and scrubbed him clean. When he was dried off, she led him into her bedroom – the guest room she had been staying in lately – and tied him to the bed, face up.

As she was finishing the last knot, binding his ankle to the fourth bedpost, June called up to her, “Linda’s here with her boat. I’ll be back by 7:30. Can you have dinner ready then, including for Linda?” “Sure thing, Ms. Fox!” Maria called back. Maria walked to the window and watched June walk across the grass over to the small dock on the other side of the outbuilding where she had whipped Rob. Still naked from the shower, she rubbed her nipples and felt a sense of excitement while replaying a movie in her head of giving Rob his punishment.

When Maria saw the boat pull off from the dock with June and Linda on board, she turned back toward the bed to which she had Rob tied tightly. She placed her hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat as an exhausted Rob drifted in and out of sleep. She lowered her hand to his abdomen, which she felt tighten at her touch. Then down to his penis, soft now and covered with red welts where the whip had struck. She stroked slowly down his shaft to his balls, which she cupped; and then back up his shaft. Slave Rob moaned softly. Maria repeated the stroking once, and then a second time and a third. Slowly she built to a rhythm, and slowly Rob grew an erection that Maria held firmly in her grip.

Maria loosened her grip and climbed up on the bed over Slave Rob, straddling his chest. Slowly she inched forward on her knees until her cunt was directly over Rob’s face. “Lick,” she commanded. Rob was not about to disobey her; he knew Maria would not hesitate to drag him back outside, string him up, and resume bullwhipping him. So he put out his tongue as far as it would go and began performing cunnilingus on her, pushing his tongue through her black forest softly, at first and then harder.

After she had come twice on Rob’s tongue, she slid down and put Rob’s erection into her cunt. Rob was torn by two desires: to grab Maria and fuck her brains out, and to grab her and strangle her for whipping and torturing him. But he could do neither, strapped tightly to her bed. She was still in total control, dominating him sexually. She rode him long and hard, coming twice more herself before Rob himself came, explosively, writhing on the bed and almost ripping the bedposts from the frame. The bedposts held tight, as did his bindings, and so when Maria rose from the bed to go downstairs to begin dinner, Rob remained panting, tied spread eagled, with cum and Maria’s juices over his abdomen and face.

Maria worked downstairs in the nude, getting dinner started and doing a light clean up of the house while watching the news on tv. Just on time, as she was getting dressed upstairs next to Rob, she heard June and Linda’s boat pulling in. Maria woke Rob up, untied him from her bed, and ordered him to clean himself up in the shower. Then she headed down to make drinks for Linda and June. The two women talked all through dinner about the Island – Linda suggested to June that she name it “Fox Island” after herself, a name that caught June’s fancy. “You’d have total privacy on this island, I can assure you, June,” Linda said. “My goodness, you could do anything you wanted out there and nobody would know!” A smile passed over June’s face as Linda said these words; one passed over Maria’s face as well.

Upstairs Rob was pacing, nude but unbound, wondering if he would be dragged downstairs and humiliated in front of yet another woman, this real estate agent friend of June’s. That didn’t happen this time. Instead Rob heard Linda say, “Goodnight. I’ll see you first thing in the morning. Dress for rain!” Then Linda was out the door and back to her boat, motoring away in the dark back to her home.

Fox Island
Rob Jameson


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