Friday, July 29, 2005

Fox Island, Chapter 10

by Rob Jameson

Chapter 10
(read previous post "Fox Island" with Capter 1-9 first)

It was Friday morning, and Rob woke early. He’d slept that night in the hall of June Fox’s house, nude and handcuffed behind his back with a collar around his neck on a short, one-foot leash attached to a railing at the top of the stairs. The hall was carpeted, so although his arms ached and despite his welts and whip marks, he manage to sleep well enough.

Soon after Rob awoke, June and Maria were up and about too, eating a quick breakfast and getting ready for their boat ride over to the island that June was considering to buy. A light rain was falling, and the women were looking for their slickers. Maria almost tripped over Rob in the hall before realizing that she should let him free so he could go to the bathroom, clean himself up, and eat breakfast. Rob raced to the john and peed, and then helped himself to a big bowl of cereal down in the kitchen. He was about halfway through when Linda Davidson, June’s friend and real estate agent, came driving up to the house and walked up onto the porch.

Taking off her raingear and shaking it dry, she entered the kitchen and saw Rob sitting there on a stool, stark naked. “So you’re the man June told me about! I thought she was just kidding about keeping a guy prisoner here. June, where are you, you devilish girl?” she called upstairs. June came running down and gave Linda a hug. “Sorry, we’re running just a minute late. Sit down, Rob here will get you a cup of coffee.”

Rob hopped up and grabbed a mug, poured it with fresh coffee and brought it to Linda, asking her politely if she like cream or sugar. “Sweet & Low, two packs,” she replied, staring at Rob’s nice, bare ass and marveling at how June really had her own male slave. In a few moments Maria and June came downstairs with their gear, and Maria pulled some sandwiches she had made and some cold drinks from the fridge and put them in a plastic bag. “Are you sure you want to go out to the island in this rain?” Linda asked. “Oh, this is nothing. It will be fine in a couple of hours,” June replied. “So let’s go then.”

The women all got up and headed for the door, with Rob staying in place, watching them go. “Well, come on now, Rob…” said June, impatiently. “We don’t have all day.” “What? Am I suppose to come with you?” “Well, of course you are, silly boy,” she said, giving Rob a slap on his bare behind. So off they trudged, the three women in their raincoats and Rob nude, walking through the drizzle to the dock. All were soon aboard, motoring out into the island-filled waters toward what was to become Fox Island. Everyone was excited. Rob shivered slightly as the cold rain ran down his back, as the women pulled their slickers tight against them.

A minute or two into the trip, Maria realized she had forgotten something. “Handcuffs. June, I’ve forgotten Rob’s handcuffs,” she said, with a sad looking face. “I’m sorry. I guess we’ll have to turn around.” “No, that’s okay. Linda, surely you have some rope on the boat, don’t you.” “Of course dear,” replied Linda. It’s in the aft section, next to the tackle box. Maria hurried off to fetch it, along with a knife for cutting a length of it right for tying Rob’s hands behind him.

June had Rob kneel before her, facing away, while she tied his hands as Linda watched. “Oh, girl, that’s no way to tie a knot!. Here, take the wheel and drive and I’ll show you.” June switched seats with Linda and Linda undid June’s knot and redid it with a sailor’s knot that looked like it could stay tied for 100 years. “Thanks, Linda. I’ll have to see if I can remember how you tied that!” laughed June.

In another 30 minutes, the sun was fully up and the boat pulled into the cove of Fox Island, maneuvering alongside the dock that was there. It was an old dock, much in need of repair, but it was serviceable. The group got out of the boat, with Maria helping Rob in his bound condition, and Linda tied the boat to the dock.

“Just look at it, Maria. Isn’t this place fabulous?!” June exclaimed. “Well, it’s beautiful alright. But there’s nothing here and it’s completely isolated.” “That’s the beauty of it, Maria. I think I’m going to buy this island and build a house on it that will be just right. Just wait, you’ll see…” answered June. The three women started walking around the perimeter of the island, some of which was rocky but other places having a good sand beach.

They walked for a couple of hours, covering a lot of the island, some of which was so thickly wooded that it was barely accessible with a machete. June found what she thought was the perfect spot for her house to go and had Linda help her pace it off in the damp grass. Maria then brought out the sandwiches and drinks and the women all sat on a log eating. When they were done, Maria fed Rob, wiping his chin with a napkin from time to time.

After lunch, June announced to the group, “I’ve really decided to buy this place! I want to boat back to the house now and get my camera and take some pictures to show all my friends. They’ll just love the place. Why don’t you two girls stay here and put some stakes in the ground over where I want the house to go. You can just pace off the distances, it doesn’t have to be exact.” “Ok,” said Linda. “You’re pretty good with the boat. Just don’t speed!” Maria added, “Well, I’d better head back with you, Ms. Fox, to get a start on dinner.” “That’s fine, I can stake off the house lot just fine by myself,” said Linda. “Just let me get the stakes and the cord out of my boat.”

In a few minutes, Maria and June were boating back to the house, leaving Linda alone with the naked and tied Slave Rob on Fox Island. Rob looked at Linda, a dark-haired and trim woman perhaps 35 years old, wearing plenty of gold jewelry and red lipstick. She had delicate features – thin lips and thin fingers, but there was a softness to her, or so it appeared. Linda was not at all concerned about being left alone with a man she did not know and who was nude. After all, she thought, he seems pretty docile; and anyway, his hands are tied tightly behind him, so how dangerous could he be? Linda was unaware, of course, of how uppity Rob had been, with Maria especially. But she was a confident woman and would not be worried by Rob even if she knew about his outbursts.

“Come, sit down next to me,” said Linda, sitting on a blanket and finishing her drink. Rob obeyed and sat just to her side. She looked him up and down. “Those are some pretty nasty welts you have there, Rob. Tell me how you got them.” Rob explained that Maria had gotten mad at him yesterday and had strung him up out back and bullwhipped him. “My, I’m surprised that June would let Maria do something like that on her own!” Linda exclaimed, getting extremely interested in what Rob was telling her. For a moment, Rob took her interest to heart, thinking she might become concerned for his welfare and help him escape. “No, June knew all about it. Maria told her what I had done and even sent her a photo of me hanging by my wrists, and June told her to go ahead and whip me for being disobedient.” Rob’s voice grew lower in pitch, sadder as he relayed the story. Linda noticed a tear had formed in Rob’s eye. His frustrations were again coming to the surface.

“So that means that whenever a woman wants to, she can do just about anything to you she likes, I guess,” said Linda, continuing to eye Rob’s nude body. Rob did not like the sound of that, and he liked it even less when he noticed that Linda’s gaze had shifted over to the stakes and the extra rope she’d gotten out of the boat. Linda got up and gathered the stakes and rope and put them in a bag along with a bottle of sunblock. “Here, come with me, Rob,” she commanded.

Linda led Rob down to the smooth, sandy beach. The sun was now beaming down brightly and a light wind blew through the blue sky. Linda found a flat and clean section of beach and set down her bag. She pulled out four long stakes and pushed them into the ground in a rectangular layout, about 10 feet by 6 feet running toward the water. “Now Rob, go find yourself a big, heavy stone and pound those four stakes deep into the sand,” Linda ordered. “But this isn’t where June wants her house built, is it?” Rob asked, puzzled. “You’d make a great architect, Rob; you’ve got a natural sense of these things.”

Rob did as he was told, as Linda cut four length of rope, about five feet long each, and fastened them to the stakes. When all was set, Linda told Rob to lie down on his back and spread his legs. She then tied his ankles to two of the stakes. Then she came around behind Rob and had him sit up. She undid her strong knot binding his hands behind him and ordered him to lie back down. When he obeyed, she tied his two wrists to the two remaining stakes, pulling them very tight so Rob was stretched out.

Linda stood towering over Rob, admiring her knots as he baked in the sun. Then she got her sun block from the bag, lay down alongside Rob, and rubbed the oil all over his naked body, so soon he was gleaming head to toe. She finished with his penis, giving it special attention, so much that Rob was became aroused and fully erect.

“That’s a bad boy!” Linda said, half joking. “We’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” She stood up and removed the thin leather belt from her pants. She took a deep breath and then started whipping Rob with the belt. She concentrated on his erection but also covered the rest of his body in new stripes before lying back down along side him. “Yes, Rob, I think you’re going to be spending a lot of time on Fox Island.”


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