Friday, September 09, 2005

CFNM School by Douglas N., Chapter 5

Chapter Five "The Dance"

One Friday the Gynicist School held a dance. A neighboring school for boys was invited to this dance. They would be surprised and delighted and their reception. First, they found that instead of them asking the girls to dance, the girls asked them. Second, when the girl thought she had found a boy she liked she asked him to come outside with her. An example of this was Marshall's older sister Valerie. First, she asked a boy named John to dance with her and when she liked him, she asked him to go outside with her. Once outside she asked him to sit on a bench with her. As they engaged in light conversation, she put her hand on his thigh. When he did not remove it, she moved her hand upwards and inwards. He still did not remove or her and she moved her hand again. When she arrived at his crotch, she found him fully hard. Astounded he first John could not believe this girl was bold enough to search out his cock but even more astounded when she began caressing his cock through his clothing. When he responded by turning and kissing her she unzipped him. As they kissed, she reached inside his barn door, pulled out his erect cock, and began to stroke it. Before he knew what was happening he started to come and was amazed when she anticipated this and was ready with a Kleenex. She continued to masturbate him skillfully as he ejaculated into the Kleenex. When he finished, she put the Kleenex into her purse and put his cock back into his pants. They she said, "I'd like to see more or you, can we go out some time."

"Sure," John responded. It was only then that John looked around and noticed that he was not the only couple outside and not the only boy who had been jacked on by a Gynicist girl.

"Next Saturday would you come to a party at my house?" asked Valerie.

"Sure," John responded.

Next Saturday when John arrived at the party Missy, Valerie's mother, met him at the door. Also present was a friend of Missy, Joan. This disappointed him since he hoped no parents would be at home. John was hoping that he would be masturbated again by Valerie and thought that the presence of Missy and Joan would mean that would not happen. He would discover how wrong he was. He found that several of his classmates had already arrived. John was the last to arrive.

Once everyone was there, Missy and Joan sat on a couch and said, "Would you boys stand in a line?

The boys did as requested.

The girls then got up and began circling the boys. After making one circle, the girls began rubbing the boys' shoulders and chests. Gradually the lowered their hand until they came to the boys waists. When the girls reached the boys waists the stood behind the boys and caressed each boy's buttocks. Then they went lower caressing the back of the boy's legs until they reached the floor. None of the boys stopped the girls.

Then the girls caressed the inside the boys' legs until they reached the juncture of their thighs and cupped their balls outside the pants. Again the boys stood by meekly while the girls felt them up.

The girls massaged the boys' balls and cock until they could feel the boy getting hard through his pants. While this went on Missy and her friend Joan watched sitting on the sofa in front of the boys with their legs crossed enjoying the show.

When each boy was hard, the respective girls undid the boy's belt, pant, and slipped his pants to the floor. They the girls pulled the boys pants down to his ankles exposing the boy's cock and balls. None of the boys objected to this treatment and all of the boys were hard.

As each boy's underpants were pulled down, Missy watched and smiled. "You boys need to step out of your pants," she said.

They all obliged her.

The girls then removed the rest of the boys clothing. Missy and Joan then picked up the boys clothing and took it into the next room.

When Missy returned she said, "All the boys get in line." When the boys were all in line she said, "Now do jumping jacks." The boys looked at each other but obliged. As the jumped, their cocks bobbed up and down while the girls laughed.

Then Missy said, "Form into threes and march around the room."

The boys did as requested, as they marched in step the boy's cocks metronomed in unison. The girls found this to be hilariously funny.

Then Missy said, "Lets go out to the pool. Out in the pool area the girls stripped off their clothing. They all wore Gynicist regulation swimsuits underneath. After a while, the boys grew accustomed to being naked and lost their hard ons. Missy noticed though that they seemed to enjoy being naked, often letting the legs gape apart while sitting so that she and the girls could get a good look.

After a while, refreshments were served. When all had drunk and eaten their fill Missy announced, "Now we are going to play some games. Missy then asked the boys to stand in line. The boys obliged her. Missy then blinded the girls and had them try to identify the boys by feeling his cock and balls. Missy and Joan both participated in this game, each taking their time to give each boy a good feel. She also produced a polaroid camera and proceeded to take close up pictures the girls doing this. The boys still did not object. When the game was over every one of the boys had a hard on.

The next game was a measuring game. The girls then produced tape measures and measuring the length and circumference of all the boys' cocks. Then they produced calipers and also measured the boys' balls. Blue ribbons were given to the winners.

When all the girls had had a chance to feel all the boys Missy said, "Now boys stand in line."

The boys obliged her.

All of the girls then got on their knees in front of the boys. "This is a cum contest," Missy said, it's to find out who cums quickest." With that, the girls began to fondle the boys, holding the boys balls with one hand while stroking him with the other. This time Missy took moving pictures. In a short time, all the boys had spurted and all the girls were ready with a Kleenex to clean up the sperm.

It was time to go home.


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