Thursday, September 08, 2005

CFNM School by Douglas N., Chapter 4

Chapter Four "Examined by the School Board"

When Marshall came home that day his mother greeted him at the door. Barbara, his sister, had told her what had happened. "Marshall how was school today?

"It was OK," he answered.

"You didn't mind what happened," she asked.

"No, I liked it," he answered.

"Good," she responded. "By the way, we will give you your bath every night before you go to bed because there isn't enough time in the morning."

"That night, by coincidence, the Gynicist School Board was meeting at Missy's house. When it came time for Marshall to go to bed he remembered that he was supposed to take a bath and was not allowed to take a bath by himself. He went into the living room where the women of the board were meeting. He was wearing his Gynicist chaps and his genitals were clearly exposed.

"Mom," Marshall said, "You told me you didn't want me to shower in the morning anymore."

"Yes, dear," she responded, and then suddenly she remembered, "Oh, that's right, you are not allowed to bath by yourself anymore."

"Is this the young man who has just entered our school?" asked Judy, one of the members of the board.

"Yes," answered Missy.

"He is a nice looking young man," she stated.

"Thank you," responded Missy.

Why don't we all give him his bath? She asked. I'd like to see if he is as fit as my daughters have told me.

"Well, I don't suppose there is any reason why not," responded Missy. "Marshall, why don't you get undressed."

Marshall undressed while the owmen watched. In a few minutes he was naked as a jaybird.

"Come on ladies,"Missy said as they all walked into the bathroom.

"Do you mind if I wash him,"asked a woman named Cindy.

"No, go right ahead answered Missy.

Judy turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature of the water. Marshall stepped into the shower. Cindy took the soap and began sudsing his body from top to bottom. When she got to his genitals she became even more thorough and washed his cock and balls thoroughly and carefully until when he was finished Marshall had a rampaging erection.

"He is more than adequate," said Judy. "He is a good addition to our school."

She then took a towel and dried him off.

When she had finished Missy said, "you can go to bed now, Marshall."

The next week Marshall's sister Valerie had a sleep over of some of her girlfriends most of whom were not Gynicists.

"Valerie,"asked one of her friends, "I understand that you are a Gynicist.

"Yes, I am," answered Valerie.

"Is it true that you believe that God is a woman."

"Yes, it is true," answered Valerie.

"Is it true that you require men to be submissive to women," she asked.

"Yes, that also is true." Valerie answered.

"Well, I also heard that your men are not allowed to touch themselves and require women to help them pee and are bathed by the women."

"Also true," answered Valerie.

"Do you bathe your brother," she asked.

"Yes, quite often," Valerie answered.

"Do you wash his cock for him," she asked.

"Of course," Valerie answered, "It is part of his body isn't it? It needs to be washed too."

"Do you help him pee too," asked one of the other girls.

"Of course," answered Valerie.

"Wow, I'd like to see that," she said.

"That could be arranged, " said Valerie. She then went to get Marshall. She found Marshall in his room. "Marshall, get undressed its time for your bath."

"OK, sis," he said. He then stripped naked as Valerie watched. They then both entered the living room where the other girls were, Marshall entering the room completely naked. The girls screamed as they saw the naked Marshall. Shortly, Missy entered the room and saw Marshall standing naked in front of the girls.

"Valerie, what is going on?" she asked.

"I'm going to give Marshall his bath and my friends wanted to watch. She answered.

Marshall, how do you feel about this," Missy asked.

"I don't mind," Marshall responded now having grown to like the female attention while naked.

"OK," said Missy and returned to the kitchen.

The party including Marshall went into the bathroom where Valerie turned on the shower and Marshall entered. Instead of washing Marshall herself Valerie allowed her girlfriends to wash him directing them to be sure to wash his privates carefully, which they all did. Before the bath session was ended Marshall had a roaring hardon.

"I want to see him come," stated one of the girls.

"Help yourself, said Valerie, "I'm not allowed to masturbate my brother."

"The girl began stroking Marshall as the other girls watched. Another girl began massaging Marshall's balls. Before long Marshall came as he did Valerie gathered his sperm for her sacrifice to God.

Marshall returned to school the next day and school fell into a routine. He always found willing girls to help him pee. They never seemed to get tired of holding his cock for him. As for Marshall, it became normal for him to have a girl help him pee and was able to do so without getting an erection. He also felt relaxed in swim class where he was the only one naked, all the girls were clothed, and the girls seemed to accept him although he would occasionally see one staring at his cock. He wasn't required to come to religion class anymore although twice a week he stayed after school so that a new girl could learn how to give hand jobs. This was the main reason for his scholarship. He was the guinea pig for the class to learn how to give good hand jobs. Marshall would have the girl undress him and then he would direct them to class his scrotum lightly with their fingertips until he got an erection. Then he would have them massage his balls until he was good and hard. When he was ready, they would massage his cock and balls at the same time until he came. They would always collect his sperm in some Kleenex which they would take to church for their offering to their god.

Marshall became quite relaxed about being nude in front of girls and women. When he was asked in biology class to come before the class and disrobe he thought nothing of it since most of the girls had seem him nude numerous times already in swim class or by helping him pee.

The next semester Marshall had gym instead of swimming so he no longer had to be nude in front of the entire class. He was only nude in front of the girls during showering. While he was naked the girls would undress under robes and put on their towels under their robes and walk to the shower where they the showers all had shower curtains. Marshall still found showering with the girls intensely pleasurable since one of more of them always had to wash his genitals as part of the shower.

What Marshall found most ridiculous is that since it was a Gynicist school, all the girls were nevr allowed to wear pants not even panties. They gym unitofrms had short skirts. The result was that during gym class as they jumped and ran they were constantly flashed beaver. Often during gym class when they were sitting facing him if they kept their legs open Marshall could see their pussies under their skirts. When they did this they always watched to see if he was looking. Marshall made a point of staring so that they would continue exposing themselves to him.


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I'd adore being in this type of situation, still at school and forced to shower naked in front of all the girls, who'd most likely be laughing at my small ginger penis!


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