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"The Prison Secretary" by John C., Chapter 1/3

The Prison Secretary Ch. 01

I believe the setting of this story is fairly accurate. I based it on two online accounts I read regarding reception into this type of facility.

Angela had started her summer job only a couple of week's prior. She had just completed her sophomore year at the local University where she was majoring in criminal justice. Angela's career goal was to eventually go to law school and become an attorney. She was an extremely intelligent young woman of 21, who was also quite stunning looking. Her physical attraction was something that she had recently blossomed into. In high school, she had been slightly overweight and had worn thick glasses. She had always exuded the appearance of a "brainiac". However since starting college, following a year break after high school, she had lost a considerable amount of weight. Her complexion had also cleared up, she had gotten contact lenses and her body had fully bloomed into womanhood in an excitingly curvaceous way.

As a precursor to her goal, and through the influence of her older cousin, a police captain, she was able to obtain an administrative and clerical job working at a state run correctional facility for the summer. This wasn't simply a prison for young men it was actually a boot camp where men were sent by the courts as a last chance to turn their lives around in a positive direction and avoid a long jail sentence in an adult penitentiary. The facility was like a detention center only with strict military style discipline and rigorous training coordinated by men who seemed more like drill sergeants than corrections personnel.

Angela's supervisor was actually the C.O. of the officers and the chief administrator for the institution. He was a much older, yet very strong man in his 40's. He was very kind to her, and she would always be amazed at how he would suddenly transform into the drill sergeant's role and curse and shout at the inmates to the point that drove some of them almost to tears. When she was interviewed for the position she was surprised to learn that because of recent court decisions; Hayes vs. Marriott, Canedy vs. Boardman, Letcher vs. Turner, it was now common for female corrections officers as well as female administrative staff to sometimes be in the presence of naked male inmates. This initially took her aback a little, but at the same time because of her goal she was not about to turn down a summer job because she was a prude. As she was in an administrative position for the C.O. she would sometimes have to accompany him when he dealt with the inmates in various capacities.

Angela was surprised to find on her very first day of employment that there were several other female staff members of various titles within the institution, be it officers, instructors, drug counselors, administrators and secretaries. However men still filled three quarters of the positions at the facility. The inmates were all young men between the ages of 18 and 29. During the first two weeks as she worked at her PC in the air conditioned office she would sometimes look out her third floor window and see beyond the barbed wire, the young men being drilled; marching, doing pushups and running in the hot and humid weather. It was an afternoon on the Monday of her third week of work when the C.O. told her to follow him to the receiving room as eight new inmates would very soon be arriving from the county jail. This was part of her training; to witness every portion of the facilities operations. She brought along a clipboard and several folders that had each of the new inmates criminal records that they had received via fax. The receiving area was a large, drab room that had a table with three chairs. There was a door on each wall of the room and a glass window behind the table. The glass window was quite large and separated the receiving room from the hallway in the administrative building. She had walked down this hallway a few times before and had seen glances through this window of what takes place in this room, therefore she was a bit nervous.

Seated already at the table was a female corrections officer named Sonia. She had gotten to know Sonia very well the past two weeks and liked her immensely. Sonia was very attractive, intelligent, and feminine looking. Yet whenever she was around the inmates she would adopt a very cold and professional attitude that would appear quite intimidating. A few moments later the C.O. walked into the room accompanied by two more officers. The two officers were ex-military types and were absolutely huge men built like brick walls. Their uniforms looked more like drill sergeant's fatigues than a prison guard's. All the male corrections officers were very threatening looking yet Angela liked them as they were always very sweet and respectful to her. The C.O. instructed Angela to take a seat at the table next to Sonia. Diagonally from the table, on the concrete floor in the center of the room was painted a long orange line, where the inmates would eventually line up once they had entered.

"The bus has arrived," said the C.O.

Sonia began to open the folders that Angela had brought along. Sonia explained to Angela the simplicity of what information was to be entered into each file.

The C.O. approached Angela. "You will hear some very abusive and obscene language from the officers, it's part of the overall program and hopefully you will not be offended."
Angela didn't know whether she should appreciate his disclaimer or feel belittled by it. However she knew he meant well. Besides she was more worried about what she was about to witness rather than hear.

Suddenly the two doors on the other end of the room opened. The room became brighter as these doors led outside and it was a sunny day. Angela could hear the sound of a diesel engine idling outside and she knew this was the bus which had brought in the latest candidates for reform. Both officers walked outside. Moments later, she immediately began hearing them shouting at the inmates.

"STAND IN LINE, HURRY UP, MOVE IT!!" shouted the officers repeatedly.

After a minute or so, one of the officers walked back into the room followed by the eight inmates who marched in a perfect straight line behind him. The other officer walked behind the inmates shouting at them to move quicker. Once the last officer had reentered the building he slammed the outside doors shut so hard it almost made Angela jump in her seat. The inmates all wore the bright orange prison uniforms provided by the county jail. They each wore handcuffs and their ankles were chained.


Angela had a list of what the procedure was for the indoctrination and reception of the new inmates in front of her. She had read it earlier and knew that she was in for quite a sight. Basically she had very little to do except observe, though she was free to look at each one of the folders for each inmate. She was sad to see that out of the eight men, three were African Americans, three were Hispanic and only two were Caucasian. She disliked seeing such a disproportional number of minorities in the system. Even though she knew they had more than likely committed serious crimes, she was also aware of sociology and the flagrant racism that existed within the criminal justice system. She herself came from an upper-middle class suburb and always felt lucky and privileged. The officers still continued their rancorous oaths while they removed the handcuffs and ankle chains from the inmates. Some of the men were very intimidated by these large and well-muscled officers that were now right in their face screaming insults and hurrying them along in constant impatience. Whenever they would look anywhere except forward one of the officers would immediately start shouting, especially if they dared try to look upon Sonia or Angela. However Angela was free to look directly at them.

One of the men barely looked 18 years old. None of them looked much older than 22. Angela stared at the last young man in the line. He was Caucasian and he seemed to have a strong resemblance to someone she went to high school with. She reached for the inmate's folders where each man's name was labeled on a tabbed exterior. She was stunned when she saw the name "Anderson, Sean R.". She did in fact go to high school with him and knew him only too well. He was a tall, muscular, good-looking young man, but he was also extremely arrogant and obnoxious and at times would pick on her in front of her fellow students. He had always hanged with a bad crowd, hence his present circumstances she thought.

One of the men yet again turned to regard Angela to which the officer immediately shouted. "I'll TEAR YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF IF YOU TURN IT JUST ONCE MORE. GET ON YOUR FACE, FRONT LEANING REST POSITION!!" which meant he should proceed to do pushups.

As Angela looked at some of the files she noticed that three of the inmates were involved in gang activity. All of these men had been in county jail for probably at least a couple of months and had no female contact. Angela knew that she and Sonia would probably be stared upon almost as apparitions by the inmates; fortunately the officers prevented the men from getting much more than a very quick glance at them. As attractive as Sonia was, Angela was even more stunning. She had long brown hair and lightly tanned, perfectly unblemished skin with mysterious green eyes. Her lips were full and very sensual. She was dressed conservatively yet sexy. She wore a white blouse and a black skirt that came halfway up her healthy thighs. She had her legs crossed and was wearing black high heels. Her top was loose fitting but could not hide how busty she was.

One of the inmates was still straining his body doing pushups while the officer cursed him when Sonia stood up. "I WILL READ YOUR NAMES. YOU WILL GET INTO ALPHABETICAL ORDER FROM LEFT TO RIGHT!!" she shouted.

Angela was amazed at how loud Sonia could yell. She began reading the names as the men moved about quickly. The inmate who was doing pushups heard his name read and immediately rose to place himself in the proper place in line only to be screamed at by the same officer to get back down on the ground again to resume his toiling. Inmate Sean Anderson was now on the far left side of the line within only a dozen feet of the table that Angela and Sonia were seated at. The C.O. and one of the officers came to the table to quickly talk to Sonia regarding the files while the other officer continued shouting at the men. Angela suddenly noticed that Sean was staring directly at her. She could tell by his _expression that he recognized her, even though her appearance was much more attractive than before. Angela regarded him stone-faced as he had a very lustful look about him that repelled her. He had a bruise on his eye that looked like it had been healing for a few days, no doubt a fist from a fellow inmate had made that mark. His bottom lip was also puffed out and swollen. Sonia saw the inmate blatantly staring at Angela.

"TURN FORWARD NOW!! She yelled.

One of the officers left the table and walked towards Sean and got right in his face. "YOU GET YOUR EYES FORWARD AND KEEP THEM THERE OR YOU'LL BE GOING TO THE STATE PRISON TODAY!!" Sean immediately complied.

"WHAT DID THIS ONE DO?" shouted the officer as he faced Sonia.


Angela could tell Sean was very angry but he was helpless to do anything. The boot camp facility was a last chance for these inmates for if they failed here; they would be immediately transferred to a real prison for an appropriate sentence for their offense. However even without that threat, the officer had forearms the size of tree trunks that could easily pummel Sean to the ground in a flash, and by the look on Sean's face, he knew it. Angela remembered how mean Sean had been to her and to others as well. He truly was a bully and now he was being bullied himself and more importantly, he was scared. This thought made her smirk for just a moment. She did pity the inmates a bit as one of them began to make face contortions as if he was trying to keep himself from weeping. She remembered though that these men had committed serious crimes and that this program was giving them a chance to redeem themselves. Years ago they would have gone directly to prison with hardened inmates. The program was designed to tear the inmates down from their arrogant attitudes and then start rebuilding their self-esteem and their respect for the rights of others through drilling and counseling.


Angela looked to Sonia who looked back with a comforting _expression as if she was telling her that everything would be okay. Angela knew that this was part of the reception procedure but was not aware of how surreal it would be for her. These were young men, all her own age and younger, most of them in excellent physical shape. As they stripped off their orange jumpsuits one of the inmates paused as his underwear was the only thing left between himself and complete nudity, to which one of the officers again verbally assaulted him, swearing and yelling.


The inmate quickly complied and placed all his clothes in front of him. The men were now all standing nude on the orange line at an angle from the table. Angela always maintained a professional demeanor while she was at work, but what she contemplated in her mind she felt was her own business. She felt guilty a bit as she was actually quite fond of the spectacle she was seeing as she viewed the healthy physiques of the stark naked inmates that were lined up at an angle before her. Angela looked to Sean who was noticeably blushing, almost turning beet red. He had indeed recognized her but was too humiliated to even look her in the eye now in his present state of undress, even if the officers had not been present. Some of the inmates were very well endowed and Sean was no exception. The inmates could not even savor a quick glance at her or Sonia without being disciplined by an officer. However Sonia and Angela could easily have lengthy looks at the inmates, or as much as they could without it becoming noticeable to the C.O. Angela stared at the rippling muscles of the men. Some of them had many tattoos, which Sonia pointed out to her as being gang related symbols. One of the African-American inmates had what appeared to be a healed stab wound on his chiseled stomach. One Hispanic man had what appeared to be an old bullet wound on his front deltoid. Her heart raced upon seeing each man's organ freely hanging completely exposed to her sight. Only ten years ago, no women would have been allowed to regard such a spectacle as this, not even a female corrections officer. The rules and regulations had changed considerably.

Each man was ordered to lift his penis and hold it upright so the officers could check for any small quantities of narcotics. One of the men was uncircumcised and was told to pull back his foreskin. They were then asked to lift their testicles up. Behind the table where Angela sat was the large glass window that viewed out to the building hallway. From time to time administrative staff would walk by, including secretaries from the office. The inmates would have absolutely no privacy for the months that they would be in the program.

The officer then yelled. "ALRIGHT, TURN AROUND, MOVE IT!"

Angela could not help but admire the physiques and the firm glutes of some of the inmates. She knew that Sonia was watching as well.


She could tell that some of the inmates were very embarrassed by now while others were simply very angry. Yet they had to comply. One of the officers came by with a pen flashlight and checked each man's anus. Sean was bent-over naked and less than a dozen feet from Angela, when he turned his head so he could quickly capture a glimpse of her luscious legs that were crossed sensuously. Angela could tell he was looking at her. He was so mesmerized by her legs he wasn't aware that one of the officers was behind him at that moment.

ALL OF YOU STAND UP AND TURN AROUND!! The officer yelled and then told Sean. "ON YOUR FACE NOW!!" Sean responded by falling to the cold concrete floor and began doing pushups in the nude.

The eight other inmates now stood very straight and at complete attention. One officer stood to each side of the line as the C.O. stepped in. He began to shout out to the inmates the basics of the program. They were no longer allowed to speak unless spoken to; they would address each officer as sir or ma'am. They would be under a program of total control from now on. More rules were spoken to them for several minutes while the men stood naked and at attention. Sean continued to strain, trying pathetically to keep doing his pushups. But after several minutes he could barely push his body up at all. He had to keep trying though as he made several grunts and groans while his body glistened from exertion, his shoulders bulging. Angela had full view of all of this as he squirmed and strained while naked at her feet. The C.O. began to shout out the rules and regulations of the facility for the inmates. For each rule followed a threat of what would happen if there were to be an infraction. These men began to understand the very thin ice they were on and that they were only one step away from a real penitentiary. The C.O. spoke of the serious offenses of being caught with contraband, fighting and rape. Finally Sean collapsed to the ground in utter exhaustion.

The C.O. turned the men back over to the officers and left the room. The officers screamed at Sean to get up. He tried to rise as quickly as he could but was almost in a daze from the physical exertion.


The officers then ordered the men "right face", and marched them out of the room through one of the side doors. The side door led to another room where they, while still naked, would get their heads shaved. They would then be marched to the shower room adjacent and then to yet another larger room where they would be issued their uniforms and boots. There were yet two more female staff that worked in this room as well.

As Sonia and Angela sat in the now silent, empty reception room, they each looked to each other and giggled. Sonia slid one of the folders over to Angela.

"He was the biggest," snickered Sonia.

Angela smirked, "We really shouldn't be laughing....the poor guys". Sonia looked at Angela to which they both started giggling again.

"Alright, that's enough, this isn't Abu Ghraib you're right, let's be professional here, we'll compare notes later," said Sonia.

They continued looking over the inmate's folders, jotting down pertinent medical information while they could still hear the faint yells and curses of the officers echoing in the other rooms. About a half an hour later, one of the secretaries from the office walked into the room and handed Sonia another folder. This secretary was a luscious African American women name Keshia. She stood next to the table talking to Angela and Sonia when the inmates were marched back into the room, still naked but carrying their uniforms and boots. The inmates were able to catch a good look at all three women as they marched towards the table until the officer ordered them to halt and right face and keep their eyes forward again. The secretary left the room, not even noticing the men, she had worked there for several years and was used to what went on. The men's heads were shaved very close, almost as if they had peach fuzz. Angela thought that Sean looked rather ridiculous. He always had very nice well-styled hair and now without it he looked like a lion that no longer had his mane. All of the men could feel the cool air on their scalps from the air conditioning.

The C.O. opened the door and waved to Angela and beckoned her to come into the hallway. She got up and walked right in front of the men, her long firm legs and figure completely in their view as her heels made echoed tapping sounds on the concrete floor. They were almost devastated to see her leave their company as even though they weren't allowed to look upon her, the smell of her perfume after being in the county jail for months, made them almost swoon. With her female civilian attire, full head of long beautiful hair, she was not only a woman to them, she seemed to represent freedom itself. She then closed the door behind her and she was gone, but her likeness would undoubtedly haunt the inmates during their long and lonely nights ahead. The men were finally ordered to dress as they soon would be marched to the barracks which would be their new home.
The C.O. stood next to her in the hallway and said. "I know it's not pleasant in there, but it's just part of the program. It's Tiffany's birthday in the office upstairs, they have some cake in there, feel free to get some. And after that, please start entering all the new files into the database that should take you the rest of the day." Angela complied; she would never dare reveal to anyone that she had enjoyed her experience in the receiving room.

Later that day at her PC she looked down out her window again and saw another group of men running in their uniforms. She could tell one of the inmates was Sean. He had already been incorporated into one of the groups. They then did their calisthenics out in an open field about hundred yards outside her window. She honestly hoped the best for Sean and that he would get his life back on track, as would all the inmates. She knew statistically though that unfortunately a few would probably re-offend and would soon be back in the system again and that some of the more incorrigible ones would not even make it through the program at all and would be sent to prison immediately. She pitied the inmates as they rigorously exercised outside in the stifling heat. She reminded herself again that the ultimate goal was to save these young men from ruining their lives and becoming career criminals. It was actually the strongest form of tough love she had ever witnessed.


That night after Angela had returned home from the facility and after her parent's had gone to sleep she laid on her bed reading. Despite her new appearance she was still quite the bookworm and was plowing through a copy of "Lady Chatterley's Lover." She had stripped down to her cotton pink thonged panties and laid topless on her stomach, licking a popsicle as she read. She still wore a very thin silver belly chain that she had worn out that evening. Her long hair was draped to the curves at the small of her back where her warm and very shapely hips and backside were exposed. Even though she was of college age her room still had remnants of when she was just a little girl. A few stuffed animals still sat on various shelves along with many novels from a plethora of authors from Charlotte Bronte to E.M. Forster to Dostoevsky. A poster of a one hit wonder boy band from her high school days was still glued to her wall. She yawned and tossed the book back upon her nightstand. The lushness of her naturally light-tan soft body was sprawled upon the comfortable sheets of her bed, her healthy breasts peeping out on both sides. Her shapely right leg was off the bed and flexed at the side of the mattress with her toes just barely touching the floor.

She contemplated her new job and what she had witnessed that day. Poor Sean, he must be so frightened now, she thought to herself. Those other inmates are more hardcore than he is. Sonia had pointed out the tattoos that branded these men as members of the Crips, Black Gangster Disciples and the Latin Kings. They were already beating on Sean and he still has many months ahead yet to endure. Would there be still further beatings in store for him in the future, or perhaps even worse types of assaults? She tried to close her mind to his suffering and think only of what she had witnessed in the recieving room. She hugged one of her soft pillows against her heaving breasts and smirked as she licked the popsicle from it's base to it's tip with her pink tongue.

Since recently overhauling her entire appearance Angela had enjoyed the attention from men that she now seemed to receive everywhere. She could almost feel the recent drastic change in her personality and the overwhelming amount of confidence she had acquired. Even though she already had a boyfriend, she secretly loved to tease and taunt men in very subtle ways with her body, facial gestures and manners of speech. She lately seemed to have an affectation for including a banana with her lunch everyday even though she preferred eating apples. She felt like a slut for thinking such thoughts and doing such things while at the same time being quite fond of the attention which it brought to her. She knew that in the days and weeks ahead she would have to accompany the C.O. on some other duties that involved the inmates; medical physicals, snap inspections of the barracks and shakedowns for contraband as well as more new arrivals. She would be able to fully view the inmates often under very embarrassing circumstances for them yet they would be reprimanded for looking upon her. She knew she would always be professional in her demeaner and she would take her job seriously but privately she knew she couldn't deny that she would enjoy the attention she would receive from behind the razor wire. She took the popsicle entirely into her mouth and then pulled it out slowly from her full pouting lips.

She would pick her wardrobe carefully for work each morning from now on. She would always dress properly but she would allow just a hint of sexuality to exude from her appearance. She would make sure her soft curves and femininity could easily be appreciated. She would secretly enjoy the ferocious stares of these tough, caged and manacled gang members, drug dealers and thieves as she would walk freely within their grasp while well protected by the guards. She contemplated that since she was unattainable to the inmates it would possibly increase their desire for her as all men deep down were aggressive hunters and intensely longed for what eluded them. She smiled as she circled her tongue around the tip of the popsicle.

These strong men were enduring forced celibacy. Some of the inmates were impressively endowed and their.....she paused before taking her thoughts further.....their cocks, from the months of being denied female contact would already be like flaming arrows. And she, with such innocent gestures could so easily fan those raging flames and make them burn even brighter and hotter. She yet again licked the entire shaft of the popsicle, this time very slowly and only with the very tip of her tongue. Angela knew that during their long, lonely nights in their bunks it would possibly be her that these muscled, well endowed men would furiously pleasure themselves to as they would burst with desire. Perhaps some of them were doing so even at this very moment. She chastised herself for thinking such unrefined things, however she couldn't help but admit that such assumptions flattered her. Angela kissed the tip of the popsicle and tossed it into a flowery designed waste basket and shut off the lights. Through the laced white curtains of her window the moonlight illuminated her body as she rolled over to her back and stretched. She extended her arms over her head and arched her back, the perfect globes of her breasts thrusting upwards. She pulled the blankets about her body and covered herself. It would be a very interesting summer.


At 1:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its probably pleasant for a female to look a forced naked man but probably more do examined him with a full seach body...ruber gloves, the man at four

At 2:17 PM, Blogger JackRabbit said...

rokee1I remember this story. it's cool how the author has added some much needed depth. i am nearly insane with desire to be a fly on a wall at an induction like this - the naked men, the smirking women; the tense environment of disproportionate power. I could work here; most definitely.

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Hayes v. Marriott said...

I was researching Hayes v. Marriott and ran across this blog. I am Willie Hayes and I filed the case that your blog is cited under. Your story is perfect down to the emotions you describe. You are a very gifted writer!

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sign me up. What can I do to go to jail there?

At 10:21 PM, Blogger abhi said...

hot hot very hot story.shame its only in 3 parts. writter should carry on more.but awesome story specially when those two girls giggle.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger abhi said...

hot hot very hot story.shame its only in 3 parts. writter should carry on more.but awesome story specially when those two girls giggle.

At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:56 PM, Blogger Nicole Wik said...

An exceptionally well written story, especially for this genre. I really enjoyed it and found it quite ... stimulating! I wonder if this author might consider writing a story along these same lines but about a young ex-husband and wife with very mixed feelings for each other, rather than high school acquaintances?

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love to be an inmate at this prison, and, being processed in the reception area, by these female officers, and being ordered to strip naked, right in front of them, as thy watched me, and, have a look at my genital's, which are very small, my penis measuring only 1.5 inches when it's flacid, and, also I have got bright ginger pubic hair, which I'm sure they'd laugh at when they see it as I remove my underwear.
I don't mind if there are other female staff, such as secretaries, admin. etc. who enter the room, and, also get to see me completely naked, even if it would be a bit embarrassing for me at first, as I am shy about women seeing me naked, and looking at my small penis.
It would be amazing to be watched whilst I'm naked, showering, undressing, etc. by female officers, and I'm certain I'd get an erection at one point, right in front of them, as they are watching me, if that happened, I'd probably begin playing with myself, and let them see me masturbating, until I ejaculated in front of their eye's.

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