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"I love To Watch Them Spurt" Chap. 2 by Doug N.

I love To Watch Them Spurt

Chapter Two

Swimming Party

Sally and Roger had a successful date at the fair. At the end of the date, Sally wants Roger to ask her out again. Sally knows that Roger is shy and wants to dominate him.

Sally: Did you have fun Roger?

Roger: Yes, I did.

Sally: I am sorry I injured you.

Roger: That's all right, all's well that ends well.

Sally: Did you like my mother?

The question really asks if he didn't mind her exposing him in front of her mother and sister.

Roger: Yes, your mother seems very nice.

Sally: Did you like my sister?

The question really asks if the incident embarrassed him.

Roger: Your sister seems nice too.

Sally concludes that she had her fun with him but didn't hurt his feelings. She now concludes that she can control him. She thinks quickly, how can she get this shy, easily manipulated boy to ask her out again?

Sally: There is a football game next weekend.

Roger: Yes, there is. (pregnant pause) Oh, would you like to go because I would really like to take you. I really had a good time today.

Sally: I'd love to Roger; you can pick me up on Friday at 7.

Roger: I'll be there.

Friday, promptly at 7 Roger arrives at the Sutton residence and rings the doorbell. Mrs. Sutton answers.

Mrs. Sutton: Roger, come in. Roger enters the house. Roger, how do you feel today?

Mrs. Sutton: How is your wound? Is it healing nicely?

Roger: Yes, it is thank you very much.

Mrs. Sutton: Well, let me look at it.

Roger: Right here in the living room?

Mrs. Sutton: Yes. Roger, I am a professional and besides I have seen you before. You look just like the thousands of other men I have seen naked in my life. Roger, if you were in a line up with other men naked from the waist down I couldn't identify you. (She is lying)

Roger hesitates. Mrs. Sutton unbuckles his belt, unsnaps and unzips him and carefully lowers his pants. Taking her time she then pulls down his underpants. With her fingers, she grasps his scrotum and pulls it free so that she can inspect the wound.

Mrs. Sutton: Yes, it is healing nicely. I can barely see the wound now.

At this time, Sally enters the room and sees her mother inspecting the private parts of her boyfriend. She knows her mother's true motives and it titillates her. She walks over to Roger and looks right at his crotch.

Sally: Is he healing all right mother?

Mrs. Sutton: Yes, he is.

Mrs. Sutton: Roger, do you like to go swimming.

Roger: Standing still exposed in front of her. Yes, I do, very much.

Mrs. Sutton: Sally, why don't you invite Roger to Mrs. Angle's pool party.

Sally: Yes, Roger, would you like to come to a pool party next weekend as my guest.

Roger: Sure, I'd like that.

Mrs. Sutton: Roger, you'll be the only boy there. All the women invited have only daughters. Will that bother you?

Roger: Why should it bother me?

Mrs. Sutton: Good it is a date then, next Saturday at noon.

Roger and Sally go off on their date. At the end of the date, Roger takes her directly home. Sally is disappointed, she had wanted him to take her to lover's lane where she had planned to take out his cock and play with his cock and balls until Roger orgasms and goes soft. She decides it would be unwise to push too fast but she wants to cement their relationship and cannot help herself.

Sally: Roger, would you like to come in?

Roger: Yes thank you.

The two enter the house.

Sally: Have a seat.

Roger sits on the couch. Sally immediately sits next to him. There is a pause in their conversation and Sally puts her hand on Roger's knee.

Roger: This is a nice house you have Sally.

Sally says nothing but moves her hand up Roger's thigh.

Roger put his hand on Sally's knee. Sally put her other hand on Roger's knee holding it in place and telling Roger not to explore further while she continues up Roger's thigh. When Sally arrives and the juncture of Roger's thighs she finds him hard. She feels Roger's cock through his clothing. She continues to stroke his cock and cup his balls through his clothing until she is sure she has control over him.

Sally: Roger (in her sweetest voice) would you stand up.

Sally begins to methodically undress Roger. Roger stands and allows her to undress him. Soon his clothes are on the floor and he stand before Sally with Sally admiring a huge erection. Sally knows now that she has complete control over her boyfriend. He will do whatever she asks, under almost any circumstances.

She grasps his cock with her left hand and cups his balls with her right. Roger sighs audibly. She then puts her face forward and rubs Roger's cock against her cheek. Sally is so turned on she can feel her female juices running down her leg. Sally decides to kiss the front of Roger's cock. Then she kisses the head of his cock. Tickling her scrotum, she begins simultaneously to fondle and stroke Roger's cock. Before long Roger is moving his hips in rhythm to Sally's stroking. While she is stroking his cock she is simultaneously fondling his balls.

Before long Roger cums and ejaculates sperms onto the front of Sally's blouse. Sally hardly seems to notice continuing to milk him until the last bit of juice has been extracted. It is only when Roger begins to go soft that Sally's haze begins to clear and she lets him go. Only now does Sally look up at Roger's face and smile sweetly at him. Roger smiles gratefully back. Roger knows now that he has found something good but can't imagine where it will take him.

The next Saturday Roger picks up Sally and they both go to Mrs. Angles. There are only females present. Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Angles and Mrs. Frobish are the adults and each of them have two daughters. The girls vary in age from 7 to 17.

As the children swim, Mrs. Angles mentions how good-looking Roger is. Mrs. Sutton then tells the story of Roger and Sally's first date.

Mrs. Sutton: Yes, and on their second date I checked him to see how well the wound was healing.

Mrs. Frobish: Have you checked him lately?

Mrs. Sutton: No, I haven't and I should shouldn't I. Roger, would you come here?

Roger gets out of the deep end of the pool and approaching the three women sitting at the table.

Roger: Yes, maam.

Mrs. Sutton: It just occurred to me that I haven't checked your wound lately. Why don't you drop your pants so that I can check it.

Roger is taken aback; he doesn't know what to say. Roger has started to grow accustomed to being naked in front of women and knows that he likes it. He realizes that he has a chance to not only be naked in front of the adult women but their daughters as well. Nevertheless he wants to be coaxed.

Roger: Right here in front of these women.

Mrs. Sutton: Sure, why not? These women have seen men before.

Still roger hesitates, he knows if he hesitates Mrs. Sutton will undress him herself.

Roger is correct, Mrs. Sutton simply reaches over and pulls down his trunks. Roger does not protest or try to stop her.

Mrs. Sutton: Roger step out of your trunks.

Roger dutifully obeys her.

Mrs. Sutton takes control of Roger's balls and pulls them aside for other two adult women to see.

Mrs. Sutton: See he is fully healed.

The other two women arch their necks closely inspecting Roger's private parts.

Mrs. Frobish and Mrs. Angles: Good work, Linda. They chime together.

Meanwhile the younger girls have stopped playing in the swimming pool and watch the scene with keen interest.

When Mrs. Sutton drops Roger's balls, Roger reaches down to pick up his trunks but Mrs. Sutton has already picked them up and has them in her hand.

Mrs. Sutton: It's all right Roger, you won't need them.

Mrs. Angles: That's right Roger; we want you to be comfortable.

Roger says nothing and walks over to sit in a chair. He leaves his legs slightly ajar so that the girls in the pool can get a good look. Dutifully the girls oblige, before long, the young girls line up in the pool in front of him to stare at his private parts. Roger commences a hard on. He decides not be feel embarrassed.

Sharon Angles: (age 17 and a classmate of Roger.) Roger, come into the pool with us.

Roger leaves his chair and with boner bouncing walks over to the pool and jumps into the pool next to Sharon. Sally is watching not knowing what to think. She decides that Sharon is no competition for her and she will enjoy watching what happens next. The adult women also take notice.

In the pool Sharon rubs one of her breasts against Roger while she puts her hand on his shoulder. Before long she has run her hand down his side and has cupped one of his buttocks. Michelle Frobish, age 15, has also come over and is rubbing herself up against Roger. Both girls decide they can feel Roger's cock under water and reach for it. They find each other's hand and instantly pull away.

Roger and enjoying himself fully decides to give the girls all a good view and pulls himself out of the pool and sits on the edge of the pool with his feet apart in the gutter exposes himself completely to the eyes of the girls. Roger is now rock hard and the girls are all staring at his cock mesmerized.

Angela Frobish, age 7, decides she wants in the game and splashes water on Roger's cock.

Roger decides to teach her a lesson, dives after her and dunks her. Angela goes down but has the last laugh when she reaches with her hand and grabs his balls. As Roger holds her down Angela reaches with her other hand and grabs Roger by his cock. Roger decides to let her go but she does not let Roger go, continuing to hold Roger by his cock and his balls.

The other girls except for Sally gather around Roger grasping and feeling the various parts of him.

At this time Mrs. Angles, afraid the girls will overstimulate Roger and he will dirty her pool, speaks.

Mrs. Angles: Girls, let Roger alone. Roger come here.

The girls dutifully oblige as does Roger. When Roger pulls himself out of the pool Mrs. Angles takes and towel and patiently begins to towel Roger off. As this procedure goes on all eyes are riveted upon Roger and his rampant hard on. Mrs. Angles takes special care to dry Roger's cock.

Mrs. Angles: Girls you stay outside while Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Frobish, Sally and I take Roger inside where he can cool down.

All 5 go inside but it is not to cool Roger down.

Mrs. Angles: What a handsome boyfriend you have Sally.

Sally: I think so.

Mrs. Frobish: What a cute cock he has too and adorable balls, Sally. Roger is not part of the conversation. She reaches out and caresses his cock and then his balls. While Mrs. Frobish was feeling Roger, Mrs. Angles has grazed her hand from the small of Roger's back down around the bottom of his buttocks.

Mrs. Frobish and Mrs. Angles take turns feeling Roger's buttock and his private parts. Mrs. Sutton and Sally watch. Mrs. Sutton is most amused but Sally is particularly infatuated and titillated watching these adult women, who she knows are not competition for her, assault her boyfriend.

Mrs. Frobish and Mrs. Angles then take turns caressing and fondling Roger's balls and stroking his cock while Mrs. Sutton and Sally watch. Sally feels an almost irresistible urge to take Roger cock into her mouth and suck it.

Under this lascivious assault, Roger comes quickly and begins to spurt. Mrs. Angles feeling him go hard in anticipation of ejaculation is ready with a tissue. She holds the tissue over Roger's cock so as not to soil her carpet. They continue to milk him until not only is every bit of sperm taken but he begins to soften as well.

Finally, both women come out of their daze.

Mrs. Frobish: Yes, Sally, this boy is just adorable. You can bring him over anytime.

Roger goes outside now soft and lays on a chaise lounge. The adult women and Sally stay inside to talk. Roger feels tired and drained after this experience. He will find himself quickly invigorated. Before he knows it Angela Frobish, age 7, is standing in front of him admiring his cock.

Angela: Can I play with it?

Roger: Play with what?

Angela: That. (Pointing at his cock)

Roger: Sure, why not. Roger starts to feel stirrings again.

Angela quickly grasps Roger's cock and starts feeling it. She then starts feeling his balls with the other. The other girls quickly gather around Roger. Michelle and Sharon evict Angela from Roger's balls but Angela retains control of Roger's cock which she grabs and hold with both hands in a baseball grip. While Angela retains control of Roger's cock the two older girls began to massage Roger's balls. Once again he has a raging hard on. Nancy Angles watches over the other girls' shoulders wishing she had a body part to play with.

Michelle: Stroke him Angela.

Angela begins to comply.

Roger responds more slowly now and Michelle speaks to her little sister.

Michelle: Trade with me Angela.

Angela complies. Michelle is now in control of the cock while Angela has Roger's left testicle.

With wiser if not more experienced hands Michelle begins to stroke Roger's cock from the base to the tip. Her hands are well guided by desire if not experience and Roger get harder and harder until once again he spurts sperm onto his own belly. Michelle continues her stroking enraptured by the drama she sees before her for the first time. Only when Roger starts going soft does she let him go. Nancy, missing out of the best action, gets some tissue and cleans the cum off Roger's stomach.

Meanwhile the adult women are watching from inside the house.

Mrs. Angles: Quite a sex education lesson the girls are getting.

Mrs. Sutton: That is why I brought him here.

Mrs. Frobish: How to keep a man but not take a chance on getting pregnant. Good idea! I had no idea my little Angela was so precocious. No man is ever going to take advantage of her!


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