Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"I love To Watch Them Spurt" Chap. 3 by Doug N.

Chapter Three

Sally is ecstatic about her new boyfriend. Not only is he sensuously good-looking but she has developed complete control over him. She wants to demonstrate that control to her friends. She decides to have a sleep over for her girl friends. She tells Roger to come by late at night, and climb in through the upstairs windows. She knows her mother wouldn't really mind for what she has planned but it is somehow more exciting if he comes through the window.

After her girfriends and herself are ready to go to bed and are in their pajamas she hears a knock at her window. It is Roger. She opens the window and lets him in. Sally then introduces Roger to her girlfriends.

Sally: Would you girls like to play a game with Roger?

Girls: Yes, yes, they chime together.

Sally: Let's play strip poker, the girls against the boys. Any objections.

There are none.

Sally: Good then here are the rules. It is 5 card stud, no draw, when a boy wins the losing girl takes off one article of clothing. When a girls wins the boy takes off one article of clothing.

Melanie: I object we are all in pajamas and Roger has more clothes on.

Sally grabs Melanie and whispers to her.

Sally: You dolt, only when Roger has the best hand will one girl have to take something off and there are 5 of us.

Sally deals the cards. Roger loses quickly and is down to his underwear. Only one girl has lost an article of clothing. Roger is growing hard and the girls can see the outline of his cock clearly through his underwear.

Sally deals again and again Roger loses.

Sally: Stand up Roger!

Roger is facing the girls, Sally slips behind him and pulls down his briefs. The hem catches his cock and it springs free as Sally pulls down his briefs. The girls giggle at the bouncing cock.

Sally: Let's play some more.

Trudy: What is there to play for now that Roger is naked?

Sally: If a girl loses she will take off an article of clothing and if Roger loses she will get to fondle his behind. Ok Roger.

Roger: OK.

It is Trudy's turn to deal this time and again Roger loses. Melanie has the highest hand and lasciviously caresses Roger behind. Melanie reaches behind Roger to caress his behind so his erect cock is right in her face.

Sally: This time if Roger loses all the girls will get to fondle his private parts.

This time Roger wins and Trudy has the lowest hand for the second time. She takes off her second slipper.

Another deal and Roger loses again. The girls except for Sally eagerly reach for Roger's cock and balls. Sally leans back enjoying the show, enjoying the girls reaction and her power over Roger. Roger leans back and opens his legs allowing the girls access to his most private parts. The girls, except for Sally are grasping, fondling Roger's cock and balls. Trudy has taken to stroking Roger's cock.

Under this sensuous assault Roger quickly cums and shoots sperm up into the air. The girls gasp when this happens and rivet their eyes to Roger's pulsating cock erupting with man lava. They continue to stroke him until every last droplet of sperm has emerged and only when he is soft do they let him go.

Roger relaxes on the floor his legs still apart and his sex still exposed. The girls hands are covered with sperm and they look at each other with shock and amazement. They cannot believe they acted with such animalistic frenzy. They look at Roger lying naked on the floor as if to reassure themselves that what they have just done is actually real. Gradually they get up to go to the bathroom to wash themselves off. Sally throws a blanket over Roger and he falls asleep where he lay.

The next morning finds Roger still asleep while the girls are already awake and are dressed. When the girls are all awake and are fixing breakfast. Sally awakens Roger.

Roger starts looking for his clothes.

Sally: No Roger, you won't find your clothes. We want you to stay as you are.

Roger: Stay naked.

Sally: Yes, stay naked. We all took a vote, we want you to stay naked all day.

Roger thinks a minute and discovers that he likes to idea of being naked all day amongst these girls.

Roger: OK. Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom.

Sally: No Roger, you can't go to the bathroom by yourself. We won't allow you to touch yourself. Only a girl can touch you.

Roger pauses.

Roger: That's really kinky but OK. Who is going to accompany me to the bathroom.

Sally: I will.

Roger: OK, let's go.

Sally yelling: Girls, I am taking Roger to the bathroom.

The girls come running and are all present when Sally grasps Roger's flaccid penis so that he can take a piss. Roger takes his piss with all the girls watching. When he is done Sally takes some bathroom tissue and wipes the little drop of urine from the tip of his cock.

The girls next take Roger into the kitchen where they all have a breakfast of pancakes and eggs. After breakfast the girls decide to give Roger a bath. They each take turns washing him and his private parts. Under this sensual assault Roger gets an erection quickly but the girls enjoying their play have learned not to let him cum too fast. As soon as his erection gets hard they wait until he starts to soften before starting again. They play with their toy for over an hour before Roger cums, this time in oozes instead of spurts, his love muscle being just too tired.

Still the girls do not give him back his clothes. They haven't finished with him yet, they want to take him out in public. Sally tells him to get into the car naked where the girls join him fully clothed. They drive to a beach where Sally knows that is populated by the public but is not patrolled by the police. There the park alongside the road where Roger gets out of the car still naked. The girls not wanted to provoke someone calling the police, shield Roger from the view of passing motorists. They also give him back his tennis shoes so that he does not have to walk barefoot to the beach. On the way to the beach Roger passes a few people on their way back to their cars who cannot but notice that Roger is naked amidst 5 girls. They all smile and cast wry glances.

The each is well populated but not crowded. There are people there of all ages and sexes, only Roger is nude. The first thing that is done is the girls all have Roger rub them down with suntan lotion. By the time he finishes this he has a half hard-on. They the girls all help Roger put on his suntan lotion. Sally insists that she alone put the suntan lotion over Roger's genitals. After completed putting on suntan lotion Sally decided that she should take Roger for a walk along the beach. Roger still has his hard on and during the walk Sally can't keep her hands off him. In addition to holding his hand as they walk she constantly plays with his behind and rubs up against him. Eventually she tires of holding his hand and decides that they should walk hand and prick down the beach. So there they are on the beach walking calmly along with Sally holding Roger's erect cock in her hand in full public view. Eventually she decides she has had enough, gives Roger back his clothes and takes him home.

Sally and her mother decide to do even more exciting things with Roger. The next weekend the take him to a live male strip show. Sally tells Roger she has something special for him that he will enjoy even more and that he should wear old clothes and bring a separate set of clothes. After they enter the male strip club Sally handcuffs Roger's hands in the front. A large woman dressed as a dominatrix then comes to get Roger still fully clothed. Before Roger knows what is happening, he is standing handcuffed with a dominatrix in front of a large audience of women. The dominatrix speaks:

Dominatrix: We just found this little pervert sneaking around my dressing room. What do you say I punish him for that?

The audience cheers.

With that she stands Roger in front of a large steel, she puts a hook attached to a rope and using a winch winches the rope until Roger is standing with his hands over his head. He is not quite helpless but that will change. The Dominatrix next takes a bar attached to the base of the device with two ankle bracelets on the end which she affixes to Roger's ankles. Roger will later learn that it is called a leg spreader. Roger is more helpless but still not completely helpless. The dominatrix now takes a leather belt attached to the middle of the device and affixes the leather belt around Roger's middle. Now is now completely helpless. He can move but just barely, he is completely at the mercy of the dominatrix. Roger has no idea what is happening to him. He feels very uneasy but it has happened so fast that he has had no time to respond. He glances over to the wings where he sees Sally who smiles back reassuringly.

The dominatrix now using the winch lifts Roger up so that his feet are off the floor.

Dominatrix: Who wants to take off his shoes and socks?

Practically every hand in the place goes up. A woman comes forward who removes Roger's shoes and socks. The dominatrix now lowers Roger so that his feet are on the floor. The dominatrix now produces a pair of scissors.

Dominatrix: Who want to take off his perverts shirt? Another woman is chosen who cuts Roger's shirt off.

The same procedure is followed with Roger's t shirt, then his pants until he is dressed only in his briefs.

Dominatrix: How much am I bid for his underpants? The bidding goes to $25 and the cutest, most petite, ladylike looking woman comes forward who eagerly takes the scissors and cuts off Roger's underpants. Roger is now completely naked, the women cheer while Roger squirms. Roger now has a rampant erection.

Dominatrix: Look at the arrogance of this boy. He has the arrogance to point that thing at me.

She rudely grabs Roger's cock and pulls on it as if to pull it off his body. Next she cups her one hand around Roger's balls and digs her fingernails into Roger's scrotum until he hollars.

Dominatrix: You little prick, do you know what I am going to do to you.

Roger does not answer. She slaps his face.

Roger: No, maam.

Dominatrix: I am going to turn you over to this mob and let them do whatever they want to you. What do you think of that?

Roger: I don't know maam. Please don't hurt me.

Dominatrix: Who wants this here boy toy to do whatever you please. It is a dollar for 10 seconds or five dollars a minute.

The women rush to the stage, most with $5 bills and form a long line. There the women fulfill their fantasies of dominance over their handsome boy toy. Despite Roger's helplessness they seem in awe of him. Seldom do they hit or spank him. Mostly then rub their hands over his chest and hips and then over his cock caressing it gently and then grabbing it and cupping their hands over his balls. Some women produce $10, $20 and even $100 bills, to get as much time as they want with Roger. Many women come back a second and a third time to enjoy their dominance fantasies with this helpless boy toy. Several times the dominatrix has to stop their advance to let Roger cool down so that he won't cum and grow soft.

When the women have all satisfied themselves or run out of money the dominatrix says:

Dominatrix: This boy toy has performed beautifully, hasn't he.

The women cheer.

Dominatrix: Who wants a public fucking?

The women cheer.

Dominatrix: he cute, petite little lady old enough to be Roger's mother jumps on stage.

Woman: I do.

Dominatrix: Well, you can't do it clothed.

The woman starts to strip. Meanwhile three large female stage hands come out and with the dominatrix remove Roger from his contraption, lift him up bodily and put him into a kind of narrow reclining chair so that his erect dick is pointing straight up.

The woman is now nude, and Roger is facing the audience. Back to the audience so that they can see she straddles Roger and sits on his cock. He is strapped to the chair and cannot move. The woman slides down his cock as easily as a fireman on his pole. She commences to slide up and down Roger's cock. The dominatrix takes a tv camera and gets in close so that the audience can clearly see the repeated penetration on the TV screen located on the walls throughout the niteclub. The woman impales herself repeatedly as she slides up and down Roger's cock each time more vigorously than the last.

Soon Roger can feel the woman's pussy grab his dick and release it involuntarily as the woman begins her orgasm. When she satisfies herself Roger still hasn't cum. The dominatrix pulls the woman off Roger's cock and grabs Roger's dick and strokes it a couple of times. Roger cums massively shooting sperm over his head into the air. The audience cheers wildly.

The stage hands clean up the mess and Roger is released from the contraption. Half of the money Roger has earned is kept and the other half is given to Mrs. Sutton. Sally comes out on stage with Roger's clothes and is allowed to dress him in front of the audience. Then she and Mrs. Sutton take Roger home. Roger confesses on the way home that he loved every minute of it and wishes it would happen again.

Mrs. Sutton: That can be arranged.

Roger becomes a regular at the club.


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