Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"I love To Watch Them Spurt" Chap. 4 by Doug N.

Chapter Four

Permanent CFNM

Sally has now achieved what she set out to do with Roger, get complete control over him. It is better than she had dreamed. Not only will he do her bidding no matter what outrageous things she asks but he loves it. The trip to the woman's strip club was so sensuous for Roger that it becomes a regular act. Sally never gets tired of seeing Roger stripped and abused. When she gets Roger alone he is putty in her hand.

Sally and Roger graduate from high school and go on to state college away from home. Arriving in her new town Sally needs a place to live. When she looks in the paper, she sees an ad.

Two female roommates in house with 2 spare bedrooms. Retired male owner. $200.00 per month. Full house privileges. Swimming pool. 555-1212

Sally calls the number and Donald Nelson, the owner, answers. Sally agrees to drive to the residence. When she sees it, she is delighted. It is a 4 bedroom home with one bedroom converted into an office. Mr. Nelson is recently widowed so he only uses the master bedroom. The house also has a pool. Also present is Jennifer McIntyre, also a freshman at state. They both agree to take the rooms.

Mr. Nelson: You have free reign of the house so you can use the bathroom that is part of the master suite. If I am taking a shower I am going to consider you part of the woodwork. I also refuse to wear a suit when I am in the pool. If those terms are acceptable, you have the rooms.

Sally and Jennifer: Those terms are acceptable.

The girls begin moving in the next day

The following day when Sally arises Jennifer is using the hall bathroom so she decided to use the bathroom in the master suite. When she enters, she finds Mr. Nelson taking a shower. Remembering that he said it was OK Sally proceeds in anyway. When she sees Mr. Nelson naked in the shower she smiles and waves at him. He waves back.

Sally: Would you like your back scrubbed?

Mr. Nelson: Yes, that would be nice.

Mr. Nelson hands her the soap. Sally sudses her hands and proceeds to thoroughly wash his back.

Sally: You are in good shape for a man of your age.

Mr. Nelson: I will take that as a compliment Sally.

Sally then proceeds to wash his genetalia. She stops short of ejaculating him, sudsing him only until he has an erection.

In the weeks that follow, Sally puts her stuff in Mr. Nelson's bathroom and leaves the other bathroom to Jennifer. Washing Mr. Nelson's back and stimulating to erection every morning becomes a ritual. Sally notices that he seems to like her looking at him in the nude. Sally does not reciprocate by letting him see her in the shower. Sally notices that she gains a perverse pleasure in seeing him erect but not letting him cum.

A few weeks into the semester, Sally says to Mr. Nelson.

Sally: Mr. Nelson, my mother wants to come and visit me. I see that you have a spare bed in the garage. Could we set it up in the office so that my mother could stay with me?

Mr. Nelson: Sure Sally, it'll be up when you return from school today. When will your mother be here?

Sally: Friday night. She will stay for the weekend.

Mr. Nelson: I'll look forward to meeting her. Make sure she understands the rules here.

Sally: I will.

Friday Mrs. Sutton arrives and is introduced to Mr. Nelson. They both cordially say hello.

The next morning Mrs. Sutton asks Sally which bathroom to use.

Sally: I use the one in the master bedroom. If he is in there he won't mind.

Mrs. Sutton goes into the bedroom that is part of the master bathroom. Mr. Nelson is taking a shower.

Mrs. Sutton: Oh excuse me, Sally said you won't mind if I use this bathroom.

Mr. Nelson turns to face her so that she gets chance to see his full frontal nudity.

Mr. Nelson: No, I don't mind. Please go right ahead.

Mrs. Sutton: Would you like me to wash your back for you?

Mr. Nelson: I'd like that very much.

Mrs. Sutton takes the soap and proceeds to wash Mr. Nelson's back. After she washes his back, she without asking proceeds to his buttocks.

Mrs. Sutton: You are quite fit aren't you.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you for saying so.

Mrs. Sutton reaches her hand into the crack between his buttocks and washes his anus. Next, she reaches between his legs and starts washing his upper thighs her hands brushing against his testicles as she does so. She proceeds lower washing the rest of his legs. Mr. Nelson notes that she takes great care thoroughly washing his feet.

Mrs. Sutton: Turn around please!

Mr. Nelson does as he is told. He notes that his cock is level with her face. She now proceeds up his body. When she reaches his crotch she matter of factly washes the inside of his thighs like it was something she does every day brushing against his testicles as she does so.

Without hesitating she cups his balls with her hands and carefully yet very thoroughly washes his penis and balls.

Mrs. Sutton: You are a nicely built man.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you.

Mrs. Sutton: Oh, you darling man you! How sweet you are!

Mr. Nelson: What?

Mrs. Sutton: You are responding to me. Look at that beautiful erection you are growing! How you flatter me!

It is true, his penis is now half erect and growing larger every second.

She watches his penis grow until it is hard as a rock.

Mrs. Sutton: Well, you certainly have given away your feelings for me, haven't you?

Mr. Nelson: I guess a penis doesn't lie.

Mrs. Sutton now proceeds up his body until she finishes washing. When she has finished his upper body she returns to his genetalia and gazes at it intently.

Mrs. Sutton: Yes, you are a nicely built man. A girl could get to like a man like you.

She then proceeds to run her fingertips over Mr. Nelson's cock and balls.

Mrs. Sutton: Well, lets rinse you off.

Mrs. Nelson step into the shower and quickly rinses of the suds. Mrs. Sutton waits for him and watches him rinse off, never taking her eyes off him.

As he steps out of the shower, she takes a towel and towels him dry. Mr. Nelson stands quietly and lets her ministrate to him. When she reaches his genitalia he is still erect.

Mrs. Sutton: Look at you, you stud, such virility, you sure don't need viagra.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you for the compliment.

Mrs. Sutton takes great care patting Mr. Nelson cock and balls dry. She then proceeds to dry off his legs. When she finishes, she says.

Mrs. Sutton: Thank you Mr. Nelson, that was a great pleasure for me. I have been divorced for some years, it has been a long time since I have been able to give a man a bath like that.

Mr. Nelson: I am delighted that you enjoyed it. As you can see, my friend John enjoyed it as much as I did. (He is pointing to his erect penis.)

Mrs. Sutton: Well John, why don't you let me give you a massage.

Mr. Nelson says nothing but lies on his bed.

Mrs. Sutton with her hand proceeds directly to Mr. Nelson's balls which she cups in her hand.

Mrs. Sutton: You have nice balls.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you.

Mrs. Sutton lets go of his balls and begins to trace over them lightly with her fingernails. Mr. Nelson cock quivers with delight. She cups his balls again this time massaging them in her fingers, he gaze affixed to his cock. She is smiling and humming to herself, enjoying herself enormously.

Only when his scrotum pulls tightly to his body does she take his cock in her hand. She strokes lightly from the base to the tip massaging his balls continuing her contented humming as she does.

Suddenly Mrs. Sutton feels Mr. Nelson's cock harden even more, his cock jerks and ejaculates all over his abdomen. Mrs. Sutton does not stock her gently rhythmic stroking or her contented humming. Only when she has extracted the last drop of semen from his body does she stop. Excusing herself she goes to the bathroom for some toilet tissue which she uses to wipe the cum off Mr. Nelson's abdomen.

Mrs. Sutton: Thank you John and you too Mr. Nelson, I know you enjoyed that as much as I did. Do you know what I would like to do?

Mr. Nelson: What?

Mrs. Sutton: I would like to use your hot tub.

Mr. Nelson: Yes, lets.

He gets up to go to the hot tub and is surprised to see that she has disappeared. He goes to the hot tub anyway. In a few minutes, she joins him. He is surprised to see that she is wearing a one-piece swimming suit. He thought she would go in naked. He decides not to mention it. When the two girls see them in the hot tub they decide to join. Both girls put on suits, only Mr. Nelson is naked. When they all get out of the hot tub the girls refuse him a towel, they want to towel him off himself.

Mr. Nelson: I'd better go get dressed.

Mrs. Sutton: Please don't, we like you better like this.

Several times during the weekend, Mr. Nelson tries to get dressed. Each time he is stopped by Mrs. Sutton, pleading with him to stay naked for her sake. The girls grow amused that she is successful in keeping him out of his clothes.

When he excuses himself to go to the bathroom he is surprised that she goes with him.

Mr. Nelson: Why are you following me?

Mrs. Sutton: You are going to the bathroom aren't you?

Mr. Nelson: Yes.

Mrs. Sutton: Well, I don't want you touching yourself.

Mr. Nelson: I am just going to the bathroom!

Mrs. Sutton: I won't have you touching yourself!

Mr. Nelson looks at her perplexed; he has never known a woman so openly sensual, so strong and willful.

Mr. Nelson: OK.

Mrs. Sutton takes his penis and holds it for him while he urinates.

Mrs. Sutton: That wasn't so bad was it.

Mr. Nelson: No, I guess not.

The next morning is Sunday and Mr. Nelson hasn't worn a stitch of clothing all day Saturday. Mrs. Sutton gives him another bath and another sensual handjob. Before she leaves, she lets him get dressed.

Mrs. Sutton: Is it alright if I come back next week.

Mr. Nelson: Of course.

The next Friday she returns. As soon as she arrives, she orders him to strip.

Instantly he complies. When he is naked, she has him twirl for her so she can admire his body.

When it is time to go to bed she does not go to her own bed but goes without asking to the queen sized bed in the master bedroom. He moves close to her trying to let him make love to her.

She reaches for his cock and proceeds to give him another handjob for which she is practiced and perfect.

The next morning she bathes him again, humming contentedly all the time including when she is jacking him off. Again, she tells him she does not want him to touch himself and assists him to pee.

In late Sunday when she leaves again she doesn't allow him to dress. She insists that he stay naked and tells him not to put any clothes on unless she allows him to.

This amuses the girls who tell their friends that Sally's mother has stripped their landlord and won't let him wear any clothes.

Melissa: You mean he doesn't wear any clothes ever.

Sally: Yes,

Melissa: So right now he is naked at home.

Sally: Yes.

Melissa: So if I went home with you right now Mr. Nelson would be naked.

Sally: Yes.

Melissa: And I could see him naked.

Sally: Yes.

Melissa: This I have to see.

Sally: Request granted.

They proceed home which is only a short walk from the university. As they enter, Mr. Nelson is sitting watching television, naked as a jaybird.

Sally: Mr. Nelson, this is my friend Melissa, she wanted to meet you.

Melissa: Hello, Mr. Nelson.

Mr. Nelson: Hello, Melissa. Sally, I am glad you are here, I have to go to the bathroom.

Sally: Melissa, would you like to help Mr. Nelson go to the bathroom.

Melissa: Yes, definitely. This would be a new experience.

Mr. Nelson: This way Melissa.

Mr. Nelson leads her to the hall bathroom when she holds his penis while he urinates. When he has finished, she takes a piece of toilet papers off the roll and wipes the droplet of urine off his glans.

Mr. Nelson: Thank you Melissa, I had to go very bad.

Melissa: Mr. Nelson, why don't you go by yourself?

Mr. Nelson: Mrs. Sutton does not allow me to touch myself.

Melissa: What kind of hold has she over you?

Mr. Nelson: She has no hold over me; I do what she wants because I like her.

Melissa: How do you go to the store or the bank?

Mr. Nelson: Mrs. Sutton or the girls do that for me.

They return to the living room.

Melissa: I have to leave. I have homework to do.

She leaves.

The word that Mr. Nelson is in a permanent cfnm condition gets out amongst the female population of the university. Many friends of Jennifer and Sally come by to see and even a few female teachers. Eventually girls who have need to naked men begin to use Mr. Nelson as their guinea pig. Girls in nursing or female doctors come by to practice on Mr. Nelson to learn how to look for a hernia. Girls in art come by the sketch Mr. Nelson in the nude for their art classes. No one asks Mr. Nelson for permission, permission must be obtained by Mrs. Sutton.

Eventually an art teacher want Mr. Nelson to come to class so that he can be sketched in the nude. When she asks Mrs. Sutton, she says:

Mrs. Sutton: How is he going to get to art class in the nude without being arrested?

Mr. Nelson: Can't he wear clothes to class?

Mrs. Sutton: No, he is mine and I want him naked. If you want him at the art class you will have to find a way to get him there naked and without the police getting involved.

The matter is solved when the whole class comes to the Nelson residence to sketch him in the nude.

Meanwhile Mrs. Sutton comes to visit every weekend. Even while she is not there, Mr. Nelson stays nude.

Each time she visits, she rewards him for his loyalty. Each time she visits they sleep together but never does she have vaginal intercourse with him and never does she let him see her naked.

Roger is also going to state university. Some time he comes over to swim and use the hot tub. Jennifer too gets into cfnm, her boyfriend is cajoled into taking off his clothes. Soon they have cfnm parties, where all the men are naked and all the women are clothed. The men never object to this unfair situation because the parties always end with the women jacking off the men en mass.


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